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Forklift Tire Company BigCommerce Case Study

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ForkLiftTire BigCommerce Re-Design: Everything You Need to Know About the ForkLiftTire BigCommerce Site Re-design

  • What prompted Forklift Tire Company to redesign their website?

    Forklift Tire Company sought to upgrade their website’s performance and aesthetics to provide a better user experience and enhance their online presence. The existing site was outdated and lacked visual appeal.

  • What platform is the new Forklift Tire Company website built on?

    The new website is built on the BigCommerce platform, chosen for its flexibility, scalability, and wide range of customizable options.

  • What are the main features of the redesigned website?

    The redesigned website features a custom mega-navigation menu, optimized page structure, aesthetically pleasing layout, mobile-first design, and improved search engine optimization for better visibility and organic traffic.

  • How does the mega-navigation menu improve user experience on

    The mega-navigation menu organizes the product categories more intuitively, allowing visitors to easily find what they are looking for, which simplifies the buying process and improves overall site navigation.

  • What specific design improvements were made to

    The design improvements include a more modern and up-to-date look, a visually appealing and organized layout, a focus on not distracting from the products, and a responsive design for various screen sizes.

  • What custom templates were developed for the new website?

    Custom templates developed include the Home page, Category pages, Product pages, My Account, Contact Us, and About Us pages. Each template is designed to enhance user experience and navigation.

  • How has the site’s navigation been optimized in the redesign?

    The navigation was streamlined by grouping all “Tire” and “Wheels” subcategories into main product categories, emphasizing important offerings like “Bundled” products, and making the “Blog” and “Contact Us” pages more accessible.

  • What integrations and applications were added to the new site?

    Integrations and applications added include Affirm Payments, Cloudinary, Rewind Data Backups, Searchanise Search, ShipperHQ,, and GraphQL, enhancing the site’s functionality and user experience.

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