404 Pages – An Easy Path to a Better Site

Error 404, page not found. This is what greets a customer by default when they view a nonexistent part of your site. Boring, right? The customer was probably hoping to find something on that page, and instead of leaving them walking away disappointed, have a little fun with it and let it be a helpful experience. The best part about this is that it can literally be anything. The page is an empty canvas that shows a businesses’ individuality and creativity, which caters to most customers on a personal level. 

As a web creator, it’s your job to create a message that makes your audience want more! Use funny pictures, quotes, or extra attention to detail such as functionality. Try including things such as a search bar, a navigation panel, or more. The possibilities are endless.


Example of a boring 404 Page

Default, bland, more of the same 404 pages are an eyesore to your audience. Spruce things up a bit. Create a custom theme, make your normally forgettable 404 page eye candy that will make the customer want to talk about your products. And to top it off, lead them back to the main site so they can view more of what makes you special.

Custom backgrounds are a great idea to making your 404 page stand out. Pick out a colorful image that attracts the customer’s attention. Backgrounds can make a meh website stand out just a little bit more, which could prove decisive in what your customers do.

Add a search bar. Your customer (obviously) isn’t going to be staying on your 404 page for very long. Therefore why not make it useful? Allow customers to search your site so they can access the actual content of your site.

Follow these tips and use more creative thinking to make your error pages captivate your customers, leaving them wanting more. Make sure to employ these tactics and your business will see customers staying on your site longer, and hopefully making purchases.

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