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Social Media 2.0

Flexibility, Freedom and Growth – these are the pillars of the present-day social media marketing strategies. Our advanced social media marketing bundles will give you the freedom to choose what works best for your brand, and flexibility to maximize social media trends to generate growth. Whether you’re seeking to use Pinterest to sell your products, use Facebook to grow your brand’s awareness, or use LinkedIn to get leads, our experts are well equipped with years of experience of reaching and exceeding our clients’ goals.

Our Social Media Marketing Bundles

Our cost-effective social media marketing bundles provide different options for which you can grow your business. Listed below are some of our bundles favored by clients due to how they are known for generating desired results. We also offer unique customizable plans that will blend well with your brand to grow your social media presence and invariably grow your social media community.

Social Media Entials


Low-risk solutions to kickstart social media growth – ideal for startups and small businesses.

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Social Media Standard


Modern approach solutions using the latest trends.

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Social Media Premium


Advanced approach solutions to dominate social media – suitable for established companies looking to reach a wider audience.

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Social Media Enterprise


The ultimate full packages solutions using all means to consistently generate results – ideal for brands that want the best results.

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Social Media Marketing Strategies

In this day, it is important for your brand to have a social media presence. Building a social media presence for your business will give you an avenue to engage your audience, take advantage of new market trends, and invariably grow your brand.

When searching for a social media marketing agency, there are several options to consider. Our company has a proven track record of creating effective social media strategies that generate results. We believe in crafting highly targeted and flexible campaigns that will achieve the brand’s goals. In doing so, we will review your business goals, then create strategies that will fit your brand. Our flexible approach will blend well with your brand’s vision.

Increase Conversions

Target people, not keywords!

Get to maximize social media potentials to derive a thorough growth. Do you run an e-commerce store? Social media can help you advertise your products and services to the people that need them – potential customers who are ready to engage with your brand. You can use paid social media ads, social proof, user-generated content (UGC), or address customers questions. Our team consists of experts with research and industry experience who will use the latest advanced tactics to target your niche audience across social media platforms to generate conversions.

Conversion-driven practices:
  • Paid social media advertising
  • User-generated content
  • Social proof
  • Addressing customer concerns
  • Optimized landing pages
  • Creating quality content
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increase conversion

Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness centers around making your brand known among the masses. Maintaining relevance on social media in your target market is a strategy that is guaranteed to lead to growth. For you to create successful brand awareness, you have to ensure that your target market is familiar with your brand stands for including your products and services.

Social media marketing strategies provide an inbound approach to promote your brand using thoughtful contents to engage your niche market. It offers an avenue for you to present your brand image. Our brand awareness strategies have helped our clients to increase:

  • Followers
  • Engagement
  • Customer loyalty
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • Top-of-mind awareness
  • Brand equity
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Drive Traffic

Business owners find it challenging to drive traffic to their websites. Building a social media presence that will inspire your niche audience to take action that will grow your community and generate profits requires expert marketing experience. It requires consistent engagement with the target market as you build healthy relationships across social media platforms.

Driving traffic takes an understanding of how each social media platform works. More importantly, it requires the knowledge of creating and promoting relevant quality contents for your niche audience. At MakDigitial, our team will help your brand drive traffic by creating and maximizing:

  • Shareable content
  • SEO strategies and content
  • Topnotch content
  • Community engagement
  • Promotions
  • Inspirational visuals
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Drive Traffic
Customer Service - Social Media Care

Customer Service
(Social Media Care)

Social media care is customer service done via social media platforms. Present day customer service has to take cognizance of customers who use social media to reach businesses. So, for your brand to build a healthy social media presence, you have to be always available to address customers concerns and provide solutions.

It is no longer a luxury for businesses to provide social media customer service. In fact, it is expected of you to run multi-channel customer service across social media platforms. As a result, we offer needed help that will help your brand create social media care, or to maximize social media platforms to provide multi-channel customer service. Social media care provides:

  • Social audits
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Prompt responses
  • Guidelines
  • Social listening
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Fresh on the Scene

An effective social media marketing includes a combination of strategical practices. Starting your social media marketing strategy can be daunting, identifying which platforms most of your target niche use can also be challenging. An effective social media marketing also involves consistently creating quality content.

Our team comprises social media experts that will your brand kickstart by:

  • Account and profile creation
  • Profile optimization
  • Relevant content creation
  • Regular posting
  • Actionable strategy
  • Social scheduling
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Fresh content