MAK Digital’s New Partnership With Resolve: Increase Your Sales and Boost Your Cash Flow

MAK Digital partners with Resolve

MAK Digital Design is thrilled to announce our partnership with Resolve. They’re a leader in flexible financing solutions designed specifically for eCommerce businesses. From Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for B2C shoppers to innovative net terms for B2B transactions, Resolve empowers our clients to streamline cash flow, delight customers, and boost revenue. This partnership aligns perfectly with MAK Digital’s commitment to equipping our eCommerce clients with cutting-edge tools for success.

Why eCommerce Businesses Need Flexible Financing

Modern consumers and businesses expect a seamless customer experience. This means offering a variety of payment options. While BNPL solutions address this for B2C customers, many B2B eCommerce transactions still require net terms. This can put eCommerce businesses in a difficult position. You want to meet customer expectations and stay competitive, but slow-paying invoices disrupt cash flow and limit your ability to grow. Resolve solves this dilemma, streamlining the net terms process so you get paid quickly while still offering your B2B customers the flexibility they demand.

How Resolve’s Net Terms Feature Works

Resolve simplifies and accelerates the B2B sales process while protecting your business:

  • Fast Approvals: Add customers to the Resolve platform and get rapid credit assessments, allowing you to extend net terms offers and close deals without delay.
  • Advance Pay: Get paid within one day on approved invoices, ensuring steady cash flow to reinvest in inventory, marketing, and growth initiatives.
  • Seamless Integration: Resolve works with popular accounting platforms, automating updates and saving your team hours of manual reconciliation.

Key Benefits for Your Ecommerce Business

  • Improved Cash Flow: Advance Pay turns slow receivables into immediate working capital, fueling your growth without sacrificing customer convenience.
  • Increased Order Value & Customer Acquisition: With Resolve’s credit checks, you can safely offer larger credit lines, attracting new B2B buyers and encouraging larger orders from existing customers.
  • Streamlined AR: Resolve’s automated collections and risk monitoring free your team to focus on strategic initiatives, not chasing payments.

Why MAK Digital Chose Resolve

We carefully evaluated many payment solutions. Resolve stood out as the best fit for our eCommerce clients. Their platform addresses the specific challenges faced by online businesses. From fast onboarding to streamlined workflows and robust reporting, Resolve helps you confidently offer net terms without compromising efficiency or security. This translates to a smoother user experience, improved operational efficiency, and peace of mind that your cash flow is protected. Our partnership with Resolve is one we hold dear, as it helps us achieve incredible results for our clients.

Empowering your eCommerce Growth

MAK Digital is passionate about helping businesses thrive online. If slow B2B payments are hindering your potential, Resolve could be the solution you need. Let’s discuss how their net terms solution can drive growth for your eCommerce business. Contact us today!

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