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Custom Light Fixtures | Launched 06/21/22

GlowbackLED, established in 2011 as a subdivision of Bluegate Inc. specializes in turnkey LED lighting solutions for decorative, residential, and commercial lighting needs! GlowbackLED was seeking to move from the Volusion platform to the BigCommerce platform, in doing so sought out MAK Digital. GlowbackLED had reached a point where they needed the additional functionality and customization the BigCommerce platform offers over its competitors. After internal deliberations a direction was chosen for the redesign and the MAK teams set out to start the migration and redesign.


GlowbackLED's previous website, while functional, lacked the visual appeal and brand representation needed to elevate its online presence. In a strategic move, MAK undertook the intricate task of migrating and meticulously debugging data from the outdated Volusion platform to the cutting-edge BigCommerce platform. Beyond a mere migration, our team embarked on a comprehensive redesign initiative, revolutionizing the site's aesthetics and functionality.

The transformation encompassed a complete overhaul, including the creation of a dynamic Home Page, Category Page, and Product Pages. However, our commitment to enhancing the user experience went beyond the surface. We introduced a groundbreaking custom product filtering page, seamlessly integrating React components. This innovative feature empowers customers to navigate through product groups effortlessly, streamlining their shopping journey.

Our social media post captures the essence of the project, showcasing our multifaceted approach. The migration involved intricate data transfers, leveraging our expertise to seamlessly transition GlowbackLED to the technologically advanced BigCommerce platform. Simultaneously, our team executed a bespoke design, incorporating visually striking elements that resonated with GlowbackLED's brand identity.

The project's success is a testament to our diverse skill set, as highlighted in the post. From SEO optimization to custom implementations with industry-leading tools such as ShopperApproved, Cloudinary, and Searchanise, every facet was meticulously addressed. The custom filtering category page, developed with React components, stands out as a testament to our commitment to innovation in improving user experience.

Technological prowess played a crucial role, with the utilization of BigCommerce, Avalara Tax, ShipStation, Shipper HQ, Rewind Backups, and Cloudinary. The implementation of Space48 Metafields Manager App further extended the capabilities of Categories and Products, showcasing our dedication to tailoring solutions to meet specific client needs.

GlowbackLED Home, Category and Product page templates.

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  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Page


The redesign of the BigCommerce website theme was focused on giving GlowbackLED a brand image. The previous version utilized a logo but other than that nothing else about the site told you which company you were shopping with. We put a focus on using their images of previous projects and products to give you an constant idea of who and what type of company the customer would be shopping with.

The homepage was another focus of the redesign, needing a larger focus on displaying products and features. The previous homepage was a jumble of images that did little to convince a shopper to browse subcategories. Now the homepage is structured to highlight and draw customers into subcategories and product pages, showing off the new professional appearance of the site!



We used MakDigitalDesign to migrate our Volusion webstore to BigCommerce. Mary and the entire team at MAK are EXPERTS at what they do: exceptional custom BigCommerce webstore development, SEO, web-design and more. Their excellent work is paired with AMAZING customer service: they're always just a quick call away which makes it really easy to communicate any changes that you'd like to have made. They also take the time to discuss all aspects of your project and give great feedback and recommendations to help enhance your webstore.

They're e-commerce experts, so they know what you need to do to maximize conversions and drive more traffic to your site. In our case the team at MAK made a fully customized theme for our store, developed a custom filtering system for a better product browsing experience, and optimized our SEO (which was quite complicated as they took a unique approach with our urls). They implemented a variety of apps: ShopperApproved, ShipperHQ, Metafields Manager, Searchenise, and Cloudinary (for faster page load speeds) and they also added a Google Maps autofill feature on our check out page and on our cart page, which was a huge plus for me! We'll be using MakDigitalDesign on an ongoing basis and look forward to our ongoing collaboration. I'd give them 10/5 stars if I could, Super Highly Recommended!

Arman Haghayegh GlowbackLED Senior Project Manager
GlowbackLED Team

Solution's eCommerce issues were rooted in their website's lack of a platform that could support their current growth and metrics. Consequently, their old site was not up-to-date with modern web design standards, leaving it with a bland, outdated appearance. To address these issues, MAKDigital was brought in to develop and design a new site that could handle the eCommerce challenges that GlowbackLED had been facing. Thanks to the new website, now hosted on the BigCommerce platform and its features, is now prepared to tackle all of its eCommerce challenges for the foreseeable future

Website redesign wire-frame

Custom Features & Functionality

  • Custom Design
  • Custom filtering category page template allowing to filter on multiple categories and build with React component.
  • Custom Google Maps lookup on the Cart Page
  • Custom Implementation with Cloudinary
  • Custom Implementation with Searchanise Search
  • Custom Implementation with ShopperApproved
  • Custom Implementation with Space48 Metafields Manager App to extend Categories and Products functionality
  • Custom theme development
  • Data migration from Volusion to BigCommerce
  • SEO optimization
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