Threads for Charity, The Effort to Assist the Children of Ukraine

MAK Digital Design has announced the creation of Threads for Charity, a non-profit organization with the goal of helping those in need through crowdfunding sources.

The recent attack on Ukraine by Russia is a reminder that horrible atrocities happen everyday all over the world. MAK Digital could not stand idly by and watch as millions of innocent lives are put in jeopardy every day. Unfortunately, not being able to uproot their lives to go and help overseas MAK turned to what they know best to help, Ecommerce.

Using their talented development and design teams MAK has launched an organization site along with a first batch of products for sale.

Threads for Charity will be an ongoing project that will support important causes to those in need. The first cause the organization will be focusing on is the war in Ukraine. All proceeds will be donated to UNICEF USA designated for the children of Ukraine.

If you do not enjoy Threads for Charity products they encourage everyone to please DONATE straight to UNICEF USA, every cent counts!

Threads for Charity and MAK Digital encourage everyone to look for ways to get involved in your local communities!

MAK Digital Design is a full-service digital agency with a focus on custom web-solutions and eCommerce websites. They were BigCommerce Partner of the Year 2020 and most recently Finalists for the Headless Award at this year’s Partner Awards 2022. MAK Digital has worked with dozens of businesses ranging in all levels of commerce, they are prepared to a handle any job.

To begin working with MAK Digital Design, or simply open a dialogue with them, you may call them at +1-(888)-553-8776 or send an email to [email protected]. To learn more about MAK, check out their website at where you can find all the other services they offer, as well as see their past projects and success stories.

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