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If you notice that your current eCommerce platform is limiting your business operations or business growth in any way, then it is time for you to start considering an eCommerce migration. So many eCommerce challenges can be fixed by migrating and getting new developments and updates. Depending on the eCommerce platform you use, some features and structures can either limit or enhance your store’s functionality. If you find that your current platform does not provide you with functionality that will give your customers smooth experience and meet their demands, then that is your reminder to migrate to a better platform.


ECommerce replatforming and data migration are part of the challenging aspects of running an online business for many eCommerce entrepreneurs. This is because online business owners must factor in the possible risks and the effects eCommerce migration can have their business performance. It is a hidden secret that migrations tend to affect SEO and user experience, and if not executed well can also result in the loss of your eCommerce data, including customer data and accounts.


MAKDigital has executed over 300 successful data and platform migrations — our client reviews attest to that. Whether you need to migrate from an open-source platform such as Wordpress, or an eCommerce platform such as Magento, Shopify, or Volusion, to a full-service enterprise platform such as BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, or Magento Enterprise, we will work with you and use our tested and proven full-proof procedure to deliver eCommerce migration solutions that will elevate your business on a new platform.

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eCommerce Platform Migration Services

There comes a time when a brand realizes that it needs a platform migration. Usually, when a brand gets more traffic or when there is an increase in customer data, the brand’s website experiences technical issues. Hence, you might notice that your website is outdated, slow, or your website functions are generally poor. Whatever the technical problem is, you should migrate before it is too late. To conduct a platform migration, you need to find the right professionals to help you successfully move your files, customer, and product data, and other documents to your new eCommerce platform. MAKDigital is right for you. We have helped over 300 eCommerce brands in numerous niches migrate from their old platforms that no longer serve them to a better one that enhances their business processes. We partner with big names such as Magento, Shopify Plus, Volusion, BigCommerce, and others.


We will help you with a successful migration.

eCommerce Data Migration Services

The process of transferring data from an eCommerce site to another must be thorough, accurate and meticulous. Data migration includes the transfer of the following data: customer and order history, cloud storage, SEO data, third party APIs and workflows, product images and attributes, and other important data. Since you’re here, that means you’re considering data migration possibly because your brand is growing, and your website needs to be technically fortified and optimized to handle the growth. It is important to take data migration seriously, as you can risk losing your website data if you do not plan and execute your systems integration well.


At MAKDigital we pride ourselves on our platform migration strategy, we aim to provide meticulous data migration services. Our process begins with exporting various data elements, including on-page content, blogs, reviews, and more. Following this, meticulously restructure and assess the data, eliminating duplicate, obsolete, or incorrect information. As part of our commitment to data integrity, we also implement robust data archiving practices to securely store historical data. Finally, we import the refined data into the new target system and conduct thorough testing to ensure the accuracy of URL structures, 301 redirects, and overall data integration on your new eCommerce website. These meticulous procedures, including data archiving, are implemented to guarantee optimal performance and long-term sustainability for your new eCommerce platform.


eCommerce Website Migration Services

Website migration is different from platform migration and data migration because you are not merely moving your website files and data from one platform to another; website migration is more than that. Website migration often includes changing domain names, changing URLs, switching from HTTP to HTTPS, merging websites, optimizing the website architecture and/or the URL structure, and more. Poor website migration can cause significant loss of data and operational system problems that can cause your website ranking to drop, which is why you must prevent poor migration by hiring experts to help with your website migration. MAKDigital helps with every step of website migration from start to finish; planning, prepping, testing, and finally launching. Then we follow up with assessing and fixing any possible bugs or failures that can pop up after the migration. MAKDigital has worked on several website migrations, and we guarantee complete success by following our full-proof success plan that attends to all the phases of website migration.

Proven Track Record of Successful Migration Services

Something you need to know about data and platform migration is that it does not matter how many migrations you have done, there will always be an unexpected issue when migrating from one platform to another. That is why it is a best practice to always have a meticulous platform migration strategy set in place before starting. Every data system is unique, and therefore will always exhibit some type of unforeseen issue such as duplicate products or a new naming scheme. One of the benefits of hiring an agency with migration expertise is that the agency, given its years of experience, can detect an issue before it becomes drastic. Instead of hiring a migration service company that will dump your data into your new platform without inspecting the data for issues, leaving you to out to dry when sudden operational failures and bugs arise, go with the experts, go with MAKDigital.


At MAKDigital, our developers manually set the migration scripts, we inspect your data and will inform you of any configuration issue before we fix it. This way, when we move your data into your new platform, you get all your data and well-organized.

