Raid Research BigCommerce website design and development
Raid Research

Enter the space of artistic innovation alongside Raid Research, as MAK Digital embarks on an ambitious mission to establish their online presence. Entrusted with the creation of their website and the enhancement of user engagement, Raid Research relies on us to lead their digital revolution. With a focus on user-friendly navigation and captivating visual appeal, we meticulously curate a bespoke homepage, immersing visitors in Raid Research's unique creative vision. Through the integration of interactive elements like dynamic galleries and compelling storytelling, we highlight Raid Research's dedication to craftsmanship and forward-thinking design. Fueled by state-of-the-art design principles, our mobile-first approach guarantees a seamless, visually impactful experience across all devices. Explore Raid Research's digital journey and uncover the strategic decisions that propel their brand to new heights in our case study.

Raid Research BigCommerce website redesign
Coolfire Trainer BigCommerce Store Redesign
Coolfire Trainer BigCommerce Store Redesign
Coolfire Trainer

Step into the realm of firearm training with CoolFire Trainer, where MAK Digital ignited a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize their online presence. Challenged with modernizing their platform while enriching user experience, CoolFire Trainer enlisted our expertise to propel their digital journey. With a keen focus on seamless navigation and captivating aesthetics, we meticulously crafted a bespoke homepage designed to immerse visitors in the essence of firearm training. The incorporation of a dynamic side cart, driven by custom React code, ensures effortless browsing and checkout, while a sophisticated mega navigation system offers intuitive access to every facet of the website. Embracing cutting-edge design principles, our mobile-first strategy delivers a visually striking and responsive interface that engages users across all devices. Step into the domain of firearm training with CoolFire Trainer, where MAK Digital ignited a pioneering initiative to overhaul their online presence.

Tiki Master BigCommerce website migration & redesign
Tiki Master

Step into the digital oasis of TikiMaster where MAK Digital embarked on a transformative journey to breathe new life into their online presence. Tasked with modernizing their platform while prioritizing user experience and search engine visibility, TikiMaster approached us to help create a visually captivating redesign. With a mobile-first approach at its core, the revamped website seamlessly blends sleek aesthetics with advanced eCommerce features. From a custom homepage designed to immerse visitors in the tropical ambiance to a convenient side cart integrated for seamless browsing and checkout experiences, every aspect was meticulously crafted to elevate TikiMaster's digital experience. Dive deeper into this captivating transformation by reading the full case study.

Tiki Master BigCommerce website redesign
United Restaurant Equipment Company BigCommerce Store Redesign
United Restaurant Equipment Company BigCommerce Store Redesign
United Restaurant Equipment Company

The new and improved takes prominence as MAKDigital worked to elevate their digital presence in the fiercely competitive restaurant industry. With a dedicated focus on redesigning their BigCommerce website, MAKDigital tackled critical challenges head-on, breathing new life into the platform’s aesthetics, functionality, and overall user experience. From seamless navigation to integrated B2B management, witness how this transformation strategically positioned for sustained growth and customer engagement. Dive into the comprehensive case study to explore the innovative solutions deployed, propelling to the forefront of its market.

Skate America BigCommerce website migration & redesign
Skate America

Dive into the transformation! 🛹 Experience a sleek evolution from Shopify to BigCommerce, capturing the essence of skate culture. Our redesign focused on speed, aesthetics, and user-centricity, resulting in faster loading times and enhanced functionality. From a vibrant mobile experience to streamlined navigation, this project is a testament to MAKDigital's commitment to excellence. Discover the full case study for the exciting details of this skateboard haven's digital makeover. 🚀

Skate America BigCommerce website redesign
Zuum Media BigCommerce Store Migration & Redesign
Zuum Media BigCommerce Store Migration & Redesign
Zuum Media

Tech brilliance meets eCommerce excellence! Zuum Media, a leading Value-Added Distributor, partnered with MAK Digital for a game-changing migration from Volusion to BigCommerce. Witness the transformation—shedding an outdated facade, the new website is a modern marvel—stylish, engaging, and user-friendly. Dive into the journey and see how Zuum's tech prowess seamlessly integrates with a top-notch eCommerce experience.

