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MAKDigital's eCommerce SEO Services case studies showcase our expertise in optimizing websites for improved search engine visibility and driving organic growth. These studies delve into real-world examples where we've helped clients achieve significant results, such as increased organic traffic, higher search rankings, and improved conversion rates. By highlighting the challenges faced, the strategies employed, and the measurable outcomes achieved, our SEO case studies serve as a testament to our commitment to delivering tangible value to our clients through effective search engine optimization.

Skate America BigCommerce website migration & redesign

In just eight months of collaboration with our BigCommerce SEO Services, we orchestrated a remarkable transformation for PoolAndHotTubDepot. Initially grappling with a daunting 25% revenue decline compared to the previous year, our efforts led to an impressive 11% year-over-year revenue increase, culminating in a total revenue boost of 36%. This positive impact extended to orders as well, with a substantial 34% increase, effectively reversing a prior 33% loss. Furthermore, our strategic initiatives resulted in a notable 35% surge in organic search traffic, all while significantly reducing AdWords expenses by nearly 60%. Remarkably, these achievements were realized against the challenging backdrop of the 2023 Canadian forest fires, which cast a substantial shadow over the pool supplies industry during the summer.

BigCommerce seo services for PoolandHotTubDepot
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