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Tactical-Edgearm is firearms dealer based in in Clarksville, Tennessee, run by veterans. Tactical-Edgearm hired MAK Digital to perform a complete overhaul of their site, along with a site-migration. Tactical-Edgearm has been on an old, outdated platform for many years and decided it was time for a switch. After much research, they decided upon BigCommerce.

Tactical-Edgearms.com - BigCommerce Design and Development
Tactical-Edgearms.com - BigCommerce Design
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Project Details

We here at MAK Digital designed and developed an online store for Tactical-Edgearms that was more brand-focused, and modern. Their original site was not very organized, nor was it appealing to the eyes. What they needed most was a well-structured, and visually appealing website to give their customers a better, and more memorable shopping experience. Their new, completed website provides their customers with all the information that they need to have confidence in making an informed purchase, whilst also enjoying a pleasant shopping experience.


The new design that we created gave their website a trustworthy and credible feel, while also optimizing the user’s experience. In addition to the redesign, we also built Tactical-Edgearms a Dealer Locator, allowing their customers to locate and shop at a physical location that supplies their products.

Dealer Locator Page
With the addition of the dealer locator on the Tactical-Edgearms website, it allows customers to find dealers closest to them to purchase Tactical-Edgarms products. It also separates dealers into two different categories: one being their preferred dealers, and the other being stocking dealers.
Tactical-Edgearms.com - Custom Dealor Locator

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