Action Village BigCommerce website redesign
Action Village

ActionVillage, a stalwart in paintball, airsoft, and tactical gear since 1998, recently underwent a significant digital transformation with MAK Digital. Migrating from Volusion to BigCommerce, the eCommerce powerhouse sought to enhance user experience and overcome conversion challenges. The revamped website not only streamlined navigation, optimized the checkout process, and embraced mobile responsiveness but also seamlessly integrated ActionVillage's distinctive culture into the design. The outcome is a sleek and modern online platform, resonating with their passionate community and fostering a more engaging shopping journey.

Action Village BigCommerce website redesign
Pro Armory BigCommerce Store Migration & Redesign
Pro Armory BigCommerce Store Migration & Redesign
Pro Armory, a distinguished name in the firearms industry, partnered with MAK Digital for a transformative BigCommerce website redesign, launched in May 2023. Recognizing the evolving needs of firearm enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, and avid shooters, Pro Armory aimed to elevate its online presence. The collaboration resulted in a cutting-edge platform showcasing top-quality firearms and accessories. MAK Digital's expertise in art direction, web design, and SEO optimization revitalized Pro Armory's website, offering customers an enhanced shopping journey. The redesign includes captivating visuals, intuitive navigation, and advanced functionalities, positioning Pro Armory as a leader in the firearms industry.

Check out what we can do for your firearms related businesses today!

NDZ Performance BigCommerce website redesign
NDZ Performance, a leading U.S.A.-based firearms manufacturer and online retailer, underwent a monumental shift migrating their online store from Volusion to BigCommerce, launched in February 2023. Recognizing the need for a more robust platform to match their business's scaling ambitions, NDZ Performance partnered with MAK Digital for a transformative redesign. The migration not only brought multi-functionality and scalability but also a modern, user-friendly experience. The collaboration included a complete overhaul of the site's design, introducing new categories and features, and optimizing content for improved SEO and user experience. The result is a powerful, modern website poised to elevate NDZ Performance's online presence and sales in the competitive firearms industry.

NDZ Performance BigCommerce website redesign
Phastek Performance BigCommerce Store Migration & Redesign
Phastek Performance BigCommerce Store Migration & Redesign
Phastek Performance

Embark on a digital journey with, a leading online retailer for Chevy, Corvette, and GMC aftermarket performance parts. In a transformative move, Phastek migrated from Volusion to BigCommerce, aligning their digital presence with MAK Digital's expertise. The complex redesign introduced dynamic navigation, where users seamlessly select their vehicle, shaping the entire navigation structure for a personalized experience. The site's architecture, featuring a custom React side cart and mobile navigation, enhances user interaction. The redesign not only rectified the previous site's organizational challenges but also granted Phastek a uniform, professional appearance, reinforcing its industry leader status. With meticulous attention to detail, MAKDigital delivered a comprehensive solution, enabling scalability, flexibility, and a future-ready eCommerce platform for

The Barn Door Hardware Store BigCommerce website redesign
The Barn Door Hardware Store

Experience a new era of elegance at, the ultimate destination for sliding barn door hardware and farmhouse pine sliding doors. In collaboration with MAKDigital, the website underwent a swift yet impactful redesign, revitalizing its appearance and enhancing user experience. The project, completed in just two months from October to November 2022, introduced a fresh logo, inviting theme, and a mobile-first, responsive design. The revamped layout ensures clear navigation, while consistent branding fosters consumer trust. The site now stands as a testament to professionalism and aesthetic appeal, positioning The Barn Door Hardware Store as a leader in the eCommerce barn door industry.

The Barn Door Hardware Store BigCommerce website redesign Headless Store Build & Redesign Headless Store Build & Redesign

Embark on a new era of bedding luxury with, a trailblazer in online bedding services. Collaborating with MAK Digital, Byourbed underwent a transformative journey from its Volusion roots to a cutting-edge Headless build on the BigCommerce platform. This evolution, driven by a focus on speed, user experience, and SEO & Accessibility, catapulted Byourbed to unparalleled heights. The Headless React Build, seamlessly integrated with BigCommerce APIs, ensured optimal performance and adaptability. Leveraging Vimeo for video optimization, Shopper Approved API for reviews, and Searchanise API for search functionalities, the new site stands as a pinnacle of digital innovation. The strategic move from Volusion to BigCommerce resulted in a staggering 35% increase in November sales within just two weeks of the site's launch. Beyond business success, the project carried a profound personal touch, with contributing two truckloads of bedding to churches accommodating Ukrainian refugees, embodying a testament to impactful and meaningful partnerships.

