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LongIslandWatches BigCommerce Case Study

Custom Features & Functionality

  • Custom About us page
  • Custom Contact us page
  • Custom Financing page
  • Custom Mega Navigation using custom React Component
  • Custom Mobile Navigation using custom React Component
  • Custom Side Cart using custom React Component
  • Full site re-design
  • Multiple custom category page templates
  • Searchanise implementation
  • SEO best practices and use cases within Theme build
  • Theme Build using BigCommerce Stencil technology
LongIslandWatches BigCommerce features list

Ask away, we're here to help! Volusion to BigCommerce Migration: Everything You Need to Know About the Digital Transformation

  • Why did Long Island Watch decide to migrate from Volusion to BigCommerce?

    Long Island Watch needed a more modern and visually appealing platform to better showcase their high-quality watches. The outdated Volusion platform was limiting their potential, and migrating to BigCommerce provided enhanced functionality, better user experience, and a more streamlined design.

  • What were the main goals of the Long Island Watch website redesign project?

    The primary goals were to create a modern, aesthetically pleasing website, improve mobile usability, and enhance the overall shopping experience. The redesign aimed to make the site more user-friendly, visually appealing, and aligned with the brand’s high standards.

  • How did MAKDigital approach the Long Island Watch redesign?

    MAKDigital started from scratch, creating a new website that featured high-quality images, hover-over effects, and sections for Featured Brands and Trending Watches. They revamped the homepage, category pages, product pages, and informational pages to improve aesthetics and functionality.

  • What specific technologies and integrations were used in the redesign?

    The redesign utilized BigCommerce as the eCommerce platform, integrating technologies such as Affirm Payments, Searchspring Search, Sezzle Buy Now Pay Later, AccessiBe Compliance, Cloudflare CDN, Google Analytics, Open Graph, Smile Rewards, and Vimeo for video content.

  • What custom features and functionalities were implemented?

    Custom features included a complex mega navigation, API integrations with Searchspring and Smile Rewards, a custom BigCommerce theme, a custom component for easy product bundling, and custom integrations with Affirm and Vimeo. An up-sell side cart component was also added.

  • How did the new website design improve the mobile experience?

    MAKDigital focused on responsive design to ensure the site translated beautifully across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. The redesign provided more space for high-quality images, improved navigation, and a more organized layout, enhancing the overall mobile user experience.

  • What benefits did Long Island Watch gain from the new website?

    The new website provided a modern, user-friendly design that improved credibility and trust. The streamlined shopping experience, better mobile usability, and enhanced visual appeal helped Long Island Watch attract and retain more customers.

  • How did the partnership with MAKDigital benefit Long Island Watch?

    The collaboration with MAKDigital resulted in a visually appealing and user-friendly site that aligned with Long Island Watch's brand. The successful migration to BigCommerce improved site functionality, streamlined processes, and enhanced overall user engagement and satisfaction.

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