URECO’s Redesign: Unveiling the Revamped Website


Who is URECO

United Restaurant Equipment Company (URECO) is a leading restaurant equipment and supplies supplier, serving customers nationwide. They have been in business for over 70 years, with a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality products and services. Their extensive selection, encompassing both new and reconditioned equipment, caters to every stage of a restaurant’s journey.

Main Objectives of URECO’s Redesign

  1. Create a website that is both intuitive and visually appealing

  2. Simplifying the eCommerce experience

  3. Emphasis on Functionality and responsiveness

  4. Help create a brand identity and market positioning.

Design & Functionality Overview

From the outset, collaboration was key. URECO’s leadership and our design team worked hand-in-hand to translate their vision for the redesign into reality. Our primary goal? Capturing the essence of URECO’s rich history and ambitious future through a design that’s both user-friendly and modern. The emphasis is on user engagement, with captivating elements that draw visitors in and encourage exploration. Before, URECO had a website that sported an outdated design and didn’t present the entirety of the wonderful work they do. The URECO website had issues regarding the mobile shopping experience. Users were having difficulty navigating through the site and checking out. The goal was to remove those obstacles and bring it within modern eCommerce standards.


To remove those obstacles we leveraged the power of BigCommerce’s Stencil technology to create a design that prioritizes both intuitive functionality and seamless responsiveness across all devices, ensuring a smooth experience for every customer, whether they’re experienced cooks or first-time entrepreneurs. We also were able to craft a custom theme from the ground up using the stencil to provide more flexibility and scalability for future expansion.

Along with the theme build, we implemented SEO best practices throughout URECO’s website that helped optimize meta tags, keywords, and content structure to improve search engine visibility and drive organic traffic. Implementing our SEO services ensured United Restaurant Equipment website would be well-positioned to attract and engage its target audience successfully. We also implemented a robust B2B management platform, to help streamline wholesale operations while enhancing the customer’s buying experience. This helped create a more efficient system that further enhanced the user experience while simplifying operations for URECO. This project was very rewarding and it was an honor to work with a highly respected brand like URECO, we are so excited to see the heights they reach in 2024 and for many years to come!

For a more in-depth look at United Restaurant Equipment Company’s BigCommerce Website Redesign, check out our case study.

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