Magento Go and Prostores closing and will be out of the game soon!


Say goodbye to Magento Go and eBay ProStores because they are closing down early 2015. As early as February 1st they will be out of the game! Many saw this coming, especially with Magento Go. There was never any new updates or exciting add-on features. Now, they are basically saying, go big or go home because even the low cost Magento option is on it’s way out!

The good news is that Magento is allowing Bigcommerce and Volusion to pick up the pieces and now, both of this platforms have a huge opportunity to make customers happy. There have hired extra staff and customer support around the clock, 24/7. 

So far, Bigcommerce has already transitioned 6,000 Prostore customers which means many of the kinks are probably resolved. They have comparable pricing and tons of special pricing offers. Many experts think having to resign your old Magento/Prostore site might be a good thing. The Bigcommerce templates that are available are better optimized with a more modern look. Migrations are expected to take 10-12 days through Bigcommerce or Volusion but other players are also in the game. Shopify and 3DCart have also offered Magento Go and Prostores customers migration assistance as well. 

If you are currently utilizing Magento Go or Prostore and want to make the switch to Volusion, BigCommerce or Shopify to take advantage of all the great features that aren’t available in other systems, then please call us today to get a quote!


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