Welcome to a new way to pay over time. Affirm lets you shop stress‑free at thousands of stores, with no late fees and no surprises.

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MAK Digital has partnered with Affirm, a pay-over-time solution, in order to enable our clients to offer flexible payment options for their customers. Affirm offers instant financing for purchases paid in fixed monthly installments over 3, 6, or 12 months. The method in which Affirm qualifies a customer also does not affect their credit score.MAK Digital is proud to be the preferred partner for integrating Affirm to Volusion! We partnered with Affirm to develop an integration so that Volusion merchants can offer pay-over-time for their clients.

Affirm is a better way to buy

Consumers across the credit spectrum have different budgets and financial plans.

It's about helping your customer say yes

Customers interact with your store and affirm's pay-over-time offerings differently. At Affirm, they work to learn as much as possible about consumers and their behaviors in order to produce programs that best address their needs and your business.

By gathering insights on consumers, they can better understand the drivers of loan take-up and assess the overall quality of our current pay-over-time programs. With each new detail they discover and can create better and more encompassing financing programs for your business.Affirm's understanding becomes your savings, growth, and success.