Why move to Stencil?

With Stencil, BigCommerce has carried over its best services while incorporating a whole host of new features to capitalize on advancements in search engine optimization, design, and technology. Switching to the updated framework can bring a number of benefits to business owners while reducing the cost of fixes and upgrades down the line. Ultimately, moving from BigCommerce’s Blueprint to the new Stencil framework is the smart move for those looking to draw new customers while incentivizing them to keep coming back.

Some of the Benefits of Upgrading:

  • Stencil Is SEO-friendly

  • Stencil Means Speed

  • Akamai Image Manager

  • Minification of CSS & JS

  • Google AMP Support

  • Customization Made Easy

  • Stencil Is Developer-Friendly

  • Stencil Extends BigCommerce

  • Rich Snippets

Stencil vs. Blueprint
Stencil Means Speed

When it comes to speed and efficiency, Stencil blows Blueprint out of the water by every possible metric. Stencil’s performance rating in Google page speed is around 90 for desktop and 74 for mobile. Those are solid numbers, particularly on desktop, making Stencil a winner for sites looking to maintain SEO best practices along with strong user experience.

Improve Your SEO

Stencil Is SEO-friendly - Streamlined code and faster page load speed mean better SEO. Additionally, Stencil supports rich snippets, which allows search engines to gain a better understanding of what’s on a web page. Support for rich snippets is essential for sites looking to stand out among competitors on the same search results page.

Mobile Friendly

Akamai Image Manager: Stencil uses Akamai Image Manager, which optimizes website images based on device size. That means images will load faster for visitors, regardless of the browser’s origin. This is a game-changer for online businesses looking to enhance a user’s experience through videos and high-quality images without needlessly adding to the page’s load time.

Easier To Customize

The Stencil Theme Editor allows you to customize and manage storefront attributes with zero coding required. That means publishers quickly can adjust components such as colors, fonts, and many items displayed quickly and easily.

We're a
We design custom BigCommerce shopping cart solutions that are user friendly and intuitive. BigCommerce’s panel and snippet code system offers amazing flexibility – but only a Web development firm like MakDigital with significant BigCommerce design experience can deploy the full range of this platform to your benefit. BigCommerce website design is what we do all day, every day. We’ll take the time to learn about your company, your vision, and your goals before we start working on your BigCommerce website. Contact us to discuss the full spectrum of functionality available with a custom BigCommerce template.


www.bikebling.combikebling.com BigCommerce Responsive Re-design


Full re-design and some of the features we added: Mega Navigation, Filtered Search, Custom Chat functionality, Free Shipping counter.

bikebling.com BigCommerce Responsive Re-design


www.gatehousesupplies.comgatehousesupplies.com BigCommerce Enterprise custom Responsive Design


We created a beautiful design for their gatehousesupplies.com site and utilized the BigCommerce app to retrieve data by the Year/Make/Model attributes, as well as developed a custom functionality for the price map model.

gatehousesupplies.com - BigCommerce Enterprise custom Responsive Design


www.usflagstore.comusflagstore.com Volusion Store re-design


We started with an in-depth digital roadmap that helped define site goals and allowed us to immerse ourselves in USFlagstore.com’s site infrastructure, content, analytics and all current and historical marketing efforts.

usflagstore.com Volusion Store re-design


Complex Product page with complex parent child relationship products

uvskinz.com Volusion Responsive Re-design


www.hydrocrunch.comhydrocrunch Volusion Responsive Design


We created a beautiful design for their site and build a custom shopping cart layout.

hydrocrunch.com - Volusion custom Responsive Design


www.prodrinkingfountains.comprodrinkingfountains.com Volusion Store re-design


We started with an in-depth digital roadmap that helped define site goals and allowed us to immerse ourselves in Prodrinkingfountains.com’s site infrastructure, content, analytics and all current and historical marketing efforts.

prodrinkingfountains.com Volusion Store re-design