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Here at MAKDigital, we are resolute to making sure that every client sees the results they expect. Our team has a lot of experience with providing consulting services to both big and small businesses, and our combined knowledge allows us to give our customers the most suitable results for their unique needs. We recognize that data migration and eCommerce systems are intricate, and that you need a dependable ally to help you maximize your efforts.

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UX audits for everyone

MAK Digital's UX Audits offer vital knowledge about your clients and a plan of action to maximize their experience. We provide ongoing support all the way through the review process to make sure that your product or service is up-to-date and maximizes the value for your customers.

Our company has a successful history of UX Audits, leading to improved customer experience and greater engagement. Our team of specialists can deliver a comprehensive examination of your digital presence, uncovering the potential of your customers’ experience and helping you to exploit the full capability of your product or service.

How MAKDigital Leverages UX Audits to Optimize Websites

The UX audit process starts by conducting a thorough assessment of a website's content, navigation, and usability. MAK Digital looks at the website's information architecture to identify any opportunities for improvement, identify areas that need to be improved, and determine what changes should be made for a better user experience. Additionally, MAK Digital reviews the website's user interface, taking note of how users interact with the website. This allows them to detect any errors, evaluate the performance of key features, and decide the best strategies for user engagement. Through this process, MAK Digital strives to ensure a high-quality user experience.

Elements of a UX Audit from MAK Digital

Every UX audit from MAK includes:

  • User Research
  • Interface Audit
  • User Testing
  • Performance Audit
  • Usability Reports
  • Technical Audit

Based on our initial discovery and kickoff meeting, we can also decide together to include:

  • Information architecture audit
  • Customer journey lifecycle audit
  • Competitive audit
  • Key stakeholder interviews
  • Email communications audit
  • First time use audit
  • Retention audit
  • Customer support experience audit
  • Analytics & Heat mapping
  • Usability Testing and User Insights
  • Future state wireframes

Delivering Successful UX Audits for Trustworthy Online Experiences

At MAK Digital, we constantly strive for excellence when it comes to creating the best online experience for our clients and their customers. Our team of digital marketing professionals have years of expertise in conducting UX audits, making sure our clients have the trust and confidence that their websites are running optimally and effectively. Our UX audits focus on finding broken links, improving the design, and increasing website speed and usability. We work in partnership with our clients to make sure their websites are accessible, captivating and, most importantly, enjoyable for customers. With our comprehensive knowledge and insights around digital marketing and UX design, we are dedicated to helping our clients reach their desired business outcomes.

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Companies often find it difficult and time-consuming to conduct UX audits on their own. It can be hard to step away from the details and gain an objective perspective to evaluate the current situation. That's why we are offering our UX Audit Handbook, completely free of charge. This handbook contains all the information necessary to complete a comprehensive UX audit, so you can have the best possible customer experience.

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In the years I’ve spent collaborating with the MAK Digital Design team, they do two things consistently well: deliver groundbreaking work while making the process completely fun. Everything from design leadership to ensuring every last pixel is perfect. And the results? Record-breaking.

Kara DeFrias
Chief of Staff, QuickBooks Online Platform