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Top-Rated BigCommerce Design Company

We at MakDigital are proud to be an award-winning company, renowned for our exceptional contributions to the eCommerce industry. In 2023, we achieved a significant milestone by winning the prestigious Design of the Year award at the BigCommerce Design Awards. This accolade reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in design, showcasing our ability to create visually stunning and highly functional eCommerce solutions. Our expertise and dedication to delivering top-notch services have solidified our reputation as a leader in the industry, making us a trusted partner for businesses looking to elevate their online presence.

Elevating Ecommerce Businesses with Custom BigCommerce Features

Elevating your ecommerce business goes beyond merely having an attractive website. It involves leveraging the power of custom BigCommerce design features to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your online store. BigCommerce designers offer BigCommerce development services to craft functionalities and extensions specifically tailored to a business’s individual requirements.

This includes API integrations that can seamlessly connect your BigCommerce store with external services like: shipping, inventory, order management, and CRM/ERP systems



eCommerce Solutions

BigCommerce Responsive Design - Mobile-First

The contemporary digital landscape witnesses a growing shift of the consumer base towards mobile users. A mobile-first approach in ecommerce aligns with customer-focused strategies, contributing to significant increases in conversions and improved customer experiences.
Mobile-first web design is cost-effective, saves time and resources throughout the development process, and involves prioritizing user-friendly browsing and payment options for mobile devices first.

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BigCommerce Store Migration Services

The process of migrating to BigCommerce from another platform or upgrading your existing store can be intricate. BigCommerce web designers offer comprehensive services for seamless migration to the platform or upgrading existing stores with minimal disruption. Migration experts are adept at: Preserving SEO rankings, Retaining the relationship between attributes, ensuring there is no data loss, corruption, downtime, or risk during the transition. A bigcommerce web designer plays a crucial role in setting up temporary servers and training client teams to ensure a smooth migration process.

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BigCommerce API Integrations for Streamlined Operations

Efficiency bears paramount importance in the rapid ecommerce environment of today. API integrations play a crucial role in connecting BigCommerce stores with external services for more efficient operations.
Custom development can ensure that the integration is tailored to your specific business needs, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your ecommerce operations with custom features.

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Strategic BigCommerce SEO Services

Apart from design and functionality, the success of your BigCommerce store heavily depends on its visibility. Strategic search engine optimization for your BigCommerce website can enhance your store’s visibility, leading to increased traffic and growth. SEO experts have proven the effectiveness of these tailored services by significantly improving the conversion rates and search engine ranking of a BigCommerce website.
Beyond on-page optimization, off-site SEO tactics such as developing industry tools and engaging in public relations are instrumental in bolstering the online presence of BigCommerce stores.

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Custom BigCommerce Development

Custom development can ensure that the integration is tailored to your specific business needs, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your ecommerce operations with custom features.
Consolidating multiple back-end systems through BigCommerce, an ecommerce platform, enhances the consumer experience by providing a unified and coherent operational framework.

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Certified BigCommerce Partner

Selecting the right design agency is crucial for the success of your BigCommerce store. It requires a careful evaluation of the agency’s expertise, experience, and ability to deliver comprehensive services that align with your business goals.
As a Certified BigCommerce design company, MakDigital possesses an extensive understanding of the BigCommerce product ecosystem and technical architecture. This ensures that we can deliver the highest quality expertise to meet your needs. In our role as your technology partner, our primary objective is to provide you with the BigCommerce design services necessary to create, migrate, or expand your retail enterprise successfully.

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-Anthony DiCicco at ProDryers

5 Star Review

"MAK is literally my go to developer for Volusion and BigCommerce. I have used Mary many times and will continue to do so. I have not found a more reliable and knowledgeable person to handle all of our technical issues with both platforms. I made the mistake of going with a company that I thought was bigger and better. I ended up having to hire MAK to fix all of their mistakes that would have cost me hundreds of thousands in lost sales. It's important to have a full understanding of the database structures and business rules of each platform. MAK really understands the fine details behind these platforms. MAK has truly earned my trust for life"

Empowering Ecommerce Strategy with BigCommerce Web Design Expertise Services

Leveraging the expertise of BigCommerce web designers is a necessity for businesses to thrive in the cut-throat ecommerce landscape. These professionals can provide a comprehensive range of services including custom development, SEO, and conversion rate optimization tailored for B2B and D2C brands. But it’s not just about the technical aspects. It’s about crafting an ecommerce strategy that aligns with your business goals and customer needs. That’s why partnering with bigcommerce web design agencies can be a game-changer for your online presence.