Pickett's Mill Armory
Pickett's Mill Armory

Introducing the revamped, the virtual haven for firearm enthusiasts, courtesy of a transformative BigCommerce website redesign by MAKDigital. Pickett’s Mill Armory, experts in high-quality AR-15 parts, recognized the need for a digital facelift as their previous website lacked the professionalism and modern features crucial for an engaging online shopping experience. The month-long project, initiated in October 2022, culminated in a responsive and stylish website launched in November 2022. The redesigned site not only sheds the antiquated appearance but also introduces contemporary elements such as a responsive design, side cart functionality, and wish lists, propelling into the forefront of eCommerce excellence. The emphasis on brand identity ensures visitors an immediate sense of trust, fostering a secure environment for firearm aficionados to explore, shop, and engage seamlessly. Store Redesign website redesign and migration to BigCommerce
Unisan Direct, a stalwart in sanitation product provision since 1993, embarked on a transformative journey from a stalled Magento site to a dynamic BigCommerce platform, thanks to the expertise of MAKDigital. Faced with the need for a fresh start, Unisan sought a custom-designed BigCommerce theme utilizing Stencil technology, setting the stage for a seamless and visually consistent user experience. The project encompassed vital objectives: integrating B2B capabilities using BigCommerce's Integrated Bundle B2B, ensuring a robust dual revenue stream, and crafting a mobile-friendly site with responsive design technology. The new design, characterized by Unisan's signature blue and green hues, strategically highlights industry-specific offerings and renowned brands, facilitating easy navigation. now stands equipped with a modern, competitive edge in the sanitation supply market, offering a secure, reliable, and optimized eCommerce platform poised for lasting success. The incorporation of custom features, such as Mega Navigation, BundleB2B implementation, and React-developed components, ensures an elevated user experience, while SEO optimizations pave the way for enhanced visibility and growth.

Medd Max
Medd Max, a force in medical supplies, transformed its eCommerce landscape by migrating from Wix to BigCommerce under the expert guidance of MAK Digital. In a four-month overhaul starting June 2022, the project seamlessly shifted data, adopted a custom BigCommerce theme, integrated B2B capabilities, and embraced mobile-friendly design. The result? A professional, user-focused platform ready to lead the medical supply distribution market, equipped with B2B functionalities and responsive design for an optimal user experience. Store Redesign website redesign and migration to BigCommerce
Pro Audio

In the realm of audio engineering and music,, a Texas-based powerhouse since 1971, sought MAKDigital's expertise to revamp its BigCommerce website. The project, launched in August 2022, focused on a redesign, incorporating additional functionalities and optimizing the site for SEO. The objective was clear: present a professional, aesthetically pleasing platform that resonates with their industry. With a modernized look, enhanced navigation, and strategic SEO implementation, is now equipped to compete at the forefront of the music production landscape.

Ecommerce Services
TyTy Nursery

TyTy Nursery, a Georgia-based haven for trees, plants, and berries, approached MAKDigital with a unique challenge. Despite possessing valuable content, their Volusion-hosted website lacked a user-friendly format and professional aesthetics. The redesign, launched in June 2022, aimed to elevate TyTy Nursery's online presence through a comprehensive overhaul. With responsive design implementation, a sophisticated zip-code search feature, and a touch of branding, TyTy Nursery now boasts a website that not only looks the part but competes effectively in the online nursery sales arena. Store Redesign website redesign and migration to BigCommerce
GlowbackLED Canada

Experience the brilliance of GlowbackLED's evolution with MAK Digital. Transitioning from Volusion to BigCommerce, GlowbackLED sought superior functionality and customization. Our experts orchestrated a comprehensive redesign, revolutionizing aesthetics and functionality. From dynamic Home, Category, and Product pages to a groundbreaking custom product filtering feature, every detail was meticulously crafted. The success story unfolds with strategic SEO optimization, custom templates, and a vibrant color palette, culminating in a visually striking BigCommerce site. Explore the testimonials praising MAK Digital's expertise in custom development, SEO, and unmatched customer service.

