The Plugins You Need to Keep Your WordPress On Trend

WordPress most certainly needs no introduction since its vast potential is widely know, so instead lets discuss some fun plugins you can utilize with it.

While some are more optional like a plugin for reCaptcha integration, others are more vital like a plugin for improving SEO or caching the site. Amongst the different types of plugins you can even find some that assist site owners with on-trend designs.



This plugin can be seen on Dribble, Pinterest, Bhance, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and more.

This organized as ethically pleasing format was the talk of 2015 and is till striving. One of the most popular design patterns, it stages content into digestible fragments where readers can easily view it’s a sites content. This outlined formatting works well on both mobile and desktop interfaces giving much justification to its widespread use.




Seen on many campaigns such as, Adidas, Lois Jeans, Spotify and others Duotone has been around for some time now. It has been used millions of times by photographers and artists to bring out the middle and highlight tones of pictures. This effect mainly took off when Spotify started largely using it for their advertisement in 2015.

TwotoneFX is a plugin that can take your images in your media library and transfer them into duotone. The interface is cut and dry making it very intuiative and easy for the new user. With this you apply filters to thumbnails and set colors to images in posts or all the multimedia at once.




This bold aesthetic consists of layered collage like displacements of imagery and texts combined to make a powerful image. Typically done with a cinematic look and big font, this effect never fails to turn heads.

Another widely used design, the Parallax effect can be achieved effective and easily with Parallax Scroll. This plugin allows users to create headers, pages and custom poss with a parallax background. The plugin allows enough freedom for the user to achieve exactly the look they desire for their site.




This very formulated yet simple style seems to be the front runner in most companies’ branding choices now-days. Android and Google seems to have started the fire for this trend which is now seemingly everywhere and has become an international visual language. It sets the visual tone which has become the role-model for most companies’ integration of design and marketing.

Materializer is an intuitive plugin with an extensive library of Material Design realizations perfectly formulated for WordPress. Offering over twenty different options for short codes for various sorts of buttons, cards, loading icons, and other options for a sites page or posts; Materializer makes your Material Designs templates come to life.




Probably the most visually stimulating, this aesthetic mainly popularized by Google’s home page, entertains viewers with slight movement of icons or home screens creating an interactive experience for the viewer.

Animate It, is a fun eye-pleasing yet powerful plugin giving widgets or pages life with subtle motion. Bouncing, fading, rotating, flipping, and pulsating.

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