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Embrace Powerful Digital Branding for Your Automotive Business through Web Development

With 95% of car shoppers utilizing digital channels for information, according to Think With Google, having a commanding online presence in the auto industry is vital. At MAK Digital, a leader among web design companies, our award winning web development services create result-oriented digital branding. We transform your automotive website into the ultimate destination for automotive enthusiasts eager to learn and buy.

Automotive SEO

Maximize Reach with SERP-Centric Digital Marketing and Web Development

The journey of automotive shoppers often begins with search engines. They scan search engine results pages (SERPs) to gather information before locating nearby car companies, dealers, and businesses. With MAK Digital's web development expertise and SERP-centric digital marketing, your business will not only attain a desirable SERP ranking but also capture the attention of potential customers, driving increased sales.

Increase SERP Results
Responsive Mobile Designs for Automotive Industry

Experience the Power of Mobile Web Development

Over 60% of automotive searches happen on mobile devices. Enhance your business success with MAK Digital's mobile development services. This ensures your website delivers a seamless, quality user experience across all devices.

Leverage Industry-Leading Web Development

Today’s e commerce industry is technology-driven, futuristic, and simplistic. As one of the forefront web design companies, MAK Digital offers industry-leading web development services that can build and upgrade your website to meet and exceed the demands of today's auto shoppers.

Our approach to web development includes scalable technology that allows your site to meet current and future customer needs without requiring a complete redesign. We also focus on video content and marketing optimization, engaging your audience more effectively than other automotive companies.

Automotive Website Before After

Business Types We Serve with Web Development and Website Design:

From auto dealership to electric vehicles (EVs) and even including niche sectors like tire manufacturing, towing services, and boating sales, our web development expertise caters to a broad range of businesses throughout e commerce.

  • Auto Dealership

    Craft robust digital solutions to drive traffic and conversions.

  • Auto Service and Repairs

    Exploit the vast potential in the U.S. market with over 250 million registered vehicles.

  • Auto Parts and Equipment

    Launch your online store for a smooth customer journey from product selection to checkout.

  • Trucks and Trailers

    Gain the same digital advantages as other niches and reach companies needing carrier services.

  • Electric Vehicles (EVs)

    Stay ahead in the renewable energy shift.

Automotive Web Design

Our Comprehensive Web Development Services:

Our comprehensive web development services start with a thorough assessment of your current automotive website. We identify areas for improvement and potential for a website design or website development overhaul. Our team understands your unique business needs and tailors our solutions to help you surpass your competitors.

Using SEO, PPC, video marketing, and more, we design custom (source code) digital marketing strategies to connect you with your target audience. This web development approach caters to your marketing needs, ensuring that even the smallest details are considered.

But don't just take our word for it – see what our satisfied clients have to say:

Working with MAK was extremely refreshing, their transparency and assistance through the migration process made everything much easier! MAK was able to set us up with a perfectly functioning U.S. and Canadian version of our site and we couldn't be more thankful!"

Steve Stanbridge | Founder Cip1

Automotive Website Development

Explore Our Previous Achievements in Web Development:

Automotive New Website

We have a proven track record of success in developing innovative features, crafting customized solutions, and optimizing the customer journey to maximize efficiency and ROI in web development. Visit our portfolio or check out our social media to see what else we have done within the automobile industry!

Discover MAK Digital:

A family-owned and operated award winning digital agency, MAK Digital boasts over twenty years of e commerce success. Our experienced team is committed to exceeding client expectations with our web development and design services, treating all our clients with the utmost care and dedication.

A Glimpse of Our Web Development Services in the Automotive Industry:

  • Designing a unique Year Make Model (YMM) feature
  • Implementing Convermax (YMM software) for custom solutions
  • Introducing dynamic mega-navigation based on selected vehicle
  • Handling large catalog migrations
  • Creating a custom “garage” feature for personalized browsing
  • Enhancing product page functionality
  • Handling large catalog migrations and configurations
  • Building content-rich product pages for an enhanced customer journey
  • Designing unique features
  • Implementing custom solutions
  • More website development offerings
  • Offering a truly optimized responsive website for every device
  • Streamlining back-end systems for efficient fulfillment, customer service, and more
  • Integration of best-of-breed solutions and new technologies for a cohesive, efficient business machine
  • Crafting custom features & functionality for a catered experience specific to your customers, business, and industry
  • Making data-driven decisions based on thorough testing for maximum efficiency and ROI
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automotive accessories

Our Web Development and Web Design Approach:

  • Guided by current data-driven best practices for modern UI/UX
  • Utilizes design development strategies for automotive website development and design
  • Creates user-friendly and intuitive interfaces
  • Reflects your brand's identity
  • Caters to the unique needs of auto shoppers

MAK Knows E-commerce

MAK Digital, committed to driving revenue and exceeding client expectations, stands among the leading web design companies in the industry. To get a glimpse of our past achievements and successes, feel free to view our showcase.

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