How to Fully Optimize Your BigCommerce Store

How to Fully Optimize Your BigCommerce Store

Website traffic is significant as it helps bring customers; without customers, the business will not last. Rather than building an e-commerce store on your own, BigCommerce has helped to reduce the burdens associated with this feat. This article will discuss the features of BigCommerce and tips that will help you increase the traffic for your ecommerce store. 

What is BigCommerce?

It is an online store builder platform that allows users to customize their e-commerce store through eBay, Amazon, and other sites. It can be referred to as a platform for multi-channel selling. BigCommerce has several benefits, which include a variety of themes you can use to build your store with, a comprehensive range of payment options, intuitive product features, and customer support. 

BigCommerce goes for $30/month and if you want better conversion optimization, you’ll have to pay $80/month. However, some sales thresholds are enforced for each pricing plan; this way, the price will not be much of a problem. BigCommerce is an excellent platform to build your e-commerce business as you can make a simple, intuitive store easily.

Does the BigCommerce Platform Favor SEO Practices?

The SEO capabilities of BigCommerce, much like other platforms, are not as bad as they were built with the best SEO practices. However, SEO requires more tools which BigCommerce offers to help optimize your e-commerce site.

BigCommerce also offers a site that is optimized for mobile phones and it supports Accelerated Mobile Pages. It also has an app store that helps you expand the reach and SEO capabilities of your store. Even though Big Commerce’s SEO capabilities are functional, there are still some blind spots that need to be covered for you to have a fully optimized BigCommerce store. 

Tips to Increase BigCommerce Store Traffic

Make Keyword Research Priority

Keyword research is the first step to take if you want traffic to come to your ecommerce store. When you optimize your page with strategic keywords, the chances of more traffic coming to your site increases. You can make use of tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner, which will give you information on the keywords relevant to your brand or the product or service you offer. Making use of different keyword tools is a good idea during keyword research.

Modify Your On-Page SEO

BigCommerce possesses tools that help you modify your on-page SEO. This platform allows you to fill in the metadata of each page with dedicated SEO fields, which will help in the site’s optimization. All you need to do is include a meta-description, title, and keywords in the fields. You must do this for each page of your site to increase its traffic and revenue.

Mobile Optimization

An excellent way to optimize your site for mobile is by making use of a theme that makes your site automatically responsive to mobile devices. The default mobile theme is an excellent option to select, but it is crucial to check your websites desktop responsiveness to avoid transition issues. This means that you should make use of a mobile responsiveness theme when you’re creating your e-commerce.

Site Speed Optimization

Site speed is one of the major factors of mobile search results; this means that your sites loading time will play a huge role in its optimization. If you want to get organic traffic, you must have a fast website. There are tools available on the internet like PageSpeed that you can use to test the speed of your site. These tools also provide information k of aspects of your website that need improvement.

After you have discovered the speed of your site, the next step is to look for ways to increase it. Regardless of your rank, it is vital to enhance the speed of your e-commerce site. The best ways to improve your e-commerce site speed are:

  • Make use of fast hosting
  • Use a fast DNS provider
  • Make use of a few plugins
  • Ensure your images are small
  • Reduce side code
  • Make use of website compression

Fill in the SEO Gaps

Integrating an app to your e-commerce store is an excellent way to fill out your SEO. You can use apps like FavSEO, which is an SEO platform that reviews and scores your SEO efforts. Apps like this take care of elements like keyword performance to enable you to focus on your product.

You should ensure that the app you choose optimizes elements like page titles and description of products as this will help improve the site traffic over time.

Category and Product Page Optimization

One of the major elements you need to use for a standard SEO strategy when building your e-commerce store is site navigation. Your site must be easy to use and navigate. The best way to optimize your category and product pages is to create silos for the various products you offer.

This method helps sites effectively rank higher than their competitors. You also need to ensure that elements like heading, keyword targeting, and user experience are fully optimized. A combination of all these elements provides a strategic SEO plan.

Plan Your Internal Linking

Internal linking will improve your SEO, however, you should note that it requires silo your product and category pages. Link Value allows you to use internal links to shuttle values between pages; this practice started when Google PageRank score for sites used to be visible. Even though page ranking is no longer visible, internal links can still be used to improve the SEO of pages on your e-commerce site. A combination of this with silo architecture will be a compelling SEO strategy which can be used to link products in the landing page or blog post copies. It is vital that you deliberately use internal links to improve your SEO and up-sell your products. 

To Wrap It Up

BigCommerce and other platforms like it have made it easy for e-commerce businesses to remain competitive with its customizable features and benefits. Regardless of the potential of BigCommerce, companies have to put in more effort to increase their SEO potential. The first step is to perform keyword research, then optimize your site pages and speed. These tips will help increase the traffic to your site in no time.

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