Signifyd is the world's largest provider of Guaranteed Fraud Protection, see how you can shift the liability for fraud today!

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MAK Digital has partnered with Signifyd, a fraud protection solution, in order to assist our clients in protecting their businesses and well-being! Signifyd assists businesses by covering fraudulent chargebacks allowing merchants to focus more on their core business! Signifyd’s hassle-free reimbursement process ensures that revenue is returned within 48 hours.

Signifyd, Protecting Growth for the World’s Leading Brands

As the world’s largest provider of Guaranteed Fraud Protection, Signifyd delivers a 100 percent financial guarantee against fraud and chargebacks on every approved order.

Continuous Protection Across the Entire Shopper Journey

Signifyd has built one of the most sophisticated fraud protection solutions based on machine learning models and behavioral analytics. It is capable of preventing e-commerce fraud before it even occurs.

Merchants can process customer orders faster! All orders are reviewed in real time using machine learning to determine which orders should be approved and shipped to customers.

Signifyd’s fraud protection system was designed with e-commerce merchants in mind. Its financial guarantee protects online retailers in case of chargebacks, allowing businesses to increase sales and open new markets while reducing risk.

Signifyd backs its decisions with 100% protection against fraud chargebacks, which means if a fraud chargeback is filed on an approved order, it’ll pay the full cost. That includes cost of merchandise, shipping, tax and chargeback fees.