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Firearms | Launched 02/20/23

NDZ Performance is a U.S.A. based manufacturer and online retailer for the firearms industry. Utilizing the newest technologies NDZ consistently develops new after-market parts for major brands and platforms. Although their business has been successful NDZ recognized a platform migration from Volusion to BigCommerce was best suited for their future.

The migration brings them a more multi-function and robust platform to help them as they continue to scale up. This also offers the opportunity to redesign their site bringing a more modern and user-friendly experience to their customers. It was these reasons that brought NDZ to partner with MAK Digital to bring their website up to date and migrate to the BigCommerce Platform.


Before coming to MAK Digital NDZ was running their site on an outdated platform that did not offer the multi-functionality of other services. Upset with their current platform we set out together to determine the best method of helping NDZ. They wanted to bring their site into the new age with a modernized look and updated features to best compete with competition!

After careful consideration NDZ chose to migrate to migrate from Volusion to BigCommerce platform because it offered the modern features and capabilities they were looking for. Along with the migration we at MAK Digital redesigned the entire site to bring it better functionality, faster speeds, and a more friendly user-experience! We believed BigCommerce was the best platform and environment for NDZ and their customers, to continue to grow their business.

NDZ Performance BigCommerce Migration & Redesign

Custom Templates + Webpages:

Services Completed:

Applications & Integrations:

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  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Page


NDZ, looking to bring their site to the forefront of online firearms sales came to MAKDigital to help with a site redesign. The new BigCommerce website design needed all new category pages, product pages, and a new home page. We created a user-friendly navigation featuring new categories “Trending Now” and “New Products” to help draw consumers in for the latest products.

Our BigCommerce Developers built a custom react component for laser engraving, it allows customers to identify laser engravings they desire, it then adds the costs of the engraving to the user’s cart. NDZ did not need additional content on their pages, the content that was there needed to be rearranged and optimized for the best SEO results and user-experience possible. You can see below the difference MAK has made for NDZ Performace, you can also check out all our redesigns here!


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Complex Mega Navigation
  • Custom React component for the product page configurator for engravable products


The newly updated NDZ Performance site is a testament to the power of modern digital marketing solutions. MAKDigital was hired to migrate the eCommerce website from the Volusion Platform to the BigCommerce Platform and to give the site an updated appearance. The redesign included significant changes to the overall user experience, making it easier and more efficient for customers to find what they’re looking for. MAKDigital also implemented the latest SEO technologies to improve the website’s search engine visibility and results. The end result is a powerful, modern website that is sure to boost NDZ Performance’s online presence and sales. Thanks to the expertise of MAKDigital, NDZ Performance can enjoy a website that is well-suited to the ever-changing digital landscape.

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