Dick Pond Athletics BigCommerce Store Design and Development
Dick Pond Athletics BigCommerce Store Design and Development
Dick Pond Athletics

Dick Pond Athletics, a leading running store with a loyal customer base, partnered with MAK Digital to elevate their online presence. Our goal was to create a seamless digital experience for runners of all levels.

We implemented a mobile-first approach, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for those browsing on smartphones. The redesign included a visually captivating homepage showcasing the latest running shoes and apparel, along with a streamlined shopping cart for quick and easy checkouts. Leveraging best practices in SEO and a clear, intuitive navigation system, we aimed to make it effortless for runners to find the perfect gear for their next race or training session. The result? A digital storefront that empowers runners to conquer their goals with confidence. Explore the full story in our detailed case study.

Coolfire Trainer BigCommerce Developer
Coolfire Trainer

Step into the world of firearm training with CoolFire Trainer, where MAK Digital initiated a revolutionary journey to transform their online presence. Tasked with modernizing their platform while enhancing user experience, CoolFire Trainer sought our expertise to kickstart their digital evolution. With a focus on seamless navigation and captivating aesthetics, we meticulously crafted a custom homepage designed to immerse visitors in the heart of the firearm training experience. The integration of a dynamic side cart, powered by custom React code, ensures effortless browsing and checkout, while a sleek mega navigation system provides intuitive access to every aspect of the website. Embracing the latest design trends, our mobile-first approach delivers a visually stunning and responsive interface that captivates users across all devices. Join us as we unveil the compelling narrative behind CoolFire Trainer's remarkable digital transformation and dive deeper into the case study to learn more.

Coolfire Trainer  - BigCommerce Site Redesign
Tiki Master Store Migration & Redesign
Tiki Master Store Migration & Redesign
Tiki Master

TikiMaster.com, renowned as one of Hawaii's premier manufacturers and online gift catalog companies specializing in Tiki Products, Tiki bars, Koa outrigger paddles, and Island Lifestyle Decor, underwent a remarkable transformation led by MAK Digital. Tasked with modernizing the platform and enhancing user experience, TikiMaster entrusted us with the challenge. We approached the project with a mobile-first mindset, crafting a visually stunning redesign that included a bespoke homepage and a sleek side cart, meticulously developed using custom React code. Leveraging strategic SEO tactics and a tailored mega navigation system, TikiMaster's digital landscape flourished, beckoning visitors to explore the realm of tropical decor effortlessly. Discover the full journey in our detailed case study.

URECO BigCommerce Developer
United Restaurant Equipment Company

Embark on a journey with us as we elevate Ureco.com's digital presence in the competitive restaurant industry. Focused on a BigCommerce website redesign, we addressed crucial challenges, revitalizing the platform's aesthetics, functionality, and user experience. From intuitive navigation to seamless B2B management integration, witness how this transformation positioned Ureco.com for sustained growth and success. Dive into the full case study to explore the strategic solutions deployed, driving enhanced market positioning and customer engagement.

URECO  - BigCommerce Site Redesign
Skate America Store Migration & Redesign
Skate America Store Migration & Redesign
Skate America

Embark on a journey with SkateAmerica as we transform the online skateboarding haven. Witness the evolution of user-friendliness, streamlined navigation, and a visually captivating design. From simplifying the shopping journey to optimizing mobile interactions, the SkateAmerica redesign is a testament to our commitment to elevating user experiences and driving tangible results. Explore the case study to dive into the details of this exhilarating project.

Zuum Media BigCommerce Developer
Zuum Media

Enter the world of Zuum Media, a dominant force in the audio and video industry. While their technical prowess was unquestionable, their online platform needed a makeover. ZUUM recognized the gap and joined forces with MAK Digital to reshape their website. The original site lacked style, leaving the shopping experience less than optimal. With a fresh approach, the new website emerged as a beacon of modernity and user-friendliness, complete with advanced eCommerce features. Witness how MAK Digital orchestrated a stunning design overhaul, breathing new life into ZUUM's online identity.

