Phastek Performance BigCommerce Store Migration & Redesign
Phastek Performance BigCommerce Store Migration & Redesign
Phastek Performance

Join the digital journey of, a premier online destination for Chevy, Corvette, and GMC aftermarket performance parts. Recently transitioning from Volusion to BigCommerce, Phastek aligned its digital presence with the expertise of MAK Digital. This transformative migration introduced dynamic navigation, allowing users to effortlessly select their vehicle, shaping a personalized browsing experience. With custom React side cart and mobile navigation, the site's architecture enhances user interaction. The redesign not only addresses organizational challenges but also enhances Phastek's professional image, solidifying its position as an industry leader. Through meticulous attention to detail, MAK Digital delivers a comprehensive solution, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and a future-ready eCommerce platform for

Forklift Tire Company BigCommerce website design and development
Forklift Tire Company

For more than a decade, Forklift Tire Company has been serving the tire industry. Their latest website overhaul aims to streamline the tire selection process for customers. Powered by BigCommerce Stencil Technology, the site ensures a secure and dependable shopping journey. With just a few clicks from the homepage, visitors can peruse a wide array of tires tailored for commercial, industrial, and all-terrain forklifts. Experience the enhanced website firsthand by visiting

Action Village BigCommerce website redesign
Diamondback Covers BigCommerce Redesign
Shopify Advanced Service
DiamondBack Covers

Diamondbackcovers exemplifies the quintessential American company adapting to technological advancements, spearheading top-notch E-commerce metal manufacturing operations nationwide. Nestled in the heart of small-town Pennsylvania, just outside Philipsburg, their headquarters proudly stands. Their flagship product, the Diamondback truck bed cover, is meticulously crafted in the United States. Every component, from hardware to welding supplies, is domestically sourced, reflecting their unwavering commitment to American principles—a cornerstone of their remarkable success narrative. At Diamondback Truck Covers, their team's ethos revolves around dedication, hands-on work ethic, and crafting impactful products. The inception of DiamondBack Truck Covers traces back to a classroom project, evolving from a humble garage setup into a formidable American success story and a powerhouse in E-commerce.

BigCommerce Services

Experience the evolution of, the renowned hub for Classic and Vintage Volkswagen parts, as MAK Digital Design drives their transition from Volusion to BigCommerce. With a 40-year legacy and half a million global customers, Cip1 recognized the necessity for a modernized platform to propel their business forward. This migration signifies not only a technological advancement but also a strategic commitment to the robust BigCommerce platform. Leveraging MAK Digital Design's SEO expertise, Cip1's search rankings soared, while the redesign prioritized mobile responsiveness, intuitive category layouts, and improved user accessibility. The result is a revitalized website, primed to navigate the intricacies of eCommerce with a sleek, user-friendly interface, heralding a new era of success for

Cip1 BigCommerce Migration
Bike Bling Volusion Redesign
Bike Bling Volusion Store Redesign
Bike Bling presents a vast array of high-quality bicycle gear, serving beginners and passionate enthusiasts alike. Entrusting MAK with the task of a complete website redesign, Kerry aimed to update the design while maintaining the brand's essence. Harnessing the latest Responsive Design Technology, we seamlessly incorporated numerous enhancements such as Mega Navigation, Filtered Search, Custom Chat functionality, and a Free Shipping counter. Our expertise enabled us to breathe life into Kerry's vision on the Volusion platform, meeting both budget and timeframe requirements.

Guts Racing website redesign
Guts Racing

Rev up your ride with Guts Racing! Explore a realm of top-tier motorcycle seat covers and accessories meticulously designed to elevate both performance and comfort. Backed by decades of expertise and a relentless drive for innovation, Guts Racing stands as the ultimate destination for riders in pursuit of unmatched quality and durability. Whether you're tearing up the track or navigating rugged trails, rely on Guts Racing to elevate your riding experience. Dive into our collection today and redefine your ride with Guts Racing.

Guts Racing website redesign
RR Racing Volusion Redesign
Bike Bling Volusion Store Redesign
RR Racing recently underwent a transformative redesign, marking a new chapter in their journey within the automotive performance industry. As the creative force behind their updated Volusion site, we've infused cutting-edge design and functionality to enhance user experience and streamline navigation. Located at the forefront of automotive innovation,'s revamped platform showcases their commitment to delivering top-tier performance products to enthusiasts worldwide. Explore the redesigned today and experience a seamless blend of style and performance.

BigCommerce Services
Cip1 Canada

We collaborated with, the Canadian leader in classic Volkswagen parts, to revamp their online store. The redesigned platform on offers a smooth user experience, making it easier than ever for Canadian Volkswagen enthusiasts to find the parts they need. With a focus on intuitive navigation and a clean design, the new empowers customers to browse their extensive selection of restoration, performance, and custom parts.

Cip1 Canada BigCommerce Migration

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