Why choose eBay Webstore for your ecommerce website?

Few benefits of our eBay designs:

  • Custom eBay store design

  • Custom eBay listing template design

  • Enhances your buyers shopping experience

  • Very customizable

  • Improved buyer confidence

  • Increased average order values

  • Intuitive navigation with easy product find

  • On average, a massive sales increase of up to 30%! and much more!

Our development process

Successful custom development project requires thorough planning and management.
We have evolved our development process into 7 core areas.



    We will schedule a meeting with one of our experts to go over your eBay store needs, or app development requirements



    Our eBay experts will look for an existing solution or create a plan to custom code a solution built for you



    We create a custom plan for your project to meet your individual business needs



    Our eBay store developers get to work. We work hard to complete your custom project on time and within your budget



    Our QA team tests and makes sure everything is working as expected within the highest standards.



    Together, we select a specific time and date to launch your eBay store upgrade



    Get 3 months free support after the launch date for your project. We guarantee success and will fix any issues free of charge.

  • outline
  • research
  • plan
  • develop
  • test code
  • launch project
  • customer support
Why us?

As a professional eBay designer, it’s our responsibility to ensure you have a fantastic, highly engaging store and product listing template for your eBayers. From our vast experience we know what works in great designs and we will make it work for you having your brand in mind

First and foremost, we consult with you to produce a case on your existing brand, this requires a detailed discussion on your existing shop and auction listing designs. Once we have established your brand requirements and outlined your specification our designers begin work on your exciting project.

Depending on what service you choose you can look to receive your shop design and auction template listing preview within a week for feedback and amendments. Within three exciting weeks you can look to have your project completed and installed.

Our designs are proven to increase sales by up to 30%!

We're a

Your eBay eCommerce site doesn't have to look like a cookie-cutter theme. MAK Digital Design can help you build an eBay eCommerce Store that's unique to you and your brand. eBay eCommerce Webstore is an all-in-one, full-featured platform. It enables you to build and operate a profitable online store—off-eBay. With eBay Webstore you can leverage the strength and reliability of eBay infrastructure. You can couple your stand-alone store with the eBay Marketplace and Fulfillment by eBay, and tap eBay's eCommerce expertise to make sure you have long-term success.

eBay Development FAQ

  • Why choose eBay Webstore for your ecommerce website?

    Our eBay Webstore offers custom designs, including store and listing templates, enhancing your buyers' shopping experience. It's highly customizable, instills buyer confidence, and has the potential to increase average order values by up to 30%.

  • What benefits do custom eBay designs provide?

    Custom eBay designs provide a unique and engaging store experience, making your brand stand out. They improve buyer confidence, offer high customization, and contribute to a substantial increase in sales, often up to 30%.

  • How does eBay Webstore contribute to intuitive navigation?

    eBay Webstore ensures intuitive navigation with easy product discovery. This feature helps buyers quickly find what they're looking for, leading to a smoother shopping experience and potentially higher conversion rates.

  • What is the development process for an eBay project with MAKDigital?

    Our eBay development process includes key steps such as project outline, research, planning, development, testing, launch, and support. We collaborate with you to create a custom plan, ensuring your eBay store upgrade is completed on time and within budget.

  • How can eBay store design impact buyer confidence?

    A well-designed eBay store instills buyer confidence by creating a professional and trustworthy online presence. It reflects positively on your brand and encourages customers to make purchases with confidence.

  • Can eBay Webstore handle large product catalogs?

    Yes, eBay Webstore is equipped to handle large product catalogs. Its robust product management features ensure efficient catalog management, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers, no matter the size of your inventory.

  • What sets MAKDigital apart in eBay development?

    MAKDigital stands out for its expertise in eBay development. Our designers ensure your eBay store and listing templates align with your brand, offering a unique and engaging experience. We're dedicated to boosting your sales and providing top-notch support for a successful project.

  • How does eBay Webstore contribute to increased sales?

    eBay Webstore contributes to increased sales through its user-friendly design, intuitive navigation, and enhanced buyer confidence. Studies show that a well-designed eBay store can lead to a substantial sales increase, often reaching up to 30%.

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