Zuum Media - BigCommerce Site Redesign
Action Village Store Migration & Redesign
Action Village Store Migration & Redesign
Action Village

Step into the future of eCommerce with MAKDigital and ActionVillage.com! Our partnership with ActionVillage, a pioneer in paintball, airsoft, and tactical gear retail since 1998, showcases the power of transformation. Witness how we reimagined their website to create an immersive and seamless shopping journey. From simplifying navigation and boosting calls to action to optimizing the checkout process, our meticulous approach led to remarkable outcomes—increased conversions, reduced bounce rates, and amplified customer loyalty. Discover firsthand how our expertise and innovative solutions reshaped ActionVillage.com into an engaging, user-centric hub. Read the full case study to explore how we elevated their revenue and retention through strategic redesign.

BigCommerce Developer
Pro Armory

Experience the future of online firearm shopping with Pro Armory's transformative website redesign. Partnering with renowned digital agency MAK Digital, Pro Armory embarked on a mission to elevate their online presence and exceed customer expectations. Through cutting-edge technologies and meticulous design, MAK Digital created a user-centric platform that showcases Pro Armory's exceptional products while offering a seamless shopping journey. With improved search engine visibility and advanced functionalities, Pro Armory now leads the industry, delivering an unparalleled online experience for firearm enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, and avid shooters. Discover the power of modern digital marketing solutions in this captivating case study.

Check out what we can do for your firearms related businesses today!

ProArmory.com - BigCommerce Site Redesign
NDZ Performance Store Migration & Redesign
NDZ Performance Store Migration & Redesign
NDZ Performance

MAKDigital is proud to have been chosen to be a part of a recent project to relaunch the NDZ Performance website. This project included a complex data migration from Volusion to BigCommerce, a complete overhaul of the website’s design to improve user experience and efficiency, as well as updated SEO tags for improved search engine visibility. With our expertise in eCommerce solutions and digital marketing, we poured everything into helping NDZ Performance reach their full potential. We are confident that our efforts will help them to achieve their desired business growth and success.

BigCommerce Developer
Forklift Tire Company

Forklift Tire Company has been in the tire business for over 10 years, and their new website is designed to make it easier for customers to find the exact tires they need. The website runs on BigCommerce Stencil Technology, which offers a secure and reliable shopping experience for customers. From the homepage, shoppers can easily browse through the company’s selection of tires for commercial, industrial, and all-terrain forklifts. To see the new and improved website for yourself, visit ForkliftTire.com.

ForkliftTire.com - BigCommerce Site Redesign
Phastek Performance Store Migration & Redesign
Phastek Performance Store Migration & Redesign
Phastek Performance

Phastek Performance is one of the leading online retailers for Chevy, Corvette and GMC aftermarket performance parts and styling upgrades. In business since 2009 Phasteks catalogue has grown significantly, since initially starting only servicing 5th generation Camaros it was time for a much needed upgrade! Phastek approached MAK Digital with the desire to change eCommerce platforms and redesign the appearance of their site to match its new functionality and upgraded performance. Much like the vehicles they care for Phastek understood their investment would go a long way when working with MAK Digital.

BigCommerce Developer
The Barn Door Hardware Store

The Barn Door Hardware Store is your one-stop shop for sliding barn door hardware, roller kits, and farmhouse pine sliding doors. Having been in the eCommerce business for a year with moderate success, Barn Door Hardware Store recognized they would perform better if their site appeared less like a starting eCommerce site. Much of their original site was white space with no branding or style anywhere, the site even lacked a logo. MAK Digital was brought in to redesign their eCommerce store, giving it a professional appearance and ensuring the user experience (UX) was effective and efficient.

TheBarnDoorHardwareStore.com - BigCommerce Site Redesign
ByourBed.com Headless Build & Store Redesign
ByourBed.com Headless Build & Store Redesign

Byourbed has been servicing all your bedding needs for quite some time. Starting their ecommerce journey on Volusion Byourbed saw incredible growth through the platform, bringing their brand to the forefront of online bedding sales. Eventually they decided it was time to upgrade and once again contacted MAK to help usher in a new-era of Byourbed. When presented with all of the possible upgrades the decision came down to invest in a Headless build through the BigCommerce platform.

