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SkateAmerica, a renowned online destination for skateboarding enthusiasts, has been a prominent player in the industry since its establishment. Originating in 2008, SkateAmerica has built a solid reputation for delivering top-notch skateboarding products and gear. Located in Simi Valley, California, SkateAmerica has a brick and mortar location, catering to both passionate skateboarders and seasoned professionals. Unfortunately, their online presence didn't hold the same bravado, suffering from an outdated design and lacking responsiveness. Previously operating on Shopify, Skate America sought greater speeds and adaptability for its online store. After careful consideration, the decision was made to migrate to the BigCommerce platform, marking the beginning of a promising and enduring partnership.


Faced with several limitations and speed-related issues on Shopify, SkateAmerica made a strategic decision to migrate their eCommerce operations to BigCommerce. Recognizing that their existing website was out of sync with their brand identity, they embarked on a mission to completely revamp its appearance, aiming to better embody their vibrant company culture and mission.

The time had come to embrace a more contemporary and robust platform, prompting the collaboration with MAKDigital. Additionally, SkateAmerica seized the opportunity to integrate powerful third-party solutions, such as Searchanise and SalesWarp, to streamline their marketing and operational efforts as they continued to grow.

SkateAmerica had been grappling with challenges related to user experience and conversion rates on their previous website. To address these issues, our team of expert eCommerce designers undertook the task of redesigning the site, focusing on enhancing user engagement and simplifying the shopping journey. Our strategy was centered around streamlining navigation, optimizing calls to action, and enhancing the checkout process.

Through a meticulous analysis of the user experience, we pinpointed critical pain points that were impeding customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our objective was crystal clear: resolve these issues to enhance customer interactions, fortify retention metrics, and ultimately boost revenue. Leveraging our extensive expertise in eCommerce design and development, we crafted a comprehensive plan to transform the website into a user-centric platform that not only met but exceeded revenue expectations.

SkateAmerica Data website re-design

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Our creative team collaborated closely with Derek from SkateAmerica to craft custom-made artwork tailored to the new BigCommerce website design. This creative synergy resulted in a digital experience that excels in both performance and aesthetics, meeting all the criteria for a high-performing site.

The latest web design for SkateAmerica draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources that hold a special place in the hearts of their devoted fanbase: skate culture enthusiasts.

The website underwent a comprehensive overhaul to enhance user experiences and bolster eCommerce performance. The redesign focused on simplifying the overall structure for heightened user-friendliness, introducing a prominent search bar, and refining product categories for improved browsing efficiency.

The design received a modernization, adopting an aesthetically pleasing look with superior-quality product imagery and transparent pricing details. This redesign aimed to provide a delightful user experience across the entire site.

The checkout process underwent refinement, marked by a reduction in steps and clearer instructions to minimize cart abandonment rates effectively. Meticulous attention was devoted to optimizing the site for mobile usage, resulting in a responsive design that ensured an unimpeded shopping journey across diverse devices.

These reimagined design facets converged with the pivotal aim of amplifying conversions and propelling sales. Early data indicates that these revitalized elements have indeed accomplished these objectives with resounding success.

SkateAmerica's redesigned store now offers faster loading times, improved eCommerce cart functionality, and a sleek, cohesive design that harmonizes with their brand identity. This custom design effectively narrates their customer journey, skate culture influence, young adult apparel offerings, and corporate branding initiatives, all while meeting the highest standards of eCommerce excellence.


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Tailored Mega Navigation: A personalized mega navigation system designed to enhance user navigation.
  • Independent React Component: A customized side cart built as a standalone React component, ensuring seamless functionality.
  • Independent React Component: A distinctive mobile navigation solution developed as an independent React component, optimizing mobile user experience.
  • Specialized Sold-Out Product Page: An exclusive product page template for sold-out items, offering alternative product options.
  • Personalized Searchanise Integration: A custom implementation of Searchanise for instantaneous search and advanced product filtering.
  • Instant Account Signup Popup: A swift account signup popup created as an independent React component, simplifying the account creation process.


Enhancing the design to align with the brand's identity is expected to strengthen visitor retention rates and drive overall conversion improvements. Our strategic remedies, including a revamped call to action and streamlined navigation, led to a reduction in bounce rates. The introduction of a one-page checkout mechanism expedited the purchasing process, contributing to a significant surge in conversion rates.

Incorporating customer reviews and star ratings built trust and credibility, fostering lasting loyalty. Customer feedback highlighted a considerable improvement in user-friendliness, ultimately translating into increased revenue and customer retention.

Simultaneously, comprehensive on-page SEO enhancements were implemented to enhance overall site visibility. Strategic keyword research & optimizations and improved meta tags aim to boost organic traffic and further solidify SkateAmerica's online presence.

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