Why SaaS Review Sites Are Crucial to eCommerce Success


In the B2C sector, customer reviews serve a simple purpose. eCommerce vendors put products online, then customers buy, receive their orders, and leave a review, and this helps other customers with their purchase journey. Unlike B2C, B2B buyers are not easily influenced by other customer reviews. They don’t make purchase decisions on a whim. Instead, they go through bureaucratic steps before deciding on what to buy. Customer reviews are also a bit more complicated in the B2B sector. In fact, there are dedicated SaaS review sites such as TrustRadius, G2, and Capterra, where customers review B2B brands and products. Sadly, B2B businesses under-utilize SaaS review sites by focusing on customer reviews and reputation management and missing out on other crucial opportunities SaaS review sites offer.

And we can’t blame them because multiple five-star ratings from customers are like a goldmine. But this article will open your eyes to how to use SaaS review sites to generate eCommerce success.

While SaaS review sites help other potential buyers make informed purchase decisions, SaaS review sites can also help your business in numerous ways, and here are some of those ways.

Exposure To Target Audience

Using SaaS review sites to give your brand more exposure is a no-brainer strategy, but many B2B businesses are worried about established rival brands that are also on the same review sites. When customers search for keywords related to your brand/product, they will also find your competitors, and it’s only right that you will be worried about customers choosing them over your brand. However, the first step to making customers consider choosing your SaaS product over others is to make them know your brand/product.

They can’t choose your product if they don’t know anything about it. SaaS review sites are special because they will give you the right exposure to your target audience.

Gain Valuable Insights

SaaS review sites are like goldmines of insights where you can gather insights about customer habits, customer feedback about your product and similar products, and learn more about your competitors. These are three valuable insights that can give your brand the leverage to meet customer needs and grow your brand fast.

Let’s talk about customer habits. You might be meeting customer needs without realizing it because you don’t understand their intent for seeking your product and similar products, hence you need to learn about your target audience. How can you learn more about your target audience as a growing brand with less than 1000 customers or even fewer than 100 customers? SaaS review sites are your best bet, so pay attention to the trends customers address.

Customer feedback about your brand or product and about rival brands and products will help inform your decisions. As a growing business, you may not have enough customer feedback to inform your decisions, but you can lean on SaaS review sites for this. Filter the customer feedback directed at rival brands and products to solve the common problems their customers mention with your product.

Nothing should stop you from copying the proven strategies that helped your competitors grow, so use SaaS review sites to learn more about how established rivals generate success. Evaluate their messaging, positioning, and how they solve customer needs. And this time, you want to pay attention to the positives.

All the insights you gather from SaaS review sites will be useless if you don’t use them for your messaging and positioning. Use the keywords that will appeal to customers on the review sites, in your product messaging, and on your website, and use the keywords to name your product features.

Generate Ideas for Marketing

Building on the insights you gain from SaaS review sites can help you generate ideas for your marketing strategies. Starting with your content marketing strategy, you may run out of ideas of what to create, but SaaS review sites have endless content ideas. Create content about the customer pain points you gathered from review sites, trends among customers, the themes rival brands address, etc. You can create content comparing your product to the top popular products on review sites.

SaaS review sites also have endless ideas for your PPC strategy. Not to mention that you can run PPC ads on SaaS review sites. Full disclosure, running PPC ads on review sites will not generate enough traffic like Google or social media platforms, but you can trust that your target audience will find your ads. Additionally, review sites may not give you in-depth data like Google, but your target audience on review sites is more inclined to make purchase decisions quicker. Customers that use SaaS review sites are ready to pull the trigger on their purchase decision.

You can also use your results from PPC ads on review sites to inform your strategy for PPC campaigns on larger platforms. So, use review sites to test-run your PPC strategy before spending big.

Gain Social Proof

In the B2C world, it’s common behavior among buyers to read customer reviews on popular platforms such as Amazon to learn about a product before they buy it. B2B buyers also do this. They go to trusted SaaS review sites to find what other customers say about the product before making a purchase. So, SaaS review sites can give your brand the social proof it needs, especially if you can generate multiple five-star ratings and get editor ratings on reputable SaaS review sites.

Grow Website Authority

Backlinks are valuable SEO elements that can grow your website authority, which is essential to building your ranking on search engines. Here’s the good news, when you create vendor profiles on SaaS review sites, you automatically create backlinks to your site. It doesn’t matter that the backlink is from a review site as long as Google considers the review site a trusted and reputable site, it will add up to your website authority. Your website will get equity from the review site’s authority.

Get creative with SaaS review sites, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

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