BigCommerce Developer
Pickett's Mill Armory

Pickett’s Mill Armory are online purveyors of high-quality AR-15 parts, hailing out of Atlanta Georgia in the south these guys know their guns. That being said, firearms and weaponry are their specialty, not eCommerce. The previous pmarmory.com website was about as bare bones as they come. Tons of white space, awkwardly placed images, and text, minimal modern-day features, and to top it off it was not coded to be responsive! Pickett’s Mill had finally had enough with their old site and approached MAK after seeing our success in the Firearms industry.

PmArmory.com - BigCommerce Site Redesign
UnisanDirect.com Store Redesign
UnisanDirect.com Store Redesign
Unisan Direct

Unisan founded in 1993 has specialized in providing the highest quality sanitation products and developing customized services for each client. Their eCommerce journey began on Magento and unfortunately never got off to a great start. Unisan had a stalled site-build that would require extensive work to finish, with B2B and B2C capabilities there was a long road ahead. At this point Unisan reached out to MAK Digital to help alleviate the issues they had been experiencing.

BigCommerce Developer
Pro Audio

Founded in 1971 as Crouse-Kimzey Company, ProAudio.com is a Fort Worth, Texas based distributor and reseller for more than 400 professional audio, video, lighting and broadcast equipment lines. They are the supplier of choice for businesses large and small, individuals, churches, schools and contractors, in all 50 U.S. states and internationally. ProAudio approached MAK looking to redesign their BigCommerce ecommerce website and add some additional functionality and features.

ProAudio.com - BigCommerce Site Redesign
TyTyga.com Volusion Store Redesign
TyTyga.com Volusion Store Redesign
Ty Ty GA

TyTy Nursery is a Georgia based nursery that is the best location online to shop for trees, plants, berries and more! After seeing the work we have done with other nurseries TyTy approached MAK with the desire to redesign their website. Their old site had tons of useful and engaging information, the perfect content available to compete with rivals. Unfortunately, it was not being presented in a user-friendly format. TyTy entrusted the design to MAK, with the intention to help bring their site to the forefront of online nursery sales.

BigCommerce Developer

GlowbackLED, established in 2011 as a subdivision of Bluegate Inc. specializes in turnkey LED lighting solutions for decorative, residential, and commercial lighting needs! GlowbackLED was seeking to move from the Volusion platform to the BigCommerce platform, in doing so sought out MAK Digital. GlowbackLED had reached a point where they needed the additional functionality and customization the BigCommerce platform offers over its competitors.

GlowbackLEDstore.com - BigCommerce Migration & Development
PoolandHotTubDepot.com BigCommerce Store Redesign
PoolandHotTubDepot.com BigCommerce Store Redesign
Pool and HotTub Depot

Pool and HotTub Depot has been in their industry for well over a decade and have been Canada’s leading online retailer for the industry since 2017!When you are the industry leader in anything there should be a sense of authority and specialization when consumers view your company. The old version of the Pool and HotTub Depot website did not present itself as an industry leader. This is what led Pool and HotTub Depot to approach MAK looking to redesign their site.

BigCommerce Developer
Native Wildflowers

Native Wildflowers Nursery is a family owned and operated wholesale nursery located near the heart of the nursery capitol, McMinnville TN. They are a fourth-generation nursery offering the highest quality wildflowers, perennials, ferns, and wetland plants at affordable prices. Native Wildflowers felt it was time to update and redesign their site to better compete with rivals, so they contacted MAK to get the job done right.

Cip1 - BigCommerce Migration & Development
TacticalMachining.com BigCommerce Store Redesign
TacticalMachining.com BigCommerce Store Redesign
Tactical Machining

Tactical Machining has been distributing the highest quality parts for the firearms industry since 2008. Although they have had success they recognized it was time for a much-needed change. They desired a migration to a new ecommerce platform; felt their current platform had been holding them back. They desired more customization capabilities in their site and an ecommerce platform that was user-friendly to manage. After carefully considering their options they chose to go with the ecommerce platform BigCommerce moving forward. Along with the migration Tactical Machining also entrusted a full redesign of their site to MAK Digital Design.

BigCommerce Developer

Founded over 40 years ago, Cip1 has been providing their customers with high quality Volkswagen parts for Vintage and Classic Volkwagens. Before approaching MAK Digital Design, Cip1 was running its US and Canada store on an outdated platform. This is exactly why we migrated their store to the more modern and robust BigCommerce platform, as well as giving their stores a brand new redesign.

