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Fantasia By DeSerio BigCommerce Redesign
Fantasia By DeSerio BigCommerce Store Redesign
Fantasia By DeSerio

Fantasia by DeSerio brings luxury jewelry craftsmanship to life. For over 45 years, this family-owned business has been handcrafting exquisite pieces in the US. Their expertise lies in replicating the brilliance of flawless color diamonds, Colombian Emeralds, Burmese Sapphires and Rubies, and South Sea pearls. Each Fantasia by DeSerio creation is a masterpiece, meticulously set by skilled diamond setters.

The Modern Diamond BigCommerce website redesign
The Modern Diamond

We're thrilled to unveil the stunning new website for The Modern Diamond. This family-owned jeweler, renowned for their exquisite handcrafted pieces, now boasts a digital experience as captivating as their jewelry. allows visitors to explore their dazzling selection of ethically sourced diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry with ease. The redesigned platform offers a seamless user experience, making it a pleasure to discover the perfect piece that reflects your unique style.

The Modern Diamond BigCommerce website redesign
Pool & HotTub Depot
BigCommerce Services
Pool & HotTub Depot

Experience the transformation of, Canada's premier pool and hot tub supplies retailer, with MAK Digital's BigCommerce website redesign and SEO expertise. Unveiling a sleek new look for the homepage, category pages, and product pages, the redesign focuses on professionalism and enhanced functionality. Notable improvements include SEO-friendly content on category pages and refined navigation for a seamless customer experience. The results speak volumes – a remarkable 36% increase in revenue, 35% surge in traffic, and an 11% boost in Average Order Value within just 8 months. From strategic design changes to impactful details like 'Current Offers' presentation and trust-building icons, the new site is a testament to MAK Digital's prowess. now stands as a beacon of eCommerce success, showcasing the power of digital transformation.

Long Island Watch BigCommerce website redesign
Long Island Watch

Long Island Watch is a small, Long Island-based, family-owned and operated business that provides 100% authentic novel and interesting watches. For more than a decade now they have been providing unique watches online in many styles, many of which aren't the typical kind you would find at your local jewelery store.

However, despite their high-quality products, their website's design was lackluster by today's standards. After discussing their options with our development team, Long Island Watch decided not only to update the design of their website, but also to migrate from Volusion to BigCommerce, where their needs would be better served.

MAK Digital Design fully migrated and redesigned their store, making user experience the number one priority, ensuring that customers on any device would have a unique and seamless experience.

Long Island Watch BigCommerce website redesign

Ongoing Support and Growth with eCommerce Experts

In the dynamic world of luxury goods eCommerce, adapting to constant changes in technology and customer preferences is crucial. MAKDigital ensures you stay ahead with ongoing support and innovation. Our comprehensive services include regular maintenance and prompt assistance to keep your online store performing at its best.

But we don't stop at technical support. At MAKDigital, we focus on boosting your luxury goods store's user engagement and overall efficiency through detailed data analysis, continuous optimization, and strategic tools. We offer an exclusive partner portal packed with vital resources, sandbox environments for safe experimentation, specialized sales engineering support for improved operations, and a thriving community platform that encourages collaborative innovation and teamwork.

Luxury Goods Web Development

In the sophisticated world of luxury goods, an exquisite online presence is paramount. We specialize in crafting elegant and captivating websites that appeal to discerning customers and elevate your brand. Our portfolio showcases how we've transformed the online presence of esteemed jewelers and purveyors of luxury goods. Discover how we can bring your luxury vision to life with a website that enchants, simplifies the shopping experience, and drives sales.

Luxury Goods Web Design

In the competitive luxury goods market, a polished and intuitive website is essential for connecting with discerning clients. We create user-centric websites that highlight elegance and seamless navigation. Our portfolio illustrates how we've helped renowned jewelers and luxury goods providers with websites that delight, streamline the buying journey, and ultimately increase conversions. Let us transform your luxury vision into an online masterpiece.

Luxury Goods Digital Marketing

Success in the luxury goods sector demands a strategic digital marketing approach to effectively reach affluent clients. We utilize a comprehensive suite of strategies, including SEO, content marketing, social media management, email campaigns, and PPC advertising, to enhance brand visibility, attract qualified leads, and drive sales. Our data-driven approach ensures your brand connects with the right audience through engaging content that simplifies decision-making and fosters lasting brand loyalty.

Ask away, we're here to help!

  • What types of projects are included in the Luxury Goods Industry Portfolio?

    Our portfolio features web development and design projects specifically tailored for luxury brands, showcasing high-quality websites and innovative digital solutions.

  • How can the Luxury Goods Industry Portfolio help my brand?

    By exploring our portfolio, you can gain inspiration from successful web design and development strategies that enhance brand identity and online presence in the luxury market.

  • Are the projects in the portfolio recent?

    Yes, our portfolio includes both recent projects and timeless classics to illustrate evolving trends and enduring quality in the luxury goods industry.

  • Can I collaborate with your team for a new project?

    Absolutely! We welcome collaboration opportunities. Please contact us to discuss your project needs and how we can work together.

  • How is the Luxury Goods Industry Portfolio curated?

    Our portfolio is curated based on project success, creativity, technical excellence, and alignment with luxury brand standards, ensuring a top-notch representation of our work.

  • What services do you offer for luxury brands in the portfolio?

    We provide a range of services, including custom web development, UX/UI design, branding solutions, and digital strategy specifically tailored for luxury brands.

MAKDigital: Masters of Luxury Goods eCommerce

The luxury goods market demands a results-oriented online presence. At MAKDigital, we're more than web designers; we're your trusted partner, dedicated to elevating your brand and reaching the right audience. Imagine a team of digital experts, here to navigate the online landscape with you. Our expertise crafts elegant websites and targeted marketing campaigns that captivate discerning customers and showcase your exquisite products. Let's transform your vision into a thriving online experience, one that fosters trust, simplifies the shopping journey, and ultimately drives sales.

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