Enterprise SEO, Five Important Trends to Focus on in 2022

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO has become a major area of focus for most businesses in the last few years. Many businesses have adopted enterprise SEO as a critical part of their strategy for learning about consumer behavior. Enterprise SEO is generally seen as the most cost-effective way for brands to create awareness and reach consumers with their products and services.

What is the Big Picture for Enterprise SEO in 2022?

Enterprise SEO is all about managing and controlling the SEO of businesses that have a massive online presence. Most big brands with several departments and infrastructure always utilize enterprise SEO in their businesses. Enterprise SEO also covers areas like planning and strategy, attainment of organizational goals, and stakeholder management within an organization.

By 2022, this will involve the following:

  1. Use of data and insights in real-time
  2. Adoption of AI technology and automation
  3. Improvement of cross-channel marketing and a broader collaboration at departmental levels.
  4. The improvement of workflow, processes, and systems.

Different organizations face challenges with enterprise SEO in different ways. The most common challenges are in areas like internal collaboration, the integration of the business’s digital data, and executive buy-in.

Let’s now dive into the five major trends to focus on in your enterprise SEO strategy for 2022.

Keep Up With SEO Best Practices

Change is inevitable in SEO, and this constitutes one of the highest challenges for businesses or SEO marketers. They often struggle to keep pace with changes in search updates, search engine algorithms, and so on.

Change in search engine algorithms and search updates typically results:

  1. An action being i.e. reacting to the change, designing the best fixes, and a means for optimization.
  2. Transferring the business impact of the change to the organization.

2021 emphasized, “quick search” with roll-outs such as Google Page Experience Update, Google’s Core Web Vitals which highlighted the need for technical SEO. The re-emergence of E-A-T principles has also played a vital role for many businesses. With the introduction of Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM), SEO marketers have to position intent queries into content types to ensure top-quality content is discoverable.

Contextual Relevance of Content

One of the important aspects of enterprise SEO is proving the credibility and trustworthiness of the created content. Professionals focus on proving this to show the impact it has on businesses in terms of revenue and brand value. Google’s recent spam update that rolled out in November 2021 supports the need for credible and trustworthy content.

Businesses need to rely on technology to keep up with the continuous changes in enterprise SEO and act accordingly. Focus on the following:

  1. Content creation. Focus on the content creation area of your sites, from pages to category contents.
  2. Create websites with an easy-to-use structure. This should include navigation, etc.
  3. Fast load speed for your web pages on both mobile devices and desktops.
  4. Focus on real-time analytics, automation of the areas that need automation, and focus on technology.

Adopt More Automation In Your Practices

A 2021 PwC survey of 1000 organizations showed that 52% of those organizations have accelerated their adoption of AI. Likewise, automation ranks in the top five for automation applications. Although, some SEO professionals may think of automation as a threat to their job. Automation helps businesses and brands to keep up with changes and it also serves as a virtual SEO partner.

Automation helps brands to save resources and it helps to take care of repetitive tasks. While it helps give more room for brands to focus on strategy, creativity, and digital alignment.

SEO marketers should not to spend all their time watching algorithms, technology can help with that. Technology can detect algorithmic changes and offer fixes to the areas that need them as at when due.

By 2022, you should rely on automation in these three aspects:

  1. Detecting and monitoring events, such as:
  2. Irregularities in SERPS
  3. Rankings and traffic
  4. Backlink and links
  5. SEO audits

Manual SEO:

  1. Regular data gathering
  2. Link sourcing
  3. Optimization of content
  4. Advanced keyword intent search

Automation and Insights:

  1. Real-time analysis of large data sets
  2. Audits of content and multiple large sites
  3. Fixes for website errors and linking
  4. Real-time decision-making

The Growing Relevance of Data In Business Intelligence

Search data can easily be vital for business intelligence since searches usually reflect consumer behavior and preferences. So, content creation and digital innovations are reflected in search.

According to Salesforce, more than 50% of marketers agree that data and intelligence are important factors for driving marketing performance.

An SEO marketer can get relevant insights on consumers from simply analyzing SEO data which can help in understanding:

  1. Consumers’ current interests in trending products
  2. Consumer needs and concerns
  3. Consumers’ product preferences
  4. Immediacy

Search data intelligence helps businesses to determine areas that matter most to them and their industry. Marketers should know how to use business intelligence insights to drive business benefits in their organizations, going into 2022.

For example:

  1. Build and improve brand awareness
  2. Provide marketing feedback and insights on products that will be useful for planning for future product rollouts
  3. Optimization of links, media, and articles
  4. Observe market trends
  5. To create content to match intent and SERP

Integration Of SEO With Paid Search and Digital Teams

SEO marketers need to combine SEO with paid searches and digital teams to attain organizational goals and objectives. Nowadays, more enterprises are fusing SEO with PPC to create their marketing campaigns. Over 80% of search traffic is derived from SEO and PPC.

For example:

  1. SEO insights are used to inform PPC
  2. PPC is used to provide high-value keywords and pages
  3. Insights are shared across SEO & PPC channels
  4. SEO & PPC is used to improve local and mobile performance

Take advantage of SEO & PPC by aligning both in your marketing strategies in 2022.

Manage Your Total Experience and Services

Enterprise SEO typically involves the management of experiences that cover the following:

  1. Staff recruitment and retention
  2. The use of and adoption of technology
  3. Access professional advisory services
  4. Manage your internal and external accounts properly
  5. Manage your workforce
  6. Optimize all your digital and experiences and assets

Enterprise SEO management will focus on the following areas in 2022:

  1. Content and SEO training and certification across all organizations
  2. Alignment of SEO, CMO, CEO as an imperative for growth
  3. Management and training for using technology and platforms
  4. Broader integration with IT and development
  5. Brand promotion both internally and externally
  6. Organizations can achieve all the above by establishing a center of excellence for their enterprise SEO.


Next year will be big for enterprise SEO as more opportunities will open. The increasing use of smart TVs, smartphones, etc., will further broaden search entry points for consumers to discover brands.

In conclusion, enterprises need to focus on meeting consumers’ needs and achieving internal objectives. Business must level up their enterprise SEO strategy to find solutions to their business needs.

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