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Results-oriented Social Media Marketing

Attract customers, grow your customer base and expand your horizon.

Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms are part of the daily routines for billions of people all over the world. Facebook, taking the lion’s share of the social media population, has more than 2 billion active users. The world is made up of 7 billion people.

Business owners have taken advantage of the reach and impact of social media, and it is yielding positive results. If you are yet to use social media to grow your business, you are missing out. We can help your business trend on Twitter, get Facebook users to share your brand to their friends, and Instagram users to keep liking your pictures.

Social media marketing may seem like it’s all about posting pictures and captions but it really is not. There are ways to go about it. Social media marketing requires proper optimization that is tailored for each unique brand. The approach that works for brand A might not work for brand B. We understand how social media works and we can help you maximize the potentials to generate the best results for your brand.

Attract Your Audience

Attract Your Audience

Every brand has its target audience – the niche customers. First, you have to know who they are, then you have to find them and make them develop an interest in your brand? We at MakDigital will start your social media marketing strategy by first identifying your niche audience, then we target them.

Engage Your Audience

Engage Your Audience

A good social media marketing strategy involves interaction, appropriate interaction with the audience. This means that the brand’s social media needs to regularly post relevant messages and pictures that the audience will find intriguing. At MakDigital, we understand this need and we will help your brand maintain a healthy connection with your audience that will foster growth.

Grow Your Audience

Grow Your Audience

A good social media engagement culture will lead to growth. The audience will grow, the old customers will bring in new customers, the brand’s social media presence will attract new customers, and this will result in a strong social media community for the brand.

Did You Know?

93% of social media users access social media platforms from their mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.

Social Media Marketing Services

We provide new account setups, help with postings, generate reviews and create paid advertising on social media to help with building awareness and fostering engagement. All these will result in the creation and growth of a community of loyal audience for your brand.

Social Media Growth

MakDigital social media marketing strategy commences with a goal, which is to attract customers. We will grow your customer base and increase your reach on social media platforms. Our social media marketing strategy includes practices that will help grow your brand’s social media presence while we present your brand’s personality to the world.

Advertise to Niche

Target the people, not keywords!

Social media marketing enables the brand to go after its target audience by their demographics – age, locations, jobs, interests, skills, hobbies, and more.

Paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms offer unique advantages that don’t come with the regular Pay-Per-Click (PPC) on search engines.

Paid advertising campaigns on social media targets the people, not keywords. This means that it provides you with a better opportunity to target the specific people that you want to attract to your brand.

  • Paid advertising on social media
  • Directly target your niche audience
  • Generate sales
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Using Social Media

Using Social Media for Professional Purposes is a Full-Time Job

Social media posting

”Out of sight is out of mind”. Posting on social media needs to be done regularly if you want to get the best out of it. Your customer base needs to always see that the brand is consistent else they will forget you. However, social media marketing strategy is not all about postings, there are more factors.

Social media marketing requires posting relevant intriguing messages and brand images that will have your audience hooked. You also have to directly engage your customer base by replying to their messages, and sometimes highlighting their contribution to the growth of your brand.

We have helped different brands to achieve the following:

  • Regular posting of thoughtful contents
  • Interact with the brand’s social media community
  • Organic social media community growth


Reach and Interact With a Wider Audience

For regular users on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, only a small portion of users’ followers or friends see their posts and this is okay. However, for businesses, they need to reach a wider audience. That’s where boosted posting comes into play. Boosted posting option on social media will help you reach beyond your followers, even beyond your location. You can use it to promote your brand’s top-notch contents that present what your brand is about and what your target audience stand to gain. As a result, boosted posting will increase your brand’s visibility.

  • Reach more people
  • Promote topnotch contents
  • Increase your brand’s visibility
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