Dick Pond Athletics BigCommerce Website Redesign By MAK Digital

Dick Pond BigCommerce Redesign

Who is Dick Pond Athletics?

Dick Pond Athletics is a haven for runners and wrestlers of all levels. Whether you’re chasing personal bests on the track, conquering cross-country courses, or dominating the wrestling mat, Dick Pond Athletics has everything you need to perform your best. Coaches and organizations can also find top-quality gear and apparel to outfit their teams for success.

Main Objectives of Dick Pond Athletics Redesign

  1. Modernizing the Online Presence
  2. Enhancing User Experience
  3. Building a Content Hub
  4. Showcasing Brand Identity

Design & Functionality Overview

Dick Pond Athletics, a name synonymous with high-performance running gear, is embracing a digital transformation. Their established website, while functional, lacked the modern flair, responsive design elements, and intuitive experience that resonates with today’s athletes. To bridge this gap, we leveraged the powerful capabilities of the BigCommerce platform to move them from their previous version of BigCommerce and create a website redesign that reflects Dick Pond athletics legacy and empowers runners on their journeys.

Out goes the outdated look, replaced by a sleek and modern web design, crafted within the BigCommerce framework. Captivating visuals showcasing Dick Pond athletics top-tier running, cross-country, and track and field equipment will take center stage – high-resolution product photography and action shots that capture the essence of pushing your limits. BigCommerce’s intuitive navigation ensures a frustration-free experience. Runners can seamlessly see landing pages, browse categories by discipline (track, cross-country, road running), and easily compare products. This streamlined user journey, facilitated by BigCommerce’s functionalities, guarantees a smooth and efficient online shopping experience.

This website goes beyond a simple eCommerce platform. BigCommerce’s robust content management system allows for the seamless integration of a dedicated blog directly into the website. This valuable resource will become a one-stop shop for runners of all levels, keeping them informed and engaged. This informative content hub, fostered by BigCommerce’s functionalities, will not only educate and empower runners but also establish Dick Pond Athletics as a thought leader within the running world. With these exciting changes, we can’t wait to see the new heights Dick Pond Athletics and its runners will reach together!

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