Market Analysis and Competitive Insight

Grasping the nuances of your market and competition is of utmost importance in the competitive realm of ecommerce. Ecommerce keyword research is crucial for SEO campaigns to target attainable keywords with sufficient search volume and high conversion rates, using tools and strategies such as competitor research and Ahrefs.

Aligning Design with Business Goals

The process of designing an ecommerce store goes beyond aesthetics; it involves aligning the design with your business objectives. Ensuring BigCommerce design decisions are made with business goals in mind is critical for the success of an online store.
A/B testing is integral to refining BigCommerce web design in a way that aligns with specific business objectives and growth targets.

Defining the Project Scope and Timeline

In the BigCommerce development process, the vital step involves defining the project scope and timeline. The success of a BigCommerce project is anchored in a well-defined scope, which demands a clear understanding of the required requirements, tasks, features, and functionalities.

Ask away, we're here to help!

In the realm of BigCommerce design and development, we've empowered eCommerce vendors spanning various global market niches to attain remarkable success. While our top-tier software, APIs, and tools undeniably provide significant advantages, it's our mastery of BigCommerce design and web development that sets us apart. Our unwavering dedication is focused on facilitating the precise and efficient scaling of eCommerce enterprises, leveraging our extensive experience and specialized expertise in BigCommerce development.

  • What is BigCommerce web design?

    BigCommerce development involves crafting, tailoring, and maintaining an eCommerce store specifically on the BigCommerce platform. At MAKDigital, our adept team specializes in delivering a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing, and high-performing online store that aligns with your distinctive requirements and objectives.

  • Why is web design important for BigCommerce stores?

    Web design plays a critical role in the success of an online store. It directly impacts user experience, brand perception, and conversion rates. A well-designed BigCommerce store enhances navigation, showcases products effectively, and builds trust with customers, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Do I need coding skills to design a BigCommerce website?

    No, you don't necessarily need coding skills to design a BigCommerce website. BigCommerce offers user-friendly design tools, themes, and templates that allow you to create and customize your store's appearance without coding. However, coding skills can be beneficial for advanced customizations

  • Can I use pre-made themes for my BigCommerce store?

    Yes, BigCommerce provides a variety of pre-made themes and templates that you can choose from to quickly set up your store's design. These themes are customizable to match your brand's style and requirements.

  • Can I switch themes on my BigCommerce store after it's live?

    Yes, you can switch themes on your live BigCommerce store. However, it's essential to carefully plan the transition, ensure that all content and functionality are preserved, and thoroughly test the new theme to avoid disruptions to your online business.

  • What are some best practices for BigCommerce web design?

    Some best practices for BigCommerce web design include ensuring a mobile-responsive design, optimizing page load times, using high-quality images and product photography, simplifying navigation, providing clear product descriptions, and using a consistent brand identity throughout your store.

  • Do I need a professional web designer for my BigCommerce store?

    While you can design a BigCommerce store on your own using the platform's tools and resources, many businesses opt to hire professional web designers or design agencies to create a unique and polished online presence. Professionals can provide expertise in design principles, user experience, and branding.

  • Can I integrate third-party apps and tools into my BigCommerce design?

    Yes, BigCommerce allows for the integration of third-party apps and tools to enhance the functionality and features of your store. These integrations can include payment gateways, marketing tools, analytics, and more, offering additional customization options.

  • How can I ensure my BigCommerce design is SEO-friendly?

    To make your BigCommerce design SEO-friendly, focus on optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, image alt text, and URL structure, and ensuring fast page load times. Additionally, create high-quality, relevant content and ensure that your website is mobile-responsive, as these factors positively impact SEO.

  • What's the difference between a custom BigCommerce design and a pre-made theme?

    A custom BigCommerce design is tailored specifically to your brand and unique requirements. It involves creating a design from scratch or heavily customizing an existing theme to meet your needs. Pre-made themes, on the other hand, are ready-to-use designs that may require less customization but may not be as unique.


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