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TikiMaster, a prominent brand in the tropical decor industry, embarked on a mission to revitalize its online presence. With outdated website design and a growing demand for mobile-friendly and B2C functionalities, TikiMaster sought a solution to enhance its digital footprint. Recognizing the expertise and track record of success at MAK Digital Design, TikiMaster chose us as their strategic partner to modernize their online platform and remain at the forefront of their industry.


TikiMaster, a renowned brand in tropical decor, embarked on a project initially aimed at updating its website framework to align with the latest version of BigCommerce. However, as the project progressed, TikiMaster recognized the potential benefits of a full site redesign alongside the framework update. Understanding that completing both the redesign and framework update simultaneously would optimize site health and performance, TikiMaster made the strategic decision to pursue this integrated approach, underscoring its commitment to enhancing its digital presence and elevating the user experience for its customers.

Recognizing the limitations of their outdated website, which not only lacked visual appeal but also suffered from sluggish performance, we prioritized enhancing both its design and speed. Concurrently, we addressed the performance issues plaguing the old site, implementing measures through expert eCommerce SEO to significantly improve its speed and responsiveness. By streamlining code and optimizing elements, we successfully accelerated the site's loading times, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors.

TikiMaster website re-design

Custom Templates + Webpages:

Services Completed:

Applications & Integrations:

  • BigCommerce - eCommerce Platform
  • Google Analytics - Statistics
  • Facebook Pixel - Statistics
  • MailChimp - Email Marketing
  • Searchanise - Complex Search Provider
  • reCAPTCHA - Security
  • Cloudfare - Content Delivery Network
  • Segment - Customer Data Platform
  • PayPal - Payment Processor

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  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Page


Through our collaboration with Tikimaster, we embarked on a journey to infuse their online presence with a modern tropical aesthetic, while paying homage to the rich heritage of Tiki culture. With a focus on optimizing user experience and site functionality, we undertook a comprehensive BigCommerce website redesign aimed at revitalizing Tikimaster's digital identity. Central to the redesign effort was the creation of a more modern and visually captivating design that resonated with Tikimaster's tropical theme and the vibrant spirit of Tiki culture. This involved revamping the website's aesthetics to reflect the colorful and exotic essence of the Tiki lifestyle, thereby creating a more engaging and immersive user experience.

In line with modern design trends, our approach was mobile-first (responsive design), ensuring seamless usability across all devices. By prioritizing mobile responsiveness, we aimed to cater to the increasing number of users accessing the website from smartphones and tablets, allowing them to immerse themselves in the world of Tiki culture from anywhere. Additionally, we introduced several key features to enrich the user experience, including a custom homepage, custom mega navigation, and three category page templates for products, blogs, and navigation. We also incorporated a custom gift card section, providing users with convenient options for purchasing and gifting tropical-themed products. Through these initiatives, we not only modernized Tikimaster's online presence but also celebrated the unique allure of Tiki culture, fostering a deeper connection with enthusiasts worldwide.


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Updated BigCommerce Node Version
  • Custom About us page
  • Custom Contact us page
  • Custom Gift Cert page
  • Custom Mega Navigation using custom React Component
  • Custom Mobile Navigation using custom React Component
  • Custom Side Cart using custom React Component
  • Full site re-design
  • Multiple custom category page templates
  • Searchanise implementation
  • SEO best practices and use cases within Theme build
  • Theme Build using BigCommerce Stencil technology

Google PageSpeed Insights 02/22/24:

  • Performance:

    • 35
  • Accessibility:

    • 65
  • Best Practices:

    • 67
  • SEO:

    • 83

Google PageSpeed Insights 03/07/24:

  • Performance:

    • 90
  • Accessibility:

    • 96
  • Best Practices:

    • 100
  • SEO:

    • 100


In response to Tikimaster's challenges, we implemented a comprehensive solution aimed at transforming their online presence while addressing performance issues. Our approach centered on a redesign initiative that modernized the platform and optimized its functionality. We began by crafting a custom homepage, designed to showcase Tikimaster's diverse range of products and services engagingly. Additionally, we developed a custom mega navigation system, providing users with intuitive access to various sections of the website. Integrating a side-cart feature with custom React code streamlined the browsing and checkout experiences for customers.

To enhance user engagement and navigation, we created three category page templates for products, blogs, and navigation. Furthermore, we introduced a custom gift card section, offering convenient options for purchasing and gifting tropical-themed products. Concurrently, our team focused on performance optimization and SEO integration. We meticulously optimized meta tags, and content structure to enhance search engine visibility and drive organic traffic to the site.

By combining design enhancements with performance optimization and SEO strategies, we not only addressed Tikimaster's existing challenges but also positioned the brand for long-term success in the competitive market. The redesigned website now offers a seamless and immersive experience for users, reflecting Tikimaster's commitment to excellence and innovation in the tropical decor industry.

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