BigCommerce Services
Pool & HotTub Depot

Experience the transformation of, Canada's premier pool and hot tub supplies retailer, with MAK Digital's BigCommerce website redesign and SEO expertise. Unveiling a sleek new look for the homepage, category pages, and product pages, the redesign focuses on professionalism and enhanced functionality. Notable improvements include SEO-friendly content on category pages and refined navigation for a seamless customer experience. The results speak volumes – a remarkable 36% increase in revenue, 35% surge in traffic, and an 11% boost in Average Order Value within just 8 months. From strategic design changes to impactful details like 'Current Offers' presentation and trust-building icons, the new site is a testament to MAK Digital's prowess. now stands as a beacon of eCommerce success, showcasing the power of digital transformation. Store Redesign website redesign and migration to BigCommerce
Tactical Machining Canada
Tactical Machining

Embark on Tactical Machining's transformative journey from Volusion to BigCommerce with MAK Digital Design. Aiming to break free from an outdated platform, Tactical Machining sought not just a technological upgrade but a comprehensive design overhaul. The revamped site, inspired by gun-metal gray aesthetics, radiates sleekness and modernity. The strategic redesign includes an engaging home page with "New" and "Featured" product sections, ensuring a captivating user experience. Enriched product pages now highlight FFL status and suggest related items. Coupled with a robust SEO strategy, Tactical Machining's online presence has soared, marking a seamless fusion of technology and design expertise. Witness a new era for firearms parts eCommerce, where precision meets digital excellence.

BigCommerce Services

Witness the transformation of, the renowned source for Classic and Vintage Volkswagen parts, as MAK Digital Design propelled them from Volusion to BigCommerce. With a legacy of 40 years and half a million global customers, Cip1 embraced the need for a modernized platform to fuel their business growth. The migration brought forth not just a technological upgrade but a strategic commitment to the robust BigCommerce platform. MAK Digital Design's SEO focus elevated Cip1's search rankings, while the redesign prioritized mobile responsiveness, intuitive category layouts, and enhanced user accessibility. The outcome is a revamped website, ready to navigate the complexities of eCommerce with a fresh, user-friendly interface, marking a new era for's continued success.

Cip1 BigCommerce Migration website redesign and migration to BigCommerce
Cip1 Canada
Cip1 Canada

California Import Parts, or Cip1 for short, has been the leading brand for Classic and Vintage Volkswagen parts for over 40 years. They have served over half a million customers in both the United States and Canada from their two respective eCommerce stores. Both of their stores have been running on an outdated eCommerce platform, and in order to scale their business up they needed to migrate to a more modern platform.

This is exactly why we migrated Cip1 Canada to BigCommerce, as well as completely redesigned their website from the ground up for a positive user experience on any device.

BigCommerce Services
Penelope T Boutique

Penelope T Boutique is a women's clothing and accessory boutique with two locations in Florida; one in Tampa, and the other in Jacksonville. They bring high quality, creative merchandise to their customers with great designs. Penelope T has been in business since 2005 and is looking to grow their online presence. This is exactly why they have chosen to partner with MAK Digital Design.

MAK Digital built their store from scratch on the BigCommerce platform, giving Penelope T the opportunity to grow their brand online. BigCommerce Migration Headless Site Redesign and Development
Springbok Puzzles
Springbok Puzzles

Our client Springbok Puzzles, a company well respected in their industry for nearly 60 years, reached out to MAK Digital Design, looking to migrate off of the Volusion platform, and bring their eCommerce store up to a modern standard.

After much consideration, they decided to take the headless approach; separating their stores front-end from its back-end to ensure the best quality possible alongside lightning fast loading times. Utilizing BigCommerce API and Gatsby, we were able to cut the websites loading time in half, whilst simultaneously updating their old, clunky design to a more modern streamlined storefront.

Their old website not only loaded extremely slow, but was poorly designed from an aesthetic standpoint as well as a user-friendly one. With their new store layout combined with a brand new UI it is much easier for customers to quickly find what they are looking for. BigCommerce Migration Services

ProDrinkingFountains is a division of Category Five Technologies, Inc. They carry the highest quality products in commercial drinking fountains with trusted brands such as Elkay, Oasis, Haws, Sunroc, and more. We previously redesigned their Volusion site a few years ago, so when it was time to move to a platform that would better serve their needs, they came back to us at MAK Digital.

