Building your brand!

Building your Brand!

What is branding? And how do you measure it’s success? The concept of selling yourself has been around for decades and now, because of social media, the opportunities are endless.
From the most popular outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, social media has given us a platform to broadcast who we are.


Think about your Instagram for a moment. Who would be the one person who would post the most gym photos, ‘selfies’, or pictures of their cat? If you can identify that person, you know they have done a good job at branding who they are.
So how have you branded yourself? Here are some tips to keep your brand strong:

1) Before you post a photo, ask yourself:

Who would be embarrassed or disappointed with this photo?

Does this photo reflect who I really am?
2) What are you writing?

Choose your words carefully and read your post twice before putting it out there for the world to see.

Think ahead and act consistently when uploading pictures, writing posts and reacting to others. Here are four things to keep in mind:

3) How are you commenting?

When you comment on others’ posts, how are you coming across? Make sure to keep your brand and professionalism consistent, not only on your own posts but others as well.
Lastly, branding has always been about consistency. Remember, the nike swoosh has never changed since 1964 and all of their branding and marketing campaigns have reflected ‘Just Do It’. Stay on this track and your personal and business brand is most likely to grow.

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