Cip1 - BigCommerce Migration & Development
Springbok-Puzzles.com - Headless eCommerce Build using BigCommerce API & Gatsby
Headless Springbok-Puzzles.com eCommerce redesign

Founded in 1963 by Robert and Katie Lewin, Springbok Editions has been providing high quality puzzles for nearly 60 years. Before coming to MAK Digital Design, Sprinbok was running their eCommerce store on an outdated platform, with an outdated design, and slow website. What they needed more than anything was a more modern design, and a faster website.

This is exactly why they decided to go with a headless approach, using BigCommerce API with Gatsby. They also decided to go with a more modern design, bringing their eCommerce store to a 2021 standard.

BigCommerce Developer

ProDrinkingFountains is a division of Category Five Technologies, Inc. They carry the best quality in commercial drinking fountains with top trusted brands such as Elkay, Oasis, Haws, Sunroc and more. A few years ago, we redesigned their site on Volusion, and since then they have had great success and growth as a company. So, naturally, when it was time for ProDrinkingFountains to migrate to a more modern platform, they came back to us at MAK Digital. After much consideration, they decided it would be best to move to the more robust BigCommerce platform, as well as update their websites design yet again.

prodrinkingfountains.com - BigCommerce Responsive Design and Development
longislandwatch.com - BigCommerce Responsive Re-Design and Data Migration
Bigcommerce longislandwatch.com site re-design

LongIslandWatch.com is a family owned and operated business that has been selling unique watches from all around the world for over a decade. LongIslandWatch has been running their outdated website on the Volusion platform, and they came to MAK Digital Design looking for a complete redesign of their website, as well as a migration to a more modern and robust platform.

After much consideration, LongIslandWatch decided that the BigCommerce platform would be the best to suit their needs. We fully migrated LongIslandWatch.com's data to BigCommerce, as well as completely redesigned their website for a more user-friendly and modern experience, taking different platforms into high consideration, from desktop, to tablet, to mobile device.

BigCommerce Developer

This is no light undertaking. eCommerce platform migrations are an exceptionally complex and technical development project that needs to be handled by proven experts specific to this type of project. While the ROI on migrating is pretty obvious and plain to see, the risks are much less understood. Mishandling the process could ruin the functionality of your website, upend the way your store looks, or even cause you to lose all of your hard-earned rankings in Google. Once you reach a certain size of business, that business is putting food on someone's table and failure can have very catastrophic implications.

When tactical-edgearms.com realized that it was time to make the switch to a more robust eCommerce platform such as BigCommerce, they took that first step by contacting MAK Digital, vetting our prior experience with comprehensive platform and data migrations as a sure fit. We fully migrated tactical-edgearms.com's data as well as completely redesigned their site for a more modern and more user-friendly and mobile-friendly design.

tactical-edgearms.com - BigCommerce Responsive Design and Development
saosupply.com - BigCommerce Responsive Re-Design and Data Migration
Bigcommerce rchobbyexplosion.com site re-design

SaoSupply.com got in touch with MAK Digital Design when they were planning a serious overhaul of their online presence. They were moving their Volusion site to BigCommerce Stencil framework and we paired that move with a whole new custom design. The new design not only looks much more modern, it's also better organized for conversion and ease of use.

rchobbyexplosion.com - BigCommerce Responsive Re-Design
Bigcommerce rchobbyexplosion.com site re-design

RC Hobby Explosion is your one-stop shop for all things remote-controlled, from basic entry-level, toy-grade products to the most technologically advanced hobby grade trucks that simply blow your mind. For over 10 years they have been an industry leader, serving both individual R/C enthusiasts and businesses by providing high-quality in-stock radio control products at great prices. RC Hobby to MAK Digital with the need to migrate from an old clunky Volusion implementation to a new and more robust BigCommerce site. MAK Digital completly redesigned their site with mobile-first in mind. Their original homepage was heavy on text, visually less appealing, and did not translate well to mobile. They needed an updated design to bring them up to speed in an era where online shoppers are seeking a visually stimulating and more valuable shopping experience. The new site features updated imagery and new easy to navigate UX as well as mobile-first Responsive Design.