Not only did we migrate their site to the more modern and robust BigCommerce platform, but we also completely redesigned their site yet again. - BigCommerce Design, Migration and Development BigCommerce Site Redesign and Migration
LongIslandWatch New BigCommmerce Site

Long Island Watch is a small, Long Island-based, family-owned and operated business that provides 100% authentic novel and interesting watches. For more than a decade now they have been providing unique watches online in many styles, many of which aren't the typical kind you would find at your local jewelery store.

However, despite their high-quality products, their website's design was lackluster by today's standards. After discussing their options with our development team, Long Island Watch decided not only to update the design of their website, but also to migrate from Volusion to BigCommerce, where their needs would be better served.

MAK Digital Design fully migrated and redesigned their store, making user experience the number one priority, ensuring that customers on any device would have a unique and seamless experience. BigCommerce Migration Services

Undertaking an eCommerce platform migration is a substantial endeavor, demanding intricate technical expertise tailored for this specific domain. Entrusting such a critical project to seasoned professionals becomes imperative due to its complexity. While the benefits of migrating are apparent in terms of ROI, the associated risks are often underestimated. Mishandling the process could compromise your website's functionality, alter its visual appeal, or even jeopardize hard-earned Google rankings. For businesses of a certain scale, the impact goes beyond digital realms, influencing livelihoods and potential catastrophic implications in case of failure.

Recognizing the need for a shift to a more robust eCommerce platform like BigCommerce, approached MAK Digital with a keen eye on our proven track record in comprehensive platform and data migrations. They initiated the transition with a thorough vetting process, ensuring our expertise aligned seamlessly with their requirements. Our commitment extended beyond data migration to a complete redesign, fostering a modern, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive design for - BigCommerce Design, Migration and Development BigCommerce Site Redesign and Migration
NoWheyChocolate New BigCommmerce Site

Our client, No Whey Chocolate, recently reached out to MAK Digital, determined to migrate off of the Volusion platform.

After discussing their options with our development team, they settled on BigCommerce as their new platform of choice. We coordinated the data migration of products, customers, and orders to BigCommerce.

In the vast majority of cases, clients will capitalize on the efficiencies of re-imagining their site design during the migration. In the case of Nowheychocolate, however, they wanted to make sure that they could keep the design their customers were already familiar with when moving onto the new system.

No Whey Chocolate’s existing design was already created and built by MAK, and they were confident in the original UX/UI that was implemented. We enacted some major changes, yet ensured the core branding and store vibe carried over, making their translation more seamless. BigCommerce Migration Services
KeyRing is based in Long Island, NY. Every item they sell is stocked and manufactured by Keyring. Most items are shipped the same day from their facility in New York. MakDigital designed and developed an online store for Keyring that was more modern and better brand integrated. Their original homepage was heavy on text and less visually appealing; they needed an updated design to bring them up to speed in an era where online shoppers are seeking a visually stimulating, more valuable shopping experience. - BigCommerce Design and Development and data migration BigCommerce Site Redesign and Migration
RCHobbyExplosion New BigCommmerce Site

RC Hobby Explosion is your one-stop shop for all things R/C, from basic entry level toy-grade products to the most technologically advanced hobby grade trucks that can simply blow your mind. For over 10 years they have been an industry leader, serving both individual R/C enthusiasts and businesses by providing high-quality in-stock radio control products at great prices. They came to MakDigital with the need to migrate from an old clunky Volusion platform to a new and more robust BigCommerce Platform. MakDigital completly redesigned their site with mobile first in mind. BigCommerce Migration Services

Established in 2003, is a master distributor of the finest hand dryers and commercial plumbing products. They offer more than 20 top brands such as Excel Dryer, Dyson, Bobrick, Sloan and more. - BigCommerce Design and Development and data migration BigCommerce Site Redesign
AMERICANLENSES New BigCommmerce Site

Find your new favorite pair of glasses or order your tried and true brand of discount contact lenses online. AmericanLenses carries all of the leading name brands from doctor's most trusted manufacturers of soft contact lenses. MAKDigitalDesign redesigned their website on BigCommerce enterprise with a custom checkout, custom implementation of reorder functionality, 3rd party integrations such as yotpo reviews, and more. BigCommerce Design Services
Coma Inducer

