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Exercise Equipment | Launched 05/08/20

Vulcan® Strength Training Systems, a leading provider of strength and conditioning equipment, approached MAKDigital for a transformative Volusion store redesign. Renowned for their durable and high-performance equipment, Vulcan® serves diverse markets, from CrossFit® gyms and educational institutions to military and law enforcement training centers. The opportunity lay in modernizing their online presence to match the excellence of their products and cater to a growing customer base.


Vulcan® Strength faced the challenge of an outdated Volusion store that didn't align with the quality and reputation of their strength training equipment. The aim was to revitalize the online experience and ensure that their diverse product line, from renowned Bumper plates to Kettlebells, was showcased effectively. The concept focused on leveraging Volusion expert development to implement custom features like Mega Navigation, Custom Parent/Child Product Grid, Reviews Implementation, and Instagram feed integration. The goal was to enhance user engagement, streamline product discovery, and boost overall online performance.

Vulcan Strength home, category and product page templates.

Custom Templates + Webpages:

Services Completed:

Applications & Integrations:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Hosted Libraries
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Integration with Cloudfare
  • Justuno Cart Abandonment
  • Paypal Solutions
  • Volusion Theme

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  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Page


MAKDigital spearheaded a comprehensive Volusion store redesign for Vulcan® Strength, prioritizing responsiveness (for mobile usage) and a modernized aesthetic. The custom features, including Mega Navigation for intuitive browsing, a dynamic Parent/Child Product Grid, seamless Reviews Implementation, and the integration of an Instagram feed, elevated the visual appeal and functionality of the online store. The redesign targeted a mobile/tablet audience, resulting in a remarkable over 60% increase in conversion rates, over 40% surge in traffic, and a substantial 60% rise in new mobile/tablet users.


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Complex Mega Navigation
  • Custom Parent/Child Product Grid
  • Instagram feed implementation
  • Responsive Design
  • Reviews Implementation


MAKDigital's solution for Vulcan® Strength involved a meticulous Volusion store redesign, optimizing the site for mobile/tablet users and enhancing overall performance. The custom features strategically implemented not only improved navigation and product presentation but also contributed to impressive growth metrics. The significant increase in conversion rates, traffic, and new users underscored the success of the project, showcasing Vulcan® Strength's commitment to providing a seamless and engaging online experience for their customers.

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