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PPC Campaign Management

Launching a new product? Use PPC. Launching a new website? Use PPC. Do you need leads or more sales? Use PPC. What if you’re rebranding your company? Great, PPC can help there too.

While PPC is not an Almighty formula for all kinds of e-commerce needs, it sure can provide magical solutions. Pay-Per-Click is a marketing technique that can put your business out there for the world. Using any of the different types of PPC options to reach your targeted user base and grow your business rapidly.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Formats

Text Ads

PPC text ads appear on search engines such as Google, right above the search results. PPC text Ads, also known as Search Ads, show some vital details about your business for potential customers to reach you. It always attaches a link to your e-commerce site and phone contact. When visitors click on the link it takes them to the designated landing page.

  • Vital details of business
  • Link to a designated landing page
  • Phone contact
  • Appear above search results on SERPs
  • Rapid brand awareness
increase conversion

Shopping Ads

PPC shopping ads appear above search results just like Text Ads. The shopping Ad will show products images with the price and offline or online store details. Shopping Ads have a high click-through rate because they’re visual thus allowing potential customers to peep at the products even before visiting the store. As an e-commerce owner, shopping ads will let you present good images or GIFs of your products showing the products in detail while highlighting the benefits of your products. As a result, your product will gain exposure in Google’s Shopping Network and the internet at large.

  • Displays product image, price and merchant name
  • Appear above search results on SERPs
  • High click-through rate

Display Ads

This is a type of visual PPC advertisement on Google. Google uses its Display Network to help e-commerce sites advertise their brands using any form of video, text, GIF, image and other rich media. There are 2 million websites on Google’s Display Network. As a part of the Display Network, your display ad may appear on blog posts, in between the paragraphs of news articles online, or at the bottom within mobile apps. When users click on a display ad, they will be redirected to the site’s landing page. Display ads are directed at people who have an interest in the product or service, judging by their search history. A user who often googles motorcycles will get PPC display ads of motorcycles.

  • Display products or services
  • Link to call on mobile
  • Aims at users who have an interest in the products or services
increase conversion

Remarketing Ads

Sometimes when you visit a particular e-commerce site for window shopping or actual purchase, you start seeing Ads of the said e-commerce site everywhere you go on the web after. This is called Remarketing PPC Ads. It targets people who have visited particular sites to check some products then continues to show them ads from the same sites and of the same products they checked. It’s an effective strategy for getting repeat customers and overall great Ad technique that you can also use to grow your business.

  • Continuously appear after you visit the site
  • Follow you across the web
  • Re-engage customers

Did You Know?

AdWords have proven to generate high ROI for e-commerce sites, and as a result, more e-commerce owners are using it.

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