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picketts mill armory BigCommerce Case Study

Custom Features & Functionality

  • Custom additional-product-tabs component
  • Custom built BigCommerce Template utilizing Stencil Technology
  • Custom React mobile navigation component
  • Custom React side cart
  • Custom Searchanise implementation
picketts mill armory BigCommerce features list

Ask away, we're here to help! BigCommerce Website Redesign: Everything You Need to Know About the Digital Transformation

  • Why did Pickett's Mill Armory decide to redesign their website?

    Pickett's Mill Armory wanted to move away from their bare-bones, unresponsive website to a professional, branded platform that would improve user experience, build trust with visitors, and enhance eCommerce performance.

  • What were the main goals of the Pickett's Mill Armory website redesign?

    The primary goals were to create a professional appearance, establish a strong brand identity, improve site responsiveness across all devices, and enhance the overall user experience from the homepage to checkout.

  • What custom templates and pages were developed for Pickett's Mill Armory's new website?

    Custom templates and pages include the Home page, Category Template, Category Template 2, Product Template, My Account, and Contact Us pages.

  • What services did MAKDigital provide for Pickett's Mill Armory's website redesign?

    Services provided included Art Direction/Web Design, UI Design, UX Design, BigCommerce Development, BigCommerce Integrations, BigCommerce Data Migrations, and a BigCommerce SEO Audit & Transition.

  • What applications and integrations were added to the new website?

    Integrations added include BigCommerce Stencil, Rewind Data Backups, Searchanise Search, ShipperHQ, Klaviyo, and Ship Station.

  • How did the redesign improve the user experience (UX) on Pickett's Mill Armory's website?

    The redesign introduced a professional, user-friendly interface with clear navigation, responsive design for mobile use, and modern features like side carts and wish lists, making it easier for customers to browse and purchase products.

  • What role did branding play in the website redesign for Pickett's Mill Armory?

    Branding was crucial, transforming the site from an unstyled, whitespace-heavy platform into a professional, trustworthy online store with a consistent identity, making shoppers feel safe and secure.

  • What was the outcome of the website redesign for Pickett's Mill Armory?

    The new website is attractive, easy to use, responsive, and optimized for better search engine visibility. It now offers a seamless and secure shopping experience, helping Pickett's Mill Armory expand their reach and increase their sales.

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