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Firing Range/Firearms Certification | Launched 01/22/24

Firearms Training Associates (FTA), a premier provider of online firearms training and certification courses, sought to elevate their digital presence and expand their reach. However, their existing Drupal-based website was hindering their growth. Outdated, cumbersome to manage, and needing more essential eCommerce features required for their expanding course catalog and growing customer base, FTA needed a modern, scalable solution to streamline operations and drive growth. That's where MAK Digital stepped in to provide the expertise and solutions needed to transform their online platform.


Recognizing the limitations of their Drupal-based website, FTA sought to migrate to a platform that could better support their expanding online training business. The existing site, built on an outdated version of Drupal, struggled to handle the increasing volume of course enrollments, manage a growing library of video content, and provide a seamless user experience for customers.

The concept for the new website envisioned a robust, scalable platform that could streamline FTA's operations and enhance the overall customer journey. This entailed migrating all existing course content, video content, and customer data to BigCommerce, a leading eCommerce platform known for its flexibility, scalability, and powerful built-in features. A key component of this transition was to create a modern design that reflects the brand's professionalism and expertise in firearms training, providing an engaging and intuitive experience for visitors.

Key features of the new BigCommerce platform would include a user-friendly course catalog, a simplified enrollment process, and robust eCommerce capabilities to support online course purchases and transactions. The platform would also need to be mobile-responsive, ensuring accessibility for learners on various devices.

Additionally, FTA sought to incorporate features that would foster community engagement, such as discussion forums or interactive elements, to create a more enriching learning environment for their students. By addressing these key areas and leveraging the capabilities of BigCommerce, FTA aimed to transform their online presence, attract a wider audience, and establish themselves as a leader in the digital firearms training landscape.

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Firearms Training Associates (FTA) existing Drupal-based website lacked the visual appeal and functionality needed to effectively communicate their brand and engage their audience. The redesign focused on creating a modern, user-friendly platform that reflects the company's expertise and professionalism in the firearms training industry.

Leveraging BigCommerce's Stencil theme framework, we crafted a custom design that incorporates a clean, professional aesthetic with bold typography and impactful imagery. The color palette aligns with industry standards, utilizing a combination of dark and neutral tones to convey authority and trust, while also incorporating subtle pops of color to highlight key calls to action and interactive elements. These interactive elements, such as hover effects and subtle animations, were carefully integrated to enhance the overall user experience without sacrificing professionalism or distracting from the core content.

To optimize the user experience and streamline navigation, we developed a complex dropdown menu that showcases category images and a calendar schedule, allowing users to quickly locate relevant courses and upcoming events. We also implemented various custom category views that display products as classes, show classes as calendar schedules, and even filter by monthly class schedules, providing multiple intuitive ways for users to find the training they need. Additionally, a custom gallery component allows for infinite scrolling of images, creating a visually engaging way to browse course content.

The website redesign prioritized intuitive navigation throughout the site, ensuring users could easily access course information, enrollment options, and support resources. A prominent search bar was strategically placed to facilitate quick course discovery, while clear, concise call-to-action buttons guided users through the enrollment process, making it simple for potential customers to take the next step. We also implemented a responsive design approach, ensuring the website adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes, providing an optimal experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

By incorporating these thoughtful design elements and user-centric features, we aimed to position FTA ahead of its competitors. The resulting website not only attracts potential customers with its modern aesthetic and engaging visuals but also establishes the brand as a leader in the online firearms training space through its professional presentation and intuitive functionality.


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Tailored Mega Navigation: A personalized mega navigation system designed to enhance user navigation.
  • Specialized Sold-Out Product Page: An exclusive product page template for sold-out items, offering alternative product options.
  • Personalized Searchanise Integration: A custom implementation of Searchanise for instantaneous search and advanced product filtering.
  • Instant Account Signup Popup: A swift account signup popup created as an independent React component, simplifying the account creation process.


To address FTA's outdated Drupal website, we migrated all existing content and data to the robust BigCommerce platform. This provided a solid foundation for a custom BigCommerce Stencil theme, meticulously crafted to reflect their professional brand identity and resonate with their target audience.

We prioritized a seamless user experience by implementing intuitive navigation, a streamlined checkout process, and integrating a secure, high-performance video hosting platform for smooth delivery of their training content. In addition, we developed several custom features to enhance functionality and user engagement.

These included a Custom Gallery React Component enabling infinite image scrolling, a complex dropdown navigation menu with category images and a calendar schedule, and various custom category views that display products as classes, as a calendar schedule, or as a monthly class schedule, catering to different user preferences.

To further streamline the customer journey, we implemented a custom product page that allows for both full course purchases and $50 deposits, and a custom React component for the side cart, ensuring a seamless checkout experience. We also leveraged BigCommerce's built-in eCommerce features for secure transactions, inventory management, and customer relationship management.

As a result of the successful migration and redesign, FTA is now equipped with a modern, scalable, and user-friendly eCommerce platform that has enabled them to expand their reach and better serve their growing customer base.

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