MAK Digital & DormCo Help Provide Relief for Refugees of Ukraine War

Over the past several months, we have been saddened by the war that has transpired in Ukraine.

In an effort to help the Ukrainian people during this time, we have helped local fundraisers achieve their financial goals and been working with some of our customers as well as trying to supply our local Philadelphia community with some of the immediately needed items for the Ukrainian refugees that have been arriving.

One of these companies is
Jeff from Dormco answered our call and provided us with a truck load of bedding (one of the #1 needed items for people who come from Ukraine and who lost absolutely everything!)

A huge shipment was delivered to our local Ukrainian church as well as to our office at MAK. We been tirelessly distributing these products to all of the newcomers! Huge thank you to Dormco and we hope this post will inspire others to try and help as well! Every little thing makes a difference!

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