What is Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO marketing (Local Search Engine Optimization) is a type of SEO practice that serves to connect your brand with the local customer base. Local SEO will ensure that the local customers who need your products or services get them at the needed time. Local SEO is a prompt SEO helping people who have a need to find locally available solutions promptly.

Local SEO can be achieved using different methods, some of which are part of traditional SEO practices while others largely differ from regular SEO techniques. Local SEO is often easier to set up and manage as there are local SEO tools and strategies to easily navigate the process.

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What is a ‘Local Search’?

First, let’s look at the differences between a standard informational search and what’s known as a local search.

DID YOU KNOW? According to Google, 46% of searches on the internet have a ‘local intent’.

Any website with effective SEO can build up authority on search engines and rank for search queries such as ”how to repair my laptop” or ”how to change my car tires”. However, when the intent of the query is to meet an immediate need or to solve an immediate problem, internet users start to ask questions with more readiness like ”laptop repairers/engineers near me” or ”the best vulcanizers in (location)”

For local search queries, search engines understand that the searcher needs a promptly available solution. As a result, the search engine will list active local businesses within the searcher’s proximity in the search results. In fact, internet users don't necessarily have to add ”near me” or insert a location in their queries. Once they have their location on or search using Google maps, Google will suggest local businesses in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, business owners need to consider local intent searches and invest in local SEO alongside regular SEO.

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What are Local SERPs?

As a local business owner seeking to drive more traffic to your website and customers through your door, you need to know what's called the ’3-pack’ or ’local pack’. It is a block of three local business listings that appear right below the map in the results of a local search. The 3-pack on local SERPs is the competitive spot every local business owner should aim for.

There is the local pack for the search ”phone engineer near me”.

You’ll notice plenty here that’s different from standard organic results, such as opening times, review ratings, and even photos. Although Google is getting clever enough to pull this information directly from your website, that’s not where these elements come from.

Here are some of the local search elements that are different from the standard organic search results; opening hours, review ratings and picture gallery. Google has been improving local SERPs, and invariably helping local businesses to connect with customers better, by pulling necessary details from websites directly. However, the elements listed above don't come from local businesses’ websites.

The elements displayed in the 3-pack for local SERPs come from the businesses’ Google My Business profiles. Google My Business is an essential part of local SEO which is growing on business owners as they are enjoying the benefits of using it.

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What is Google My Business?

It used to be known as Google Local, then Google+ Local, now Google My Business (GMB) is a platform where business owners create a simple business profile that has all the important details potential customers needs.

The information on your Google My Business feeds information to Google Maps search results, local SERPs and others. The most familiar being the top right on desktop (top on mobile) of an exclusive search for your business on search engines.

This is known as the Knowledge Panel. Your GMB profile will include information such as the products or services you offer, business description, contact details, office address, opening hours, category. These are the details you submit by yourself. Other Information that shows on your GMB profile such as Google Reviews, GMB Attributes and GMB Q&As are created by customers who have experienced your service.

An important local SEO practice is making sure that your GMB profile is up-to-date, and has accurate information. This will ensure that your profile looks appealing and credible enough to attract potential customers and increase click-throughs. More importantly, your business has a higher chance of making it to local SERPs 3-pack if your GMB profile is well optimized.

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How do I rank well in local search?

Now that you have learned about local SEO, you might be wondering how you can achieve success with local SEO practice. First, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the three important elements of local search ranking:

  • Proximity: how close is your business to the person searching?
  • Relevance: are your products or services relevant to the search? - can your services/products meet the searcher’s needs
  • Prominence: what do consumers say about your products and services?

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