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From general best practices to site speed and searchability, our BigCommerce developers hold ourselves to delivering development work that meets the highest standards. Our BigCommerce developers love a good challenge and we thrive in bringing our BigCommerce customers ideas to life with beutiful as well as functional design and innovative solutions. Working with MakDigital will gain you a BigCommerce partner with top in-house ecommerce development talent and a strong development partner network. Our BigCommerce development team is in-house and stays heavily involved in every stage of a project.

MAKDigital is a certified

BigCommerce Developer

Some of the custom projects we have developed for BigCommerce:

  1. BigCommerce Predictive Search

  2. BigCommerce Filtered Navigation

  3. BigCommerce Pre-Checkout Upsell Landing Page

  4. Synchro BigCommerce Data with ERP

  5. Zip Code-Based Category Selection

  1. Gift Registry

  2. BigCommerce Affirm Integration

  3. BigCommerce Custom Checkout

  4. BigCommerce Custom Shopping Cart

  5. Layaway

  6. BigCommerce Custom Product Builder

We're a
We’re a group of fun, smart, and pleasant people who bring passion to everything we do. We collaborate, learn from, and mentor each other so that we all succeed. We care more about performance than procedures and we’re not afraid to be creative to develop new ideas and deliver the best results. Here at MAKDigitalDesign, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver the absolute best BigCommerce store for your budget.

BigCommerce Developer FAQs

  • What services does MAKDigital offer as a BigCommerce Developer?

    MAKDigital offers comprehensive BigCommerce services, including design, development, and SEO expertise. Our experienced team collaborates closely with clients to build BigCommerce sites that operate at peak performance, regardless of the project's size.

  • How experienced are MAKDigital's BigCommerce developers?

    Our BigCommerce developers have over 20 years of eCommerce experience across various platforms. We've successfully worked with clients from standard-level plans to enterprise-level eCommerce operations, showcasing a track record of expertise and adaptability.

  • What custom solutions can MAKDigital build for BigCommerce?

    MAKDigital specializes in brainstorming, scoping, and building complex custom solutions for BigCommerce. From platform enhancements to meeting unique business requirements, our developers are ready to bring your ideas to life with both beautiful and functional design.

  • How involved is the BigCommerce development team at MAKDigital in a project?

    Our BigCommerce development team is in-house and stays heavily involved in every stage of a project. From initial discussions to final implementation, you can expect hands-on expertise and collaboration throughout the development process.

  • What custom projects has MAKDigital developed for BigCommerce?

    We have successfully developed various custom projects for BigCommerce, including Predictive Search, Filtered Navigation, Pre-Checkout Upsell Landing Page, Synchro BigCommerce Data with ERP, and more. Explore our portfolio for a comprehensive view of our work.

  • How does Stencil enhance BigCommerce development?

    Stencil, BigCommerce's latest framework, enhances development with faster page speed, cleaner code, and better SEO. Our BigCommerce developers, well-versed in Stencil, can create any functionality or design layout, from custom category pages to complex checkout processes.

  • What makes MAKDigital stand out as a BigCommerce Developer?

    MAKDigital is a certified BigCommerce Developer with a US-based team of expert developers who appreciate the platform's flexibility and security. With over 20 years of experience, we offer top-notch design, development, and SEO services to catapult your brand to greater sales and growth.

  • How does MAKDigital approach BigCommerce SEO?

    MAKDigital's SEO services for BigCommerce focus on data-driven improvements to increase organic rankings. We implement proven strategies, ensuring your website achieves top positions on search engines. Our developers create BigCommerce templates with SEO in mind, while our SEO data analysts create a roadmap for project success.

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We've empowered eCommerce vendors across diverse global market niches to achieve remarkable success. While our top-tier software, APIs, and tools undoubtedly offer substantial benefits, it's our proficiency in BigCommerce design and web development that truly distinguishes us. Our unwavering commitment is to empower eCommerce businesses for precise and efficient scaling, drawing upon our extensive experience and specialization in BigCommerce development.

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