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Expert BigCommerce Solutions

Explore our expert BigCommerce development services. Create, customize, upgrade, secure, and scale your BigCommerce website with ease. We ensure your BigCommerce store is feature-rich, user-friendly, and delivers high performance.

Transforming Online Stores with Strategic BigCommerce Redesign and SEO Optimization

At MAK Digital eCommerce Agency, we excel in transforming BigCommerce websites to enhance performance, user experience, and conversion rates. By harnessing the full potential of BigCommerce's features and deeply analyzing user behavior, we craft bespoke strategies that tackle the specific challenges of eCommerce businesses. Our mission is to ensure your BigCommerce store thrives in the competitive digital arena, setting you up for sustained success.


Customized Solutions For

BigCommerce Development Services

BigCommerce App Development Services

Our expert team excels in developing both web and mobile BigCommerce apps. We craft enterprise-grade applications that perform flawlessly across all devices and browsers, ensuring a consistent and superior user experience.

BigCommerce Enterprise Services

MAKDigital specializes in empowering high-volume, fast-growing businesses with our BigCommerce Enterprise development services. Our certified developers create scalable, secure, and bespoke eCommerce solutions that fuel growth. From advanced catalog management to seamless API integrations and cutting-edge UX/UI design, we ensure your enterprise-level store shines in the competitive market. Elevate your eCommerce strategy with MAKDigital and unlock the full potential of BigCommerce Enterprise.

BigCommerce Extension Development Company

We optimize your BigCommerce store by adapting existing third-party extensions or incorporating new plugins and applications to enhance functionality. Our adept developers are well-versed in integrating and fine-tuning every extension for seamless performance. Moreover, we provide support in launching apps on the BigCommerce App Store, extending your store's features and market reach.

BigCommerce Payment Integration Services

Our expert BigCommerce developers create secure, reliable, and high-quality payment gateways. These gateways ensure the safety of transactions, giving buyers confidence to complete their purchases without hesitation. Additionally, our payment solutions are user-friendly and fortified against any threats that could compromise sensitive information.

BigCommerce Performance Optimization Services

Our performance specialists excel at optimizing your website's performance. They meticulously evaluate database issues, maximum load, and caching problems, address coding issues, optimize the front end, and assess the server. This ensures your site achieves fast page loads and maximum uptime, providing a seamless experience for your users.

BigCommerce PSD to Theme Conversion Services

Our team of seasoned and highly skilled BigCommerce web developers excels at converting PSD designs to pixel-perfect themes for your website. Additionally, we ensure that your themes are responsive, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience across all devices, including mobile.

The Benefits of Working with a Certified BigCommerce Partner

5 Star Review

Partnering with MakDigital, a certified BigCommerce partner, can be a game-changer for your business. MakDigital comes equipped with specialized training and resources that empower us to deliver innovative solutions. The professional support and guidance provided by MakDigital throughout the development process ensure that your project is handled with the utmost care and expertise.

Ask away, we're here to help!

Explore our customized solutions leveraging advanced BigCommerce Stencil technology, transparent pricing structures, and how we can optimize your BigCommerce experience. Get in touch with us now to initiate your project and unlock new possibilities for your online store.

  • What is BigCommerce Stencil?

    BigCommerce Stencil is the latest theme framework offered by BigCommerce, designed to provide merchants with enhanced customization options, improved site performance, and better SEO capabilities. It allows developers to create responsive and feature-rich themes that adapt seamlessly across various devices.

  • Why should I consider migrating to BigCommerce Stencil?

    Migrating to BigCommerce Stencil offers several advantages, including faster page load times, cleaner code structure, and improved SEO performance. It allows for easier customization of your online store’s design and functionality, enhancing user experience and driving conversion rates.

  • Can you customize a BigCommerce Stencil theme to match my brand’s unique style?

    Absolutely! Our team specializes in customizing BigCommerce Stencil themes to align with your brand’s identity and business goals. Whether you need specific colors, fonts, layouts, or functionalities tailored to your requirements, we can create a unique and engaging online storefront that reflects your brand effectively.

  • How long does it take to develop a custom BigCommerce Stencil theme?

    The timeline for developing a custom BigCommerce Stencil theme can vary based on project complexity and requirements. Typically, our development process involves initial consultations to understand your needs, followed by design mockups, development, testing, and deployment. We strive to deliver high-quality themes efficiently, ensuring your online store is up and running smoothly.

  • Can you integrate third-party apps and extensions into a BigCommerce Stencil theme?

    Yes, we specialize in integrating third-party apps and extensions seamlessly into BigCommerce Stencil themes. Whether you require additional functionality for payments, shipping, marketing, or analytics, we can integrate the necessary plugins to enhance your store’s capabilities and optimize performance.

  • How do I get started with BigCommerce Stencil theme development services?

    To get started with our BigCommerce Stencil theme development services, simply reach out to our team for a consultation. We’ll discuss your project requirements, goals, and timeline to create a customized development plan that aligns with your business objectives. Let us help you elevate your online store with a responsive and engaging BigCommerce Stencil theme tailored to your needs.

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