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MAK Digital has partnered with Avalara to bring our clients their incredible tax compliance solutions! Avalara's automated tax solutions will help take stress off you and your teams so focus can be kept on revenue-generating tasks. Whether your business is based in the U.S. or Internationally, Avalara is equipped to help any business no matter their size or location.

A reliable, secure, and scalable tax compliance platform

Tax compliance software for your industry and tax type

We live and breathe tax compliance so you don’t have to

Our platform is built for high capacity, calculating at peak times for retailers and manufacturers, on excise and communications transactions, and more.

We're no slouch. When it comes to tax returns, we remit billions of dollars every year on behalf of our customers, relieving them from the tiresome task.

You'll find us all around the world. We prepare your business for growth in the global market.