Becoming a Google Trusted Store; Earn Trust and Sell More!

When consumers are shopping online, they can quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of retailers out there. You want your customers to know you offer a trusted, high-quality shopping experience. Google Trusted Stores is a great way to prove exactly that.
Google Trusted Stores Badge

eCommerce Google Trusted StoresStores that meet the performance metrics required by Google, earn a site badge. Many trusted stores earn this badge by having reliable shipping, easy returns, prompt customer service and secure websites. When a store has this badge, it lets the customers know the company provides an excellent shopping experience.

Seller Ratings in AdWords
Google trusted stores qualify for Seller Ratings in AdWords. These eye-catching results are displayed next to your ad results.

Volusions- Seller Ratings
Review Extensions in AdWordsVulosion Seller Rating
Trusted Stores Review Extensions can boost the click through rate of AdWords. These extensions highlight your Trusted Store status in AdWords and is a great way to gain customer attention and trust.


Badge on Google Shopping
Being a Google Trusted Store gets you added to Product Listing Ads on Google Shopping. This will make your items stand out from other qualifying stores. It guarantee’s you offer an outstanding shopping experience.

Volusions Google Trusted
Google Purchase Protectiongoogle trusted store purchase protection
Customers want to feel fully protected when ordering online, especially at checkout. When you become a Trusted Store, you can opt in to receive free purchase protection from Google. The customers are able to fill out a survey. The results automatically feed into Seller Ratings in AdWords and Google Shopping. Not only will this give your store more feedback, it also spreads the word of your store!


Volusion merchants can now easily apply to become a Google Trusted Store through Volusion Trusted Stores module!

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