5 Cool Features You May Not Know About in Volusion

Volusion has a whole lot of features to work with! You may not know all of these, which is why the volusion support team came up with these 5 features that are really useful that not everyone may know about.

1. Have a Category link to another Page
Example CategoryWhen you create a category for your volusion site, under the advanced info menu you can choose to make that category a link of its own. This can be used as a special way of placing links without further coding, in places where categories usually appear.

2. Gift Certificates
This allows you to give your sites customers online store credit by making a unique code that you save to your site and then can give to your customers in many ways, like through special promotions or through savings sites. In the gift certificate creation page enter the value for the certificate as well as the code that customers will use to apply it to their purchase. Gift certificates are a great way to get people shopping at your store!

3. Have a category show all the products under its subcategories
Category SettingsEnabling this setting will allow your categories page to show all of the products included in its subcategories. So if you have a category with a couple of different subcategories with each their own items, when you go to the main category you will see all those items. To a shopper this could be an easier way of shopping because it allows you to see the products without first digging through the subcategories.

4. Add to Cart Links

This is a way to create a link that on clicking will add the item it is meant for to your cart. This does not have to be used only for product pages, but in things like social media or other sites showing your products as well. Say creating a post about a new product, and adding the link will allow a customer to skip a few steps and get right into purchasing the product at hand. Instead of having to go through the home page and other parts of your site the customer will find themselves in the online shopping cart and be able to purchase the item right away.

5. Volusion Mobile App
Download the Volusion App to make Managing your Online Business way Easier
This ones for the store owners. This can allow you to make quick adjustments to your site from your phone. You can use the mobile app to process customer orders, update your store’s inventory, add new products to the site, and more.

These tips are here for you to create a great volusion site. There are tons of features to work with, and these are just some of the many.

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