Tips to Make Customer’s Feel At Home

One thing customer’s can never get enough of is feeling like their at home. By making a website as welcoming as possible within a businesses means, you can boost sales through customers satisfaction and approval of your site.

A proven way to get customers to purchase off your website is to increase their trust in your products through product reviews. Make it a priority to have built in review functionality in your eCommerce pages. BigCommerce among others has reviews built in as a standard function. Customers are more than twice as likely to buy a product when it has good reviews listed to accompany it.

An easy way to get instant customer support across is chatbots. A chatbot implementation is a good idea for many businesses to relieve stress on the part of real time human customer support, as well as providing quick and easy answers to questions. Most questions a customer will be asking are probably solvable within the means of a programmed response. And you can always have it link to a live professional if worse comes to worst and a customer’s question can’t be answered.

Another good strategy is to improve upon your social media pages to feel less like corporate entities with default scripts and little to no customer interaction. Businesses need to relate to their customers by allotting time to talking to them as a person rather than a prospect. Answer questions, comment on posts that tag your business, create polls and surveys, and more, to really broadcast your company’s voice across to reach your customer’s hearts and minds.

By following the above tips you can successfully create a welcoming business that makes a visit to your site feel like as a place to simply make transactions. Instead, it’ll be the place to get what you want comfortably, rather than your competitors, because it attunes to them on a personal level.

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