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Phastek Performance BigCommerce Case Study

Custom Features & Functionality

  • Complex Data migration from Volusion to BigCommerce
  • Custom BigCommerce Build
  • Custom implementation with Convermax to allow custom site browsing experience depending on which vehicle was selected
  • Custom Mega navigation allowing for the multiple display depending on the vehicle selected
  • Custom product template allowing to perform check on product fitmen integrated with Convermax
  • Custom React component for the complex mobile navigation and 'my account' view on mobile
  • Custom React component for the side cart functionality
  • Multiple category page templates allowing for different presentations of the category pages
  • Multiple custom page templates allowing for the different page displays
  • On-page SEO Optimization
Phastek Performance BigCommerce features list

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Phastek BigCommerce Migration & Re-Design: Everything You Need to Know About the Phastek BigCommerce Website Migration & Redesign

  • Why did Phastek Performance decide to migrate from Volusion to BigCommerce?

    Phastek Performance needed a more flexible and scalable eCommerce platform to accommodate its growing catalog and customer base. BigCommerce offered the advanced features and customization options required to meet their needs.

  • What were the main objectives of the website redesign for Phastek Performance?

    The redesign aimed to update the site's appearance to reflect a more professional and cohesive look, enhance user experience, and integrate advanced functionalities like dynamic navigation and custom vehicle selection.

  • How does the dynamic navigation structure work on the new Phastek site?

    The navigation structure updates based on the user's selected vehicle, thanks to a custom integration with Convermax. Users can select their make, model, and year, which customizes the categories and sub-categories displayed.

  • What custom features were implemented on the Phastek site?

    Custom features include a React-based side cart component, a mobile navigation component, dynamic navigation based on vehicle selection, multiple category page templates, and an API integration for syncing customer wish lists with a virtual garage.

  • How does the virtual “garage” feature benefit Phastek’s customers?

    The virtual garage allows customers to store information about multiple vehicles, making it easy to switch between them and find parts specific to each vehicle. This feature enhances user experience by saving preferences and wish lists for each car.

  • What role did Convermax play in the Phastek site migration?

    Convermax provided the extensive database that enables users to select their vehicle's make, model, and year, which in turn updates the site's navigation and product fitment checks, ensuring users find the right parts for their vehicles.

  • How does the new site support future scalability for Phastek Performance?

    The new BigCommerce platform allows Phastek to add additional vehicle shops and expand their product offerings without needing technical intervention. This flexibility supports ongoing growth and adaptation.

  • What integrations were added to the new Phastek site to enhance functionality?

    Integrations include for product reviews and rewards, Affirm Payments, Avalara Tax, PayPal Braintree Payments, Rewind Backups, Shipper HQ, Signifyd Fraud Check, Accessibe for accessibility, Route Shipping Insurance, ShipStation, and Space48 Meta Fields.

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