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Arms and Ammo | Launched 03/01/24

Raid Research, leaders in firearm customization, partnered with MAK Digital Design. Recognizing the need for a digital platform that mirrored their artistic expertise, we collaborated to craft a website from scratch that would showcase their stunning work and ignite their connection with a wider audience.


Raid Research, a renowned leader in in-person firearm customization, approached MAK Digital with a unique challenge: they lacked any online presence. Unlike typical clients seeking website redesigns, Raid Research offered a blank canvas for us to collaborate and build their brand from the ground up. This presented an exciting opportunity to not only establish Raid Research in the digital sphere but also to seamlessly integrate their brand identity, captivating visuals, and user-friendly functionalities into a cohesive online experience on the BigCommerce platform.

Upon thorough analysis and consultation with Raid Research, we identified key objectives for their online presence. These included showcasing their unparalleled craftsmanship, providing a platform for customers to explore customization options, and establishing a seamless user journey from discovery to purchase. With these objectives in mind, our goal was clear: to translate Raid Research's dreams and ambitions into a dynamic and immersive online experience that truly reflected their brand ethos.

The absence of pre-existing digital infrastructure allowed us to approach the project with unparalleled creative freedom. We delved deep into Raid Research's history, ethos, and unique selling points to craft a comprehensive strategy. From defining their target audience to outlining content architecture and user flows, every aspect of the concept phase was meticulously planned to ensure alignment with Raid Research's vision and objectives.

Our partnership with Raid Research extended beyond mere website development; it was a collaboration aimed at forging a digital extension of their brand. The concept phase thus served as the foundation upon which we would build Raid Research's online identity, setting the stage for innovative design and technical solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Raid Research BigCommerce Website Concept

Custom Templates + Webpages:

Services Completed:

Applications & Integrations:

  • BigCommerce - eCommerce Platform
  • reCAPTCHA - Security
  • Cloudfare - Content Delivery Network

This is Raid Research's Maiden site, there is no before to compare to!

  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Page


Unlike our typical website revamp projects, Raid Research presented a fresh challenge: building their online presence from the ground up. This "blank canvas" allowed MAK Digital to seamlessly integrate Raid Research's brand identity, stunning visuals, and user-friendly functionalities into a cohesive BigCommerce website.

Our design approach centered on understanding Raid Research's core values: a blend of artistic expression, meticulous craftsmanship, and personalized service. This translated into a modern and sophisticated website design featuring a carefully curated color palette, thoughtfully chosen typography, and high-quality visuals. The website's tone of voice also echoed this blend, employing clear and concise language with a touch of creativity to engage potential clients.

Given Raid Research's focus on artistic firearm customization, showcasing their artistry was paramount. We implemented a modern gallery-style layout featuring high-resolution photographs and video presentations connected to Raid Rearch Instagram. To further emphasize the intricate details and artistic transformation process. This allowed potential clients to fully appreciate the level of detail and creative vision applied to each piece.

While visual appeal is crucial, user experience (UX) remained a top priority. We focused on clean and intuitive navigation using custom mega navigation and mobile navigation built with React components. Additionally, adopting a mobile-first design (responsive design) approach ensured a smooth browsing experience across all devices, allowing visitors to effortlessly find the information they need.

By combining these modern design elements, we aimed to create a website that not only reflected Raid Research's artistic vision but also provided a user-friendly and engaging experience for potential clients. This collaborative effort ensured that Raid Research's online presence truly embodied their brand identity and facilitated meaningful connections with their target audience.


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Custom About us page
  • Custom Contact us page
  • Custom Mega Navigation using custom React Component
  • Custom Mobile Navigation using custom React Component
  • Custom Side Cart using custom React Component
  • Full site Design + Build + Development
  • Theme Build using BigCommerce Stencil technology


Building Raid Research's online presence from the ground up necessitated a comprehensive approach, guided by the insights and objectives outlined during the concept phase. MAK Digital embarked on a journey to implement a range of technical solutions tailored to Raid Research's unique requirements, ensuring a seamless integration of their brand identity and user-friendly functionalities.

Leveraging React components, we crafted custom navigation systems designed to enhance user experience across all devices. This included the development of a mega navigation and mobile navigation experience, meticulously aligned with Raid Research's content architecture and user flows. These custom components not only facilitated intuitive browsing but also established a cohesive visual identity that resonated with Raid Research's brand ethos.

In line with Raid Research's objective of facilitating customer engagement and streamlining the user journey, we developed a custom side cart using React components. This interactive feature empowered users to seamlessly add items to their cart and explore customization options directly from product pages. By integrating this functionality, we not only enhanced user convenience but also provided Raid Research with valuable insights into user preferences and behaviors.

Furthermore, our focus on clean code and efficient architecture laid the groundwork for optimal website performance and loading speed. This ensured that Raid Research's artistic creations were presented to users without any technical hiccups, fostering a smooth and immersive browsing experience. Additionally, the website was meticulously optimized for search engines, enhancing Raid Research's online visibility and attracting potential clients organically.

The collaborative approach adopted by MAK Digital and Raid Research extended beyond mere technical implementation; it was a synergistic effort aimed at bringing Raid Research's artistic vision to life in the digital realm. By combining modern design elements with tailored technical solutions, we not only created a visually striking platform but also ensured a user-friendly and engaging experience for potential clients. This holistic approach not only reflected Raid Research's brand identity but also facilitated meaningful connections with their target audience, establishing a robust online presence for years to come.

Website redesign wire-frame
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