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Restaurant Equipment| Launched 02/10/24

United Restaurant Equipment Company (Ureco), a leading supplier in the restaurant industry, sought to revamp its digital presence. Facing challenges with an outdated website and the need for enhanced mobile and B2B capabilities, they turned to MAKDigital for a solution. Recognizing MAKDigital's reputation for innovation and client success, United Restaurant Equipment saw them as the perfect partner to transform their online platform and stay competitive in the market.


In their mission to supply premier equipment to restaurants, United Restaurant Equipment faced three significant hurdles. Firstly, their website's outdated design hindered effective product showcasing and left visitors unimpressed. Secondly, mobile users encountered obstacles navigating the site, falling short of modern standards. Lastly, the need for an enhanced B2B management system became evident to streamline operations.

In parallel with the theme build, we implemented SEO best practices throughout the website, optimizing meta tags, keywords, and content structure to improve search engine visibility and drive organic traffic. By integrating our SEO Services directly into the theme build, we ensured that United Restaurant Equipment's website would be well-positioned to attract and engage its target audience effectively.

Furthermore, we integrated Bundle B2B, a robust B2B management platform, into the website to streamline wholesale operations and enhance customer satisfaction. This solution enabled United Restaurant Equipment to efficiently manage B2B transactions, pricing, and customer accounts, thereby improving operational efficiency and bolstering customer retention rate. As a result, United Restaurant Equipment is now equipped with a modern, optimized digital platform ready to meet the demands of today's market and drive continued success.

ureCO Data website re-design

Custom Templates + Webpages:

Services Completed:

Applications & Integrations:

  • BigCommerce - eCommerce Platform
  • Bundle B2B - B2B Managment platform
  • Eye4Fraud - Fraud protection
  • NetSuite Connector for data sync
  • Searchanise - Complex Search Provider
  • ShipperHQ - complex shipping rules
  • TaxJar - Tax Calculations

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  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Page


Before partnering with us, United Restaurant Equipment grappled with significant challenges regarding their website design and user experience, hindering their aspirations for growth. Acknowledging the critical need for change,our team collaborated closely with Ureco to not only address these challenges but also to leverage their website as a tool for enhancing their brand identity and market positioning. Our objective was clear: to address existing pain points and propel United Restaurant Equipment into the contemporary digital landscape.

Our foremost task involved a comprehensive interface overhaul, aiming to enhance functionality and visual appeal with a modern design approach. Leveraging the capabilities of BigCommerce Stencil technology, we meticulously crafted a design that seamlessly integrated functionality and responsiveness, ensuring an exceptional user experience across all devices. By incorporating engaging elements that catch the user's attention and encourage interaction, we created a website that not only captivates but also invites users to explore further, effectively increasing user engagement and time spent on the site. Our emphasis was on simplifying navigation while preserving elegance, resulting in a website that is both intuitive and visually appealing, fostering a positive impression and encouraging users to stay and explore.


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Custom About us page
  • Custom Contact us page
  • Custom Financing page
  • Custom Mega Navigation using custom React Component
  • Custom Mobile Navigation using custom React Component
  • Custom Side Cart using custom React Component
  • Full site re-design
  • Multiple custom category page templates
  • Searchanise implementation
  • SEO best practices and use cases within Theme build
  • Theme Build using BigCommerce Stencil technology


For United Restaurant Equipment's website overhaul, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign initiative aimed at elevating the platform's functionality and enhancing user experience. Leveraging BigCommerce Stencil technology, we crafted a custom theme from the ground up, ensuring a visually appealing and intuitive interface. This redesign not only modernized the website's aesthetics but also bolstered its flexibility and scalability for future expansion.

Incorporating customer reviews and star ratings built trust and credibility, fostering lasting loyalty. Customer feedback highlighted a considerable improvement in user-friendliness, ultimately translating into increased revenue and customer retention.

Through strategic implementation of these solutions, we not only addressed United Restaurant Equipment's existing pain points but also positioned the company to capitalize on lucrative B2B revenue streams. The revamped website now provides a seamless and feature-rich experience for both B2B and B2C customers, thereby paving the way for sustained growth and success in the eco-friendly products market.

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