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The Most Accurate Data Migration

The differences between different eCommerce platforms also tends to affect data migration such that data will not perfectly align with your new platform as it was in your old platform. But it will not matter if you hire professionals such as MAKDigital. We will help you mitigate the changes by renaming some values or creating custom fields to provide a new base in your new platform for your data. We will make sure that your data stays accessible and familiar in your new system.


If you notice that your current platform no longer provides the necessary support and functionalities your eCommerce business needs, then it is time to find an alternative.


An eCommerce platform migration might solve some of the issues your current platform is causing, however, migrations pose a risk of data loss and data security problems. Information such as customer data, product data, and order history data are all important to the running and success of your online business. Any issue with any of the mentioned data can cause your website to produce error messages when customers visit your website, creating poor user experience.

The problems that can come up from data management are countless because every eCommerce platform is unique. Without planning carefully and executing accurate systems integration processes, your data will not perfectly fit in when moving from one eCommerce system to another. However, you can mitigate the possible issues that may arise from data migration with a well-thought-out platform migration strategy and delicate planning and execution.


That is why data migration professionals like MAKDigital exist. We follow an effective full-proof process that has helped us carry out hundreds of successful website migrations. We create subscription boxes, custom fields and customer groups, retail and B2B pricing, search tool functionalities, and lots more. A better eCommerce platform will offer you improved website functionalities, and with the help MAKDigital, your data will synchronize well on your new platform and will function as it should.

Initial Data Transfer

Most of your data will exported into your new eCommerce system as we design and develop your new website. Doing this will save time since we can run the migration scripts in the background and focus on other processes. When we finish migrating your data, you will have the chance to check it out to see how it syncs into the backend of the new eCommerce system. Then when we finish migrating your new website design, you will also take a look to see how your data syncs into the frontend. We will double-check each stage of the systems integration to make sure that your data fits well into the frontend and backend of your new eCommerce website.

Pre-Launch Data Re-Sync

Typically, a new website redesign on a new platform can take weeks, or even months to complete. However, we do not make you stop your business processes or make you work with limited resources. Instead, we will create a complimentary data re-sync for every systems integration process we do. This way, your new website will function well, you will be able to update your product pages, prices, and categories, and you may get more customers and more orders during this time. Before we launch your new finished website, we will collect the new data you have accumulated and re-sync the changes in the live storage so that your data will remain current when we launch your new eCommerce store.

301 Redirects & Google Search Console Support

When you switch eCommerce platforms, your URLs will also change a little even if you use your old domain. Therefore, we include 301 redirects in our platform migrations. Making a 301 redirect is like giving Google the forwarding address of your new website. It is like asking Google to regard your new website as it did your old one even though your URLs may look slightly different. 301 redirects will help you carry your rankings and domain authority from your old website to your new website. So, you see why 301 redirects are an important part of platform migration.


Additionally, we offer extended Google Search Console Support. Why? Well, doing a perfect 301 redirect does not automatically guarantee that Google will accurately crawl your new website. Google can get confused in the new platform and tag some elements on your new site errors or give you ranking punishments without your awareness because you know you did a perfect job with your 301 redirects. We at MAKDigital help mitigate this problem by monitoring your Google Search Console for some weeks after launching your new site. If we see any Google raised flags, we will investigate and notify you immediately so that we can fix the issue if necessary.

Keep Your Custom Features and Your Data Functionality

By now you know that when doing a platform migration, you will need to restructure your data to align into the new platform well. If you have custom elements on your current eCommerce store, then you also need to restructure the custom elements to integrate them into your new eCommerce system. This is what we do when we find that our client has custom functionalities on their current website; we identify all the non-standard functionalities on their store, then we find the best way to rebuild the functionalities to align with the new eCommerce platform. This way, we ensure that your current custom customizations are transferred to your new eCommerce system.


A critical part of systems integration involves accounting for data management, but as we mentioned above, data is not the only thing that needs to be transferred smoothly across platforms. You also need to transfer any custom design elements you have on your current store or app or any other custom developed features smoothly across the platforms.

No two eCommerce platforms are the same, just as no two websites are the same. Therefore, no two migrations are the same. It takes creative expertise to identify every element of a non-standard functionality. We at MAKDigital, identify the non-standard functionality and define a method for integrating it into your new store even before we start the data transfer and platform migration process. We see to it that every design element, data, and applications integrate perfectly into your new eCommerce platform so that your website will run smoothly when it goes live.


