Creating a Successful Navigation

An important thing to consider in any e-commerce site is the navigation experience. How does your customer get from point A to point B in the best way possible? This means having it easily accessible, streamlined and to the point, mobile optimized, and look as good as it functions. Creating a successful site requires implementing a clean navigation, which you can do through these tips.

You can implement images in key areas of your navigation. There are many different ways to do it, and it all depends on what you’re selling. Place images to garner user attention by having them be labels for categories, or showcase a best-selling item. Show off new releases, or featured projects.

Good Example of a Navigation Using Images

Good Mobile Support
Everyone is using their phones and shopping from our phones shows no signs of stopping. For that reason, creating a responsive mobile navigation for your mobile users is more important than ever. The main thing to look at is space concerns. Of course, a phone screen is significantly smaller than a laptop or desktop display. This needs to be at the forefront of thought when creating a good mobile friendly navigation. Having menus be big, simple, and at front and center of attention, should be the focus of creating your navigation. Make sure to keep it at the top, and the icon should be easily identified if it is minimizable/maximizable.

Business Based Creativity
The rest is up to you. Base things around your premise, your products, your goals. Have seamless transitions and animations that reflect your best sellers. Play with fun colors. There’s tons of things that can be done to improve the user experience in just the navigation. Have a footer with tons of links for easier access to different pages. Put in a search bar to find different products. Through all these different methods, your site gains a major advantage over competitors just because the customer will visit and maybe see something they haven’t seen before.

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