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SkateAmerica BigCommerce Case Study

Custom Features & Functionality

  • Tailored Mega Navigation: A personalized mega navigation system designed to enhance user navigation.
  • Independent React Component: A customized side cart built as a standalone React component, ensuring seamless functionality.
  • Independent React Component: A distinctive mobile navigation solution developed as an independent React component, optimizing mobile user experience.
  • Specialized Sold-Out Product Page: An exclusive product page template for sold-out items, offering alternative product options.
  • Personalized Searchanise Integration: A custom implementation of Searchanise for instantaneous search and advanced product filtering.
  • Instant Account Signup Popup: A swift account signup popup created as an independent React component, simplifying the account creation process.
SkateAmerica BigCommerce features list

Ask away, we're here to help! BigCommerce Migration: Everything You Need to Know About the Shopify to BigCommerce Transformation

  • Why did SkateAmerica migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce?

    SkateAmerica transitioned from Shopify to BigCommerce to achieve better site speed, increased adaptability, and enhanced overall eCommerce performance. This move allowed for the integration of powerful third-party solutions like Searchanise and SalesWarp to streamline operations and marketing efforts.

  • What were the main goals of SkateAmerica's website redesign?

    The primary objectives of the redesign were to enhance user engagement, simplify the shopping journey, and improve the conversion rates. This involved streamlining navigation, optimizing calls to action, and refining the checkout process to create a more user-centric platform.

  • What new features were added to the SkateAmerica website?

    New features include a personalized mega navigation system, an independent React component for mobile navigation, a specialized sold-out product page template, a custom Searchanise integration for improved search functionality, and an instant account signup popup.

  • How has the new design improved the user experience?

    The redesign focused on simplifying the website’s structure, enhancing mobile responsiveness, and reducing checkout steps. These improvements led to faster loading times, decreased cart abandonment rates, and an overall more delightful and efficient user experience.

  • Can customers still find their favorite products easily after the migration?

    Yes, the introduction of a prominent search bar and refined product categories has improved browsing efficiency, making it easier for customers to find their favorite products.

  • What impact did the redesign have on sales and customer satisfaction?

    Early data post-launch shows that the redesigned website has successfully boosted conversion rates and sales. Customer reviews have also indicated a considerable improvement in site usability, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

  • How are sold-out items handled on the new website?

    For sold-out items, a specialized product page template offers alternative product options, ensuring customers have access to similar products and a continuous shopping experience.

  • What technical enhancements were implemented in the new SkateAmerica website?

    Technical enhancements include BigCommerce integrations for better backend functionality, SEO audits, and transition strategies to maintain visibility, as well as a customized side cart built as a standalone React component for seamless functionality.

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