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ActionVillage stands as a premier online retailer, focusing on the distribution of paintball, airsoft, and tactical gear. With its inception dating back to 1998, the company has commanded unwavering respect within the industry for more than two decades. Situated in Simi Valley, California, ActionVillage boasts a substantial digital footprint, rendering it a favored hub for both passionate aficionados and seasoned experts. Having previously operated through the Volusion platform, the company's aspiration for heightened resilience and adaptability led them to deliberate options. After diligent evaluation, the choice was made to embrace BigCommerce as their new eCommerce domicile, paving the way for an auspicious and enduring partnership.


ActionVillage, a prominent eCommerce establishment specializing in paintball gear and equipment, encountered pressing challenges related to their website's user experience and disappointing conversion rates. To tackle these concerns head-on, our consortium of adept eCommerce consultants embarked on an ambitious mission: revamping the website to ameliorate user engagement and refine the shopping journey. Our strategy revolved around simplifying the navigation menu, enhancing calls to action, and optimizing the checkout process.

Following a meticulous analysis of the user experience, our experts zeroed in on the primary pain points that were impeding customer satisfaction and driving them away from the platform. Our aim was resolute: addressing these concerns to heighten customer interaction, bolster retention metrics, and ultimately escalate revenue streams. Leveraging our deep-seated proficiency in eCommerce design and development, we strategically devised a comprehensive blueprint to metamorphose the website into a user-centric, revenue-amplifying haven.

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The Action Village website underwent a comprehensive overhaul, integrating several elements strategically aimed at enhancing user experiences and bolstering eCommerce performance. Primarily, the site's overall structure underwent a simplification, resulting in heightened user-friendliness for navigation and streamlined access to desired content. This involved the introduction of a conspicuous search bar and the refinement of product categories for improved browsing efficiency.

Moreover, the design underwent a modernization, adopting an aesthetically pleasing look with superior-quality product imagery and transparent pricing details. Additionally, the checkout process underwent a refinement, marked by a reduction in steps and clearer instructions, all intended to curtail cart abandonment rates effectively.

Furthermore, meticulous attention was devoted to optimizing the site for mobile usage, culminating in a responsive design that ensured an unimpeded shopping journey across diverse devices. These reimagined design facets converged with the pivotal aim of amplifying conversions and propelling sales. Early data indicates that these revitalized elements have indeed accomplished these objectives with resounding success.


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Tailored Mega Navigation: A personalized mega navigation system designed to enhance user navigation.
  • Specialized Sold-Out Product Page: An exclusive product page template for sold-out items, offering alternative product options.
  • Personalized Searchanise Integration: A custom implementation of Searchanise for instantaneous search and advanced product filtering.
  • Instant Account Signup Popup: A swift account signup popup created as an independent React component, simplifying the account creation process.


The website redesign initiative undertaken by ActionVillage yielded an impressive triumph, translating into a substantial upswing in conversion rates and customer loyalty. Our adept team introduced a host of pivotal remedies, addressing the concerns pinpointed during the UX audit. Among these was a comprehensive overhaul of the call to action, rendering it more pronounced and visually enticing. This strategic alteration prompted users to actively engage with the website, leading to a discernible reduction in bounce rates.

Simultaneously, we undertook the simplification of the navigation menu, ensuring swift product discovery for customers. The introduction of a streamlined one-page checkout mechanism proved instrumental in expediting the purchasing process, culminating in a marked surge in conversion rates. By incorporating customer reviews and star ratings onto product pages, we adeptly cultivated trust and credibility among customers, further augmenting engagement and fostering lasting loyalty.

Collectively, our solutions were meticulously devised to augment user experiences, streamline the buying journey, and foster customer confidence. The outcome was met with resounding positivity from customers, who reported a conspicuous elevation in user-friendliness. Our client subsequently witnessed a discernible surge in revenue and customer retention, serving as a testament to the efficacy of our redesign endeavor.

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