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Medical Supplies/Cleaning Supplies/B2B | Launched 10/12/22

Unisan founded in 1993 has specialized in providing the highest quality sanitation products and developing customized services for each client. Their eCommerce journey began on Magento and unfortunately never got off to a great start. Unisan had a stalled site-build that would require extensive work to finish, with B2B and B2C capabilities there was a long road ahead. At this point Unisan reached out to MAKDigital to help alleviate the issues they had been experiencing.


This project had three main goals for project completion. First MAKDigital would have to create a custom BigCommerce theme utilizing BigCommerce Stencil technology. Not having used the BigCommerce platform previously Unisan Direct would also require training to assist with the onboarding process of a new eCommerce platform.

Second, add B2B (Business to Business) capabilities to the new site utilizing the BigCommerce Integrated Bundle B2B. Having that second revenue stream that is separate from the sites B2C function will prove invaluable when reviewing their site upgrades in the future.

Finally, make the site mobile-capable/friendly utilizing responsive design technology. Most of today’s eCommerce is completed through mobile formats (phone, tablet, etc..), having a mobile-capable site is the only true way to eCommerce success in the 2020’s. The project also included redesign changes and tweaks to assist with SEO (search engine optimization) and UX (user experience) of the site.

Unisan Direct's Home, Category and Product page templates.

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  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Page


The design of the new BigCommerce website theme was focused on creating a consistent theme throughout the site. Highlighting and utilizing Unisan’s main colors of blue and green will help remind customers who they are shopping with, think Home Depot and their uses of Orange + White throughout their eCommerce store.

Due to the wide variety products offered through Unisan we felt it was important to feature the specific Industries Unisan can supply while also featuring the brands customers are probably familiar with. Both options are great methods for prospective clients to easily navigate the site without fumbling around struggling to find what they may need.

You can see right here the amazing job the MAKDigital designers did with the new Unisan Direct site. Unisan previously having only a single page did not leave much to work with other than a few colors. This new site with its features and new appearance can easily compete with the top compeitiors in the market, the team at MAKDigital is excited to see the future of!



MAKDigital helped us to design our new BigCommerce Platform! The design of our new website is fantastic. They were very receptive to our concerns, and all problems were resolved quickly. They were able to create all the custom features we needed for our new website to run smoothly. Thank you, MAKDigital!

Unisan Direct
Doctor and Unisan Direct logo


Unisan Direct faced some serious eCommerce issues, but thankfully the solutions were at hand. MAKDigital provided a comprehensive website design and development package, specifically tailored to Unisan Direct's needs. The new website is now ready to take on all of Unisan Direct's eCommerce challenges. With its optimized SEO, intuitive design, and powerful functions, Unisan Direct's new website is in a prime position to make the most of their eCommerce opportunities and bring success to the business. The new website was built to last, giving Unisan Direct a secure, reliable platform and a competitive edge in the eCommerce marketplace.

Website redesign wire-frame

Custom Features & Functionality

  • Complex Mega Navigation
  • Custom BundleB2B implementation.
  • Custom Categories template allowing browser to shop by Industry
  • Custom mobile navigation component developed with React
  • Custom side cart component developed with React
  • Custom Theme Design & Development
  • Custom tiered price display on product page
  • Custom Wholesale registration form
  • SEO Optimized Homepage
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