BigCommerce Developer

Avco Key and Novelty is a wholesale distributor, manufacturer and importer of key chains, key accessories and key blanks. Keyring.com supplies retail hardware stores, locksmith shops and other key-making establishments with the best selling and most profitable selection of items available. Avco Key and Novelty hired MAK Digital to perform a complete overhaul of their site along with a migration to BigCommerce. Keyring.com has been on an old, outdated platform for many years and decided it was time for a switch, and after much research had zeroed in on BigCommerce. MAK performed a full design and development of the new site. The end result is a much more streamlined shopping experience that brings the Keyring.com brand into the cutting edge of eCommerce technology and best practices.

KeyRing.com - BigCommerce Responsive Design and Development
navage.com - BigCommerce Responsive Re-Design
Bigcommerce navage.com site re-design

When Martin and Maria from Navage came to MAK Digital, they had a website that was bogging their business down due to a number of technical issues. They needed a scalable site that could keep up with their growth trajectory, with a user experience that focuses on usability. We implemented better-organized navigation, and added more strategically placed call-outs to encourage the user to complete orders on the website quickly and easily. Navage was held back by the limitations of their current platform. Volusion is built on outdated classic ASP technology. With the help of the team at MAK Digital, Navage successfully migrated their business to BigCommerce, which now offers them the flexibility and scalability that their business requires.


Pirinfoods.com is a family owned business created back in 2016. They offer a wide selection of European grocery products from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, France, Romania and other European countries. They opened their doors to the public in July 2016 on 3400 Rt 611 Bartronsville Pa. Pirinfoods.com came to MAK Digital Design for an agency that specializes in migrations from Volusion. Their current website design had a multitude of user experience issues, and was sparsely populated with information. In addition, there was little to no brand integration in their homepage design. MAK Digital Design created a new homepage design with custom banners that was not only more colorful but more inviting and easier to navigate.

Pirinfoods.com - BigCommerce Responsive Design and Development
waders.com - BigCommerce Responsive Re-Design
Bigcommerce waders.com site re-design

Waders.com came to MAK Digital Design for a partner to help with a site design optimized for user experience. They knew they wanted to present their products in a more favorable light, and make it easier for their customers to find them. MAK Digital Design created a contemporary and structured homepage, category page and product page designs in addition to a better presented cart and checkout. MAK Digital Design also created several custom banners for Waders’s website, to represent their products in a professional yet appealing manner that was consistent with the company image.


With over 30 years experience serving clients big and small, ID Cards, Inc. is an expert and dependable source for identification systems and supplies nationwide. Their product line includes a variety of ID printing systems, supplies and more to accommodate your specific identification needs. Whatever your identification needs are, Idcards.com can meet your specific deadlines and demands - both today and in the future. Idcards.com is committed to providing you with the highest level of service and product satisfaction. MakDigital gave them a full BigCommerce site redesign.

IDcards.com - BigCommerce Responsive Design and Development
timewalkertoys.com - Volusion Responsive Re-Design
Volusion timewalkertoys.com site re-design

Timewalkertoys.com has leveraged MAK Digital Design for a complete overhaul to their web business. Timewalker Toys is utilizing the Volusion platform, and we built them a fresh site, complete with responsive design and an updated user experience. Time Walker Toys is an independent retailer specializing in 1/6th scale collectible figures. From Ancient and Medieval figures, to Game of Thrones, all the way to the Thundercats figures from long ago, Timewalker has it all. They are based in Overland Park, Kansas, and founded by Steven and Margaret Allen.

ClearStream Recycling

ClearStream's core purpose is engaging guests to Recycle for REAL with clear containers in public spaces for a positive economic return on investment and an environmental legacy for all. ClearStream's core purpose is ENGAGING guests to Recycle for REAL in public spaces for positive ECONOMIC ROI and lasting ENVIRONMENTAL Legacy for all. MakDigitalDesign did a complete site redesign using responsive design protocols, setup a wordpress blog to match the ecommerce side of things, and a S.E.O site optimization.

ClearStream - Volusion Responsive Design and Development
steelheadstuff.com - BigCommerce Responsive Re-Design
BigCommerce steelheadstuff.com site re-design

Anglers are provided with a vast selection of popular and high quality products for fishing at SteelHeadStuff.com. Their prices are extremely competitive, they offer quick on time delivery, and their products for anglers are supported by their staff of highly experienced anglers. We did a full responsive redesign with a custom S.E.O package.