We have a proven track record of successful data migrations and platform migration, so we believe that if a migration agency cannot transfer custom functionality across platforms then you should not trust such an agency to execute a successful migration project. MAKDigital is a full-service eCommerce data and platform migration agency that uses a full-proof multi-step migration process to ensure that everything is fully integrated, synced, and functional on your new platform.

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Parallel Services

When you want to do a data or platform migration, it is a good practice to also factor in other aspects of your eCommerce site and upgrade them. Therefore, you need all hands on deck to give you a full upgrade experience. At MAKDigital, we have different specialized teams that will come together to upgrade your website to an optimized, well-organized, and well-grounded solution.

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Custom Design

Are you ready to migrate your online store but you are not confident about your current design? You are in safe hands with us. MAKDigital has a team of design experts who specialize in custom design, theme integration, and creating websites that converts visitors to customers. Our designers understand user behavior, and we use this knowledge to create effective but simple design that generates smooth user experience.

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SEO Services

MAKDigital is a top-ranking SEO agency that provides professional SEO services to small to large scale eCommerce companies. We have established our brand as the eCommerce businesses’ best shot for creating and promoting successful marketing campaigns that generate desired results. Our top SEO experts will help curate a competitive SEO plan to push your eCommerce business.

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eCommerce Data & Platform Migration FAQs

An eCommerce platform migration is a process that involves moving your eCommerce store from one platform to another one. Usually, businesses realize that they need a platform migration when their current platform cannot handle their business growth, or the current platform doesn’t provide necessary functionality to provide superb user experience. eCommerce brands often migrate from platforms such as Volusion and Wordpress to full-service platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify. Full-service platforms are known to offer online stores with numerous outside-the-box functionalities.

Platform migration involves the transfer of an eCommerce store from the current platform to another platform, usually for reasons related with functionality. Platform migrations includes the transfer of a store’s data, customer data, product data, and product structure, as well as the transfer of the store’s design elements and integrated apps. For data migration, you are transferring only the store’s data. eCommerce businesses find data migration necessary to export data to a location that facilitates and enhances data management and allows the other platform to interact with the data. Although data migration and platform are different, there are still a few common elements. To understand better, do well to contact us for more information.

If you notice that your current eCommerce platform offers low-quality functionality and resources or pricing options that no longer serve you, then it is time to start considering a platform or a data migration that is more suitable for your business. Here is what you should know when you are at this stage; every eCommerce platform is unique. Even though they try to offer the same features, a platform’s execution of the features might be more fitting for your business than others. Here at MAKDigital, we will help you decide whether your website needs a migration and determine the values data migration or platform migration will add to your business.

eCommerce website migration can add value to your business in many ways. Usually, brands decide that they need a platform migration for reasons such as growth, functionality, marketing, price, and 3rd party app integration. If you migrate to a better eCommerce platform, you will realize that your business will experience fewer operational and functionality barriers that often affect inventory management, order processing, overall business growth, and lots more.

At MAKDigital, we understand that it is important that your new eCommerce platform meets all your business needs. So if you already have some custom functionality set up on your old platform such as 3rd party integrations and custom product/category hierarchies, it is important that your new platform supports all. This will prevent any possible limitations on your eCommerce store after migration. Our team of experts will carefully transfer your existing custom functionality and see to it that it works just as you want it.

We know the importance of having your business running nonstop without downtimes, which is why we see to it that your migration process is super-fast. Usually, a migration process will cause your website to have downtime for several hours, even up to a day, but we mitigate this by executing the migration during a period when your traffic is usually low. Once we finish with the migration, we will run tests on your new website to make sure that every functionality is fully set up and ready to run without failure. We will also be available to fix any possible issue that may arise after going live.

First, you understand your business more than we do, and there is no way to execute a data migration without exposing your business to some risks. However, your business might really need a migration to scale up given all the operational challenges you are facing with your current platform. The important question to ask yourself why you are considering a migration. When you realize that your business needs have outgrown your current platform, then a migration is necessary. Although you might have some concerns about migration due to the risks, the best way to deal with that is to ask the experts. At MAKDigital, we guarantee customer satisfaction, and we provide necessary support and follow up to ensure that your website runs smoothly.

First, you need to know that every migration process is unique because every eCommerce store has unique needs. Not to mention that the size and scope of the store also affects the duration of the migration. Therefore, there is no fixed timeframe that applies to all eCommerce migration. We at MAKDigital focus more on the quality service we provide when executing a migration and look forward to perfect results. So, we take needed time to make sure that every migration we execute is thorough and successful. We can tell you how long your website migration will take after evaluating your online store, so tell us your goals for your eCommerce store and we will help you bring it life.