Coma Inducer, founded by Jeff Gawronski, was created with the goal of making comforters so ridiculously comfortable that you won't be physically able to leave your bed. MAKDigitalDesign redesigned their site on the BigCommerce platform, making it mobile responsive and user friendly across all display views. BigCommerce Design and Development BigCommerce Site Redesign
Idcards New BigCommmerce Site has over 30 years experience serving as a dependable source for identification systems and supplies nationwide, to customers both large and small. This includes ID printing systems, supplies and more. MAK Digital Design was contracted to redesign as well as migrate their site and data from Volusion to BigCommerce. This included a full redesign and branding strategy, in addition to a custom product configurator. Volusion Migration Services
Timewalker Toys

Embarking on a comprehensive transformation of their online presence, enlisted the expertise of MAK Digital Design. Operating on the Volusion platform, Timewalker Toys sought a rejuvenated web experience, prompting us to craft a new, responsive site tailored for an enhanced user journey. As independent retailers specializing in 1/6th scale collectible figures, Timewalker Toys boasts an extensive collection ranging from Ancient and Medieval figures to iconic Game of Thrones and Thundercats memorabilia from days gone by. Situated in Overland Park, Kansas, Timewalker Toys stands as the brainchild of founders Steven and Margaret Allen. - Volusion Design and Development and data migration Volusion Site Redesign
VulcanStrength New Volusion Site
Vulcan Strength

We are excited to announce the launch of Vulcan Strength Training Systems new website! Vulcan is a veteran owned strength training equipment company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, who provides everything from bumper plates, dumbells, kettlebells, all the way to full-on racks and cross-training rigs. They cater to commercial gyms, CrossFit, and home gym enthusiasts alike. Vulcan has partnered with MAK Digital Design for a digital transformation of their site, with a brand new look and feel, and a vastly improved user experience. BigCommerce Development Services

We implemented better-organized navigation, and added more strategically placed call-outs to encourage the user to complete orders on the website quickly and easily. Navage was held back by the limitations of their current platform. Volusion is built on outdated classic ASP technology. With the help of the team at MAK Digital, Navage successfully migrated their business to BigCommerce, which now offers them the flexibility and scalability that their business requires. BigCommerce Design and Development - BigCommerce Data Sync with Visual 2000 BigCommerce Migration Services

Complex BigCommerce data sync for Orders, Products, Product Options, images and categories developed as an integration with the ERP - Visual 2000. Data is scheduled to sync via crone jobs and all required processes are taken into the consideration for this project. BigCommerce Migration Services

For over 45 years, DeSerio have been a family-owned business, priding itself on all items being handmade in the US. They have impeccably mastered replicating the world’s finest flawless color diamonds, Colombian Emeralds, Burmese Sapphires and Rubies, and South Sea pearls. Each piece viewed as a work of art, set by a master diamond setters. - BigCommerce Design and Development and data migration - Volusion Custom Responsive Design
Volusion Advanced Services for

Right to Bear Arms and Supply has the best selection of AR-15 rifle build kits and gun parts for sale with the most competitive prices available anywhere online. Veteran-owned online gun parts dealer dedicated to providing the highest quality AR parts and accessories for those looking to build or upgrade their ARs with the most reliable, safest parts possible. They sell individual AR parts and accessories as well as full AR15 assembly kits from the highest quality brand names. BigCommerce Migration Services

Migration: Randy from been our customer for quite some time. was on Voluson platform and at over 6M a year was ready to move to a more Enterprise space. We had targeted BigCommerce Enterprise as the best possible solution. We performed a full data migration for them including products, categories and customers.
Custom Design:We completely re-designer giving it a more updated look and batter UI.
SEO: MAK made sure all old links had correct 301 redirects set up as well as all correct HTML elements were properly coded within the new technology. - BigCommerce Design and Development and data migration - Volusion Design
Volusion Advanced Services for
BikeBling carries the largest selection of quality bicycle gear to meet the needs of the beginning cyclist to the avid enthusiast. Kerry from BikeBling was looking for an updated design as well as multiple custom features. MAK completly re-desgined using the latest Responsive Design Technology while keeping Kerry's brand vision in mind. Some of the features we added: Mega Navigation, Filtered Search, Custom Chat functionality, Free Shipping counter. We were able to take Kerry’s exact vision and bring it to life on the Volusion platform within the short time frame and allocated budget.

Volusion Advanced Service

Rick and Andy, two geeky guys with a passion for making the best bed sheets in the world. They started selling bed sheets in the year 2000 in Falls Church, VA when the online bed sheet industry was still new. Royal Egyptian Bedding was launched in 2001 and there has been no looking back since then.
Design:The site itself was designed, developed and made responsive by MAK as well, and has received praise from competition and consumers alike.
Custom Features:Custom Shopping Cart, Guest login, Up-sell feature on the Order Thank you page. - Volusion Design and Development - Volusion Design
Volusion Advanced Service
US Flagstore

USFlagstore is an American based E-commerce website that specializes in selling flags that are made and manufactured within the United States. Physically located outside of Kansas City Missouri, USFlagstore has been operating for almost a decade, and has seen great success in their industry.USFlagstore is partnered with two very prominent non-profit organizations, Folds of Honor and K9s For Warriors, which provide US service members with educational scholarships and service dogs for those who have PTSD or Brain Injury from their serivce.Their American flags are cut, sewn, and finished onsite to ensure the highest state, government, and military standards are met and the flags are made with 100% American made raw materials down to the thread used to sew each flag. United States Flag Store flags last longer, fly fuller, and stay brighter than competitors foreign sourced flags. If you don’t love your flag, USFlagstore flags are covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

BigCommerce Advanced Service

WebEyeCare is a hugely successful online retailer of contact lenses and similar products. All contact lenses dispensed by WebEyeCare are the exact same lenses as prescribed by your doctor and are delivered to you in sealed containers direct from the manufacturer.At WebEyeCare, their primary focus is providing their customers with the dedicated personalized customer service combined with the lowest prices on the internet. WebEyeCare offers a wide variety of contacts including colored, toric and multifocal lenses that will surely fit your lifestyle!They are located outside Bristol, Pennsylvania and have been growing steadily for the past ten years to get to where they are now, one of the largest online retailers of contact lense products in the world. - Volusion Design and Development - BigCommerce Web Design and Development
BigCommerce Advanced Service
Forklift Tire Company

Forklift Tire Company has been in the tire business for over 10 years, and their new website is designed to make it easier for customers to find the exact tires they need. The website runs on BigCommerce Stencil Technology, which offers a secure and reliable shopping experience for customers. From the homepage, shoppers can easily browse through the company’s selection of tires for commercial, industrial, and all-terrain forklifts. To see the new and improved website for yourself, visit

Shopify Advanced Service

Diamondbackcovers is a great example of a truly American company evolving with technology and leading one of the best E-commerce metal manufacturing operations in the states. Located in small town Pennsylvania, their headquarters is located right outside Philipsburg Pennsylvania. Their flagship product is their Diamondback truck bed cover. Made and fabricated in the United States, all of their hardware and welding supplies are sourced in America, and this commitment in their philosophy is a large contributor to their success story. At Diamondback Truck Covers, their team's mission statement is thatthey're a dedicated team that loves rolling up their sleeves, getting dirty, and building quality products that make a difference. DiamondBack Truck Covers got its start because of a classroom project which grew from a garage operation into an American success story and E-commerce juggernaut. - Shopify Design and Development - Volusion Web Design and Development
Volusion Advanced Service

DormCo is the leading retailer for college dorm essentials! They are known as "The College Dorm Supplies Superstore." When shopping for college stuff, dorm bedding, or any accessories for your dorm room in general, you can be sure that DormCo won’t let you down.
Jeff - owner of is one of our favorite customers. We been working together for years now helping him grow and inovate his business and through out the years we have build a true professional and personal friendship. We have completly rewamped his website and created a custom Gift Registry for him as well as many other custom functionalitys.

BigCommerce Advanced Service

After we successfully completed multiple projects for Jeff from, he came back to us asking us to design and develop his second store - Jeff had a precise vision for what his new bedding site would look like. Making sure each of his design ideas was compatible with modern eCommerce best practices, we were able to take Jeff’s vision and bring it to life on the Volusion platform. His new store was launched in 2016 and is doing amazing. - Volusion Design and Development

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