Advanced Filing
Advanced Filing

Advanced Filing Concepts is a fast-growing online distributor, specializing in filing products who are dedicated to quality products, competitive pricing, and most importantly, best customer service. With more than 30 years as a stocking file systems dealer, their staff knows the filing products business very well and they want to help you save time and money on your paper management needs. MakDigitalDesign did a full responsive site redesign implementing the latest technology and S.E.O optimizing it for better performance.

VulcanStrength.com - Volusion Responsive Design and Development
mattingexperts.com - Volusion Responsive Re-Design
Volusion mattingexperts.com site re-design

Our client mattingexperts.com was established in 2003 and since then has grown to over 10 times their original size. They work with various manufacturers to customly pick the best products. MattingExperts are an authorized distributor for over a dozen matting manufacturers. Any kind of mat you need, they've got it. MAK gave MattingExperts.com a full redesign and created a responsive design with a decked out custom template. Now going forth into 2020 the site is fully mobile friendly and SEO optimized.

Volusion Advanced Service
Vulcan Strength

Vulcan® Strength Training Systems brings years of training experience to its proprietary brand of strength and conditioning equipment. Vulcan® equipment is built to endure the rigors of all kinds of strength training. Their growing line of products offers everything one would need to equip a Home/Garage Gym, Personal Training center or large strength training gyms.

VulcanStrength.com - Volusion Responsive Design and Development
grassclothandmore.com - Volusion Responsive Re-Design
Volusion Grassclothandmore.com site re-design

Our client Grasscloth and More is the answer to any interior designer’s dreams. Their custom built on-line store has a vast selection, with hundreds of unique modern wallcoverings. Their designer wallcoverings include grasscloths, textiles, and vinyls that previously were only available in designer showrooms. Grasscloth and More has been in the wallcovering business for over fifty years; their clients include some of the finest wallcovering showrooms in cities across the nation. Now you have direct online access to the best-selling grasscloths and textiles without the showroom markup.

BigCommerce Development

The Henworld x MAK Digital partnership now stretches years and multiple platforms! Starting our journey off together on the Volusion platform, MAK Digital was brought on to redesign the Henworld site. We redesigned Henworld.ie with responsive design technology, keeping a “mobile-first” attitude in-mind.

Afterwards, the site saw increased traffic and conversions continuously until it was clear, a new Ecommerce platform would be necessary to accommodate the increase in business. MAK Digital was once again brought in, this time to complete a data migration from Volusion to BigCommerce with some slight upgrades and adjustments to better optimize the design for the new platform. We are looking forward to what chapter III of this beautiful partnership will bring us!

GutsRacing.com - Volusion Responsive Design and Development
Prodryers.com - BigCommerce Responsive Re-Design
FantasiaByDeserio.com BigCommerce Migration Services
Design: Designed and Developed on BigCommerce Platform using stencil BigCommerce technology. Implemented Nextopia Search as well as ShopperApproval Reviews. Site was build using Responsive Design and all the latest UX and SEO best practices.
Data Migration: MAK migrated all the products, product options as well as images from the Volusion Platform and set up all required 301 redirects.
Volusion Advanced Service
In 1985 Northern California’s Hangtown gave birth to GUTS Racing. In a place regarded as the birthplace of motocross in Nor-Cal, GUTS Racing prides itself as one of the innovators in seat technology. Whatever improvements your custom seat might need, they are up to the task to provide their customers with the best product on the market.

Design: The site itself was designed with Responsive Design technology.
Custom Features: Year/Make/Model custom integration
Custom product configurator
GutsRacing.com - Volusion Responsive Design and Development
FantasiaByDeserio.com - BigCommerce Responsive Re-Design
FantasiaByDeserio.com BigCommerce Migration Services
For over 45 years, DeSerio have been a family-owned business, priding itself on all items being handmade in the US. They have impeccably mastered replicating the world’s finest flawless color diamonds, Colombian Emeralds, Burmese Sapphires and Rubies, and South Sea pearls. Each piece viewed as a work of art, set by a master diamond setters.

Design: Designed and Developed on BigCommerce Platform using stencil BigCommerce language. Site was build using Responsive Design and all the latest UX best practices.
Data Migration: MAK migrated all the products, product options as well as images from the previous platform and set up all required 301 redirects.
Volusion Advanced Service
Sanzo Specialties, Inc. is proud to offer professionally branded products to all types of industries throughout the country. Whether you’re a brand-new company or have been a player in the industry for years, every business can benefit from using the proper marketing supplies.

Design: The site itself was designed, developed and made responsive within the Volusion Platform by MAKDigitalDesign. Custom Features: Optomized Shopping Cart and Checkout.
sanzospecialties.com - Volusion Design and Development
RightToBear.com - Volusion Responsive Re-Design
Volusion Expert Design Service
Right to Bear Arms and Supply has the best selection of AR-15 rifle build kits and gun parts for sale with the most competitive prices available anywhere online. We are a veteran-owned online gun parts dealer dedicated to providing the highest quality AR parts and accessories for those looking to build or upgrade their ARs with the most reliable, safest parts possible. We sell individual AR parts and accessories as well as full AR15 assembly kits from the highest quality brand names.

Design: The site itself was designed, developed and made responsive by MAK as well, and has received praise from competition and consumers alike.
Additional Features: Predictive Search, Custom Deal of the Day Feature, Integration with Constant Contact
Volusion Advanced Service
Rick and Andy, two geeky guys with a passion for making the best bed sheets in the world. They started selling bed sheets in the year 2000 in Falls Church, VA when the online bed sheet industry was still new. Royal Egyptian Bedding was launched in 2001 and there has been no looking back since then.

Design: The site itself was designed, developed and made responsive by MAK as well, and has received praise from competition and consumers alike.
royalegyptianbedding.com - Volusion Design and Development
larksilk.com - Volusion Design
Volusion Expert Design Service
For over 45 years, Larksilk has been the premier name in artificial floral and permanent botanicals. You'll find our products all around you: in leading restaurants and hotels, offices, living rooms, casinos and resorts. People choose Larksilk because our products are best-in-class, providing superior craftsmanship and realism at an affordable price.

Design: Larksilk came to MAK, their selection of niche products was in demand and growing, but delivering the great site brand experience customers expect from an true industry leader lagged far behind. To boost buyer confidence and bolster engagement, our design and strategy teams worked hand in hand to renovate their site design and provide a much more streamlined user experience, across the board.
Volusion Advanced Service
Custom Search Filtering: When the guys from BikeBling contacted us they knew they wanted an update to their current site, but also were looking to get a custom search functionality that allowed user to filter products by color/size/brand. We created a beautiful design for their site and utilized Volusion API to retrieve data by color/size/brand attributes.
bikebling.com - Volusion Design and Development
hydrocrunch.com - BigCommerce Design
BigCommerce Expert Design Service
Hydrocrunch.com develops products for both residential and small business use, and also supports projects in new markets such as academic research programs, large commercial projects, and community educational programs. Their department consist of more than 50 professional electrical engineers with years of experiences. Hydrocrunch guys are constantly innovating new products to improve and create custom solutions for their clients.

Design: The original Hydrocrunch website lacked the easy navigation necessary to escort shoppers to the items they sought after. With MAKDigital’s help, the new design keeps eCommerce in mind and makes finding the desired item a breeze. The brand story remains center stage, and the site is now customer-oriented with the best user engagement strategies implemented.
BigCommerce Advanced Service
We completely re-designer GateHouseSupplies.com giving it a more updated look and batter UI. We gave almost all of GateHouseSupplies.com design elements a full re-do rest, including mobile friendly responsive design.
gatehousesupplies.com - BigCommerce Enterprise Design and Development
JMAC.com - BigCommerce Design
Volusion Advanced Service
After reviewing JMac.com requirements, we suggested that JMAC can achieve much of the needed functionality, without the maintenance headaches, on the Volusion platform. We completly re-design their site utilizing Resposnive Design and Volusion API to munipulate custom product display.
Volusion Advanced Service
Design: When Anna from Pickleballcentral.com reached out to us she had an outdated design on an outdated Volusion framework. She knew that site needed some TLC. Anna had plenty of ideas on how to best showcase her products and our designers and developers put it all to life.
pickleballpark.com - Volusion Design and Development

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