Yes, there are. Many risks are associated with platform migration, and it can be more drastic if the migration is not well-planned, or if poorly timed. Some of the issues that arise from poor migration are loss of data, poor integration of apps, web designs that do not align well with the new platform, and more. However, if you hire migration experts with a proven record of successful migrations who can help mitigate these risks then you will have a smooth platform migration with no unexpected glitches. Our migration execution team at MAKDigital follow a comprehensive process that starts from data transfer to a 3rd party server where we structure the data to make it fit in perfectly into the new platform. Additionally, we set up 301 redirects to prevent the loss of the site’s SEO value and follow up with tracking of Google Search Console to detect any raised flags and fix them immediately.

MAKDigital provides many migration services, including platform migration to switch to the best suitable platform for your business. First, we give our clients a free migration assessment which involves taking a critical look at your business to determine what it needs. Then we evaluate your eCommerce store and give you free expert advice on what to do next. We also provide complete data migration services, so if you want to change your current data management platform to a virtual location, we can help with that. We can make your data management more accessible and easier to manage.

Our data migration process is meticulous, comprehensive, and we make sure that no data is lost in the migration process, instead we make sure that your data is synced in the appropriate location. Once you give us access to your website data, we will perform a preliminary data transfer to an external location to evaluate it for accuracy. Next, we will conduct an alignment testing on the front-end data, and re-sync your data to your online store so that everything is updated before going live. Note that we will conduct the alignment testing on your front-end data twice, the second one right before we launch your new website. This is to make sure that all your data is completely transferred and is in the appropriate base.

Yes, it can. If your migration process does not follow simple and well-defined protocols, then it can affect your SEO. Here at MAKDigital, we always consider SEO in everything we do, including eCommerce migrations. To prevent SEO issues that can arise from a poor migration, we carry out numerous checks, double-checks, and use measures that will make sure that every step of the migration works out as planned. We also create 301 redirects so that your new webpages will get the same traffic your old webpages get, then we add Google Search Console tracking.

A successful migration execution is a thorough process, and we do not only help to make the process seamless, but we also ensure smooth transition after the migration. Here are some of the actions we take to ensure smooth post migration business operations. We send out emails to your customers informing them to reset their password in order to access your new eCommerce store. We also track your Google Search Console (GSC) for some weeks after the going live, to detect and fix any possible issue that might arise after the launch. Besides the free support we provide after migration, we provide extra support to those who want expert technical fix for any possible problem that can arise from app installations and future updates as your business grows.

Customer data is a type of data that is important to every eCommerce store, and so it is an essential part of data migration. To ensure that your existing customers still have access to your online store after migration, we make sure your data storage and customer order history are securely and accurately transferred to your new platform.

After a successful data migration, your shoppers will find your site more responsive, and with improved functionalities. Data migration involves upgrading to a better eCommerce platform that can support your business growth and serve your customers better. As a result, it usually has positive impacts on the website such as increased traffic and a drop-in bounce rate. You should expect to have more control over the internal aspects of your online store.

Yes, we often include design in our data migration services. At MAKDigital, we know that design and development are essential parts of a website. Hence, we always assess the migration process to determine whether we need to redesign any element on your website in order to guarantee a seamless experience. We are always happy to include redesign as necessary when executing data migration. Our team of designers and developers will help you with redesigns that will surely boost your website functionality after migration.

MAKDigital offers full-scale data migration and website migration from any eCommerce to any eCommerce platform you want — we can also help you determine which eCommerce platform is best for your business. So, whether you want to switch from Volusion to Magento or Shopify Plus, or from WooCommerce to BigCommerce, we will create a custom solution that is best for your business based on your specific needs and goals.

Are you ready to migrate your eCommerce store?

You are in safe hands with us. MAKDigital has helped several eCommerce stores to migrate from eCommerce platforms that no longer meet their business needs to better platforms that enhance their business. We have migrated clients from low-quality Yahoo carts to Magento or BigCommerce, which gave their businesses 10x improvements. Our clients choose migration for various reasons such as client engagement, SEO, usability and more. This is the best time to migrate to a better service, let us at MAKDigital help you transfer your data from your outdated shopping cart to a new one that is best for your eCommerce store.

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We have enabled eCommerce vendors from various market niches worldwide to achieve remarkable success. Our clients have reaped immense rewards by harnessing our top-tier software, APIs, and tools, but it's our expertise in seamless data migration that truly sets us apart. We are deeply committed to empowering eCommerce businesses to scale up with